We are updating SitReps for the various ongoing U.S. Hurricanes Disaster Recovery events.  Here is our recap for Tuesday, October 3, 2017.


Puerto Rico

FEMA IMT 1 is Lead Agency. They are tasked with the establishing of an Incident support base for the receipt and distribution of commodities, supplies and resources. IMT 2 is coordinating with other agencies to plan and prioritize road clearing.  FDNY IMT 2 has been assigned with damage assessment to critical infrastructure including roads, water systems and communications.  206  total active personnel.

U.S. Virgin Islands

FEMA IMT 2 has mobilized to St. Croix and is managing a logistical staging area for incoming responders.  IMT 2 has mobilized to St. Thomas to support the receiving and distribution of emergency supplies to aid in the relief efforts.  45 total active personnel.


Texas A&M Forest Service IMT 2 has mobilized to College Station, TX to support recovery and mitigation efforts, surveying impacts on local fire departments and distributing donated fire equipment.  There are 74 active personnel assigned to this Disaster event.


South Florida Parks and the National Park Service are working together with an IMT 2 team.  The IMT is overseeing the site assessment, debris cleanup and emergency stabilization within National Parks in Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.   There are 244 active personnel assigned to this incident.  A very preliminary cost-to-date is at $2.7 Million.

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