Post  Summary | Severe lightning storms have passed over the Eastern Washington area with one area (Bumping Lake) that may have sustained nine possible new fire starts caused by lightning.  We will be visiting this area in a few hours with other locations as we find possible new fire starts.  We will be publishing updates on our Social Media channels as we will be providing *Live* coverage on Twitter (@nwfireblog) and Facebook.

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 Colville National Forest – 6 miles SE of Metaline Falls, Washington

The Noisy Creek fire behavior is now active with backing, flanking and group torching. Structures are under threat.  There have been 3,870 acres burned.  There is a 38% containment status. 337 personnel along with 8 crews, 11 engines and 3 helos are present on this incident.  CTD is $3.5 Million.


Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest – 25 miles N of Winthrop, Washington

The Diamond Creek wildfire’s fire behavior still remains active with short-crown runs, torching and spotting.  Structures are under threat.  About 19,687 acres have been destroyed and there still remains a 0% containment status. 151 personnel are attached to this event along with 3 crews, 5 engines and 3 helicopters.


Colville Agency – BIA – 11 miles NE of Keller

*** New! *** The Bridge Creek Fire started yesterday and has burned 250 acres of tall grass, timber and light logging slash.  There is a 0% containment status.  There is an IMT 2 team managing the fire.  Fire behavior is active with uphill runs and flanking. 61 personnel are on the fire line with 1 crew, 1 engine and 3 helos.  CTD so far is $350,000,


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