WA Wildfire: Irby Fire | Update 1

A plume of smoke could be seen in Marlin, Washington and an instant message letting us know there was a fire burning somewhere in Irby, very close to the RP’s home.  After the message was sent at 1548 hours, out went the power and the opportunity to continue sharing information.

Irby Fire by Jenn Miller 8.7.2016

Irby Fire in Lincoln County (Credit: Jenn Miller)

Requests went to WA DNR to see if they had an info or updates and came back empty-handed until another local news source tweeted what we were looking for, an awesome post from a TV station who was on-scene. We do not have their permission to repost “their” #FireImages so we we will ust say they were quite stunning photos.

Shortly afterwards, DNR gave us confirmation they sent 7 engines but there was no updates until a few hours later.  The fire had only consumed almost 4 acres.

Due to limited information coming from various sources, we are going to just say that there are no homes in harm’s way that we know of (have seen 0 evacuation alerts) and appears to be either out or lying down tonight.

If you see a fire, remember to call your Local Fire Department and let us know! We appreciate all of your Fire Tips and we hope you enjoy your night/shift/day/wherever you travel to.

And, always have a #FirePlan for yourself, Family, Pets and Livestock and someone to check your home while away.

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