Yellowstone National Park Fires – Sept 7 2016

Wyoming – Several wildfires are burning on the Yellowstone National Park and have grouped them together to give you a perspective of what is happening out in our beloved forested lands in our National Park.

Map of current fires burning inside the Park. (Credit: Yellowstone National Park)


The Berry Fire was reported on August 26th as a lightning-caused wildfire.  It is located on the Grand Teton National Park forcing closures inside Yellowstone National Park.  Limited info on this fire.


On August 13th, a wildfire was reported to be started by lightning about three (3) miles NE of Tower Junction and about 1.25 miles South of the Park Boundary.

Firefighters are using min-impact fire suppression techniques as they work in the Slough Creek area.  Fire has not crossed over the Slough Creek trail.

Night shift firefighter Bryan Huggins starts a pump on Slough Creek, August 31st on the Buffalo Fire.

Night shift Firefighter Bryan Huggins starts a pump on the Slough Creek on the Buffalo Fire on August 31st. (Photo Courtesy: Inciwe)

However, it can be seen sometimes on the Mt. Washburn Fire Lookout NE webcam here –>

It is listed at 10,787 acres without any increase in acreage since September 6th.


Lightning roared through a remote 8.5 miles West of a Lake developed area sparking a wildfire also said to be 2 miles South of Hayden Valley.

Currently, the fire has burned 1350 acres and has been held at this number since September 6th.

Active fire buring in timber and short grass.

Central Fire (Courtesy: Inciweb)

It is unstaffed and being monitored by air.

The fire is continuing to creep to the West and North into heavy timber.  It can be seen on the Mt. Washburn Fire Lookout webcam.


Lightning caused this 2,684 acre fire that was reported on August 4th, located west of Fawn Pass; 8.5. miles West of Mammonth Hot Springs; 16 miles NE of West Yellowstone; 10 miles SW of Gardiner and 27 miles SE of Big Sky.

Fawn Fire Aug 5, 2016

Fawn Fire taken on August 5th. (Photo Courtesy:  Inciweb)

There are preparations for structural protection to remain in place if needed but this fire is currently unstaffed and being monitored by air.


The Jasper Fire was detected on September 4th and has been held at one (1) acre that is located East of the Tower Junction near Specimen Ridge considered as a remote area of the National Park.

It is burning in a group of trees and is listed as not being a danger to the Park’s buildings/infrastructure.

The fire is currently unstaffed but is being monitored.


The Maple Fire was detected on the evening of August 8th by smoke jumper aircraft flying over the Park.  The cause was determined to be lightning.

The fire is located 3.56 miles NE of West Yellowstone on US Hwy 20 / 287 and 3.57 miles SW of Mt Holmes Lookout, as well as 1.78 miles from Madison Junction.  Fire crews are working to keep the fire North of the West entrance road and Madison River.

The firefighters will continue to patrol and monitor fire activity overnight.  It is currently holding at 41,136 acres of scorched timber and short grass.

The Dillon Interagency Crew has been building and reinforcing fireline on the southwest and west sides of the fire, establishing defensible space and fire barriers between the Maple Fire and communities to the west.

Dillon Interagency Crew member.  (Photo Credit: Derek Wittenburg/NPS)

The East side of the fire has cooled and is no longer threatening Madison Junction or Norris and the fire behavior is showing as isolated heat in downed logs, creeping and smoldering.

There are 230 personnel assigned to this fire along with Incident Cooperators from Custer Gallatin NF, Gallatin County EM and Sheriff’s Office, Gallatin County, MT government, Gallatin NF, Hebegen Basin Fire District, MT DOT, MT DNR, Town of Yellowstone and West Yellowstone PD.

 A Community Meeting will be held  at the LDS church, 245 Faithful Street, West Yellowstone, MT at 7:30 pm on Thursday.


The Park has moved from a Stage 2 to Stage 1 Fire Restrictions. Charcoal and wood fires are prohibited in back country campsites. Visit our Current Fire Activity page for more information.

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