WA Fire CAD | Overnight Activity | August 12, 2017

Fire CAD Activity Summary | A very active lightning storm passed over the Yakima area last night.  One particular area being reported in the Bumping Lake area with nine possible new starts from dry lightning strikes.

Here is the Wildfire CAD Activity for multiple areas and you can see how lively it was in several areas in the late evening.  Each fire is broken down by Dispatch hours, name and burned acres where listed.

Yakima County

1910 PDT | Jack Creek. 5 acres.

1848 PDT | E Jolly Creek. 0.25 acres.

1837 PDT | Jollyn Mtn. 0.5 acres.

1833 PDT | NW Jolly Creek. 5 acres.

1810 PDT | Scab Mtn. 0 acres recorded.

1809 PDT | Crow Creek (Union Creek). 0 acres recorded.

1808 PDT | Union Creek Trail. 0 acres listed.

1804 PDT | N Fork Union Creek.  0 acres recorded.

1803 PDT | Survey (Union Creek). 0 acres listed.

Kittitas County

1758 PDT | Peasant Valley. Lake Cle Elum. 1 acre. Fire District, USFS response.  Up Hwy 410.

1747 PDT | Jollyy Mtn. 30 acres.

1618 PDT | Pinegrass Ridge. 0.1 acre.

(c) 2017 The NW Fire Blog – Updated 8/12/17 @ 0725 Hours PDT

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