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Stock Photo of Seattle Fire apparatus. Photo Credit: (c) LR Swenson

1st Alarm Units

A fire broke out between buildings, an apartment complex and a single-family residence (SFR) next door.  The first alarm dispatched fire units E6 A25 AIR9 B5 B6 DEP1 E25 E30 E34 E5 E8 L10 L3 L6 M10 M44 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 at 2235 hours PDT.

2nd Alarm Units

The arriving IC reported that a fire on floor one (Fire building) was racing up floors two and three, a 40×60 apartment complex and a second structure on fire.  This prompted a second alarm to be called a few minutes afterwards.  Units dispatched were AIR260 COMVAN E10 E13 E22 E36 L1 L7 M1.


All arriving 2nd Alarm units were sent to Staging, west of 19/20th on East Cherry.  Command asked for SPD to close down traffic on East Cherry.

Stock Photo of Seattle Firefighters filling up their air bottles. (c) LR Swenson

Fire Activities

Fire between the two structures was knocked down at 2248 hours.

Firefighters found a fire in the knee wall on the Delta side of the Bravo exposure and were busy digging it out.

Primary/secondary searches would be conducted on both structures with nothing found.

The fire was ruled under control at 2259 hours PDT, about 20 minutes after they were initially dispatched. (both structures)

Around 2311 hours, firefighters were focusing on overhaul and confirmed power had been secured to Bravo exposure.  Firefighters were also working on the roof of the Fire Building for overhaul.


A cause is not known at the time of this post but we will be updating info as soon as it arrives.

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