On The Third Day of Christmas …..

The (Wild)Fire Season gave to thee…..

3 Incident Command Posts….

An Incident Command Post is a temporary facility that designates the physical location of the tactical-level and on-scene incident command and management organizations. It generally includes the Incident Commander or “IC” and immediate staff that may also include other designated incident management officials and responders from Federal, State, County, local, Tribal agencies and potentially fro private-sector, nongovernmental and volunteer organization.  The ICP is located at or in the immediate area of the incident and is the focus for the direct on-scene control of tactical operations, incident planning and can operate as a communications center.  It also may be co-located with the incident base or other incident facilities.

2 Fire Chasers….

Myself and hubby, Eric (the other half of this Blog contributor) had the pleasure to go out into the field and take some amazing close-up photos of several wildfires.  We have been instilled with smarts not to get in the way of responding fire resources or to impede their efforts.  With that being said, we were able to get fairly close (at a safe distance) to take some amazing fire photos which we will be sharing in another post.  Think of a Fire Chaser like a Storm Chaser but with the greatest opportunity to what is happening on the ground, alerts being given, where the fire is moving to and reporting back via live images to our Followers and following news media outlets.  Or, you all could just call us photojournalists.  This is what we LIVE for.

And A  Serious Fire Blogger….

2017 was expected to be a hot and active Fire Season in the northwest but we could never have imagined its intensity or destruction that it would have upon the Washington, Oregon and Idaho landscapes.  This year, I had a plan and a template to keep track of all wildfires.  However, after 30-plus incidents happening at the same time –  it became apparent it was next to impossible to track them all.  It was worth the time and effort to bring this Blog as a hobby back in January 2012 when it was first created into a work-in-progress business adventure that has created many opportunities along our many journeys.

This year has been filled with many amazing opportunities to get to know you personally and professionally.  The best part in all of this, was using my strengths in extensive research, sharing current wildfire news and engaging with each and every one of you, as well as the Public.  Thank you for helping us become so successful!

We also could not forget all those who work so hard in this dangerous but rewarding profession for your time, service, commitment, dedication and making a difference upon the lives you impact every day.  Your passion for the fire and EMS service clearly is defined and very transparent in your lives.  We applaud you for what you do out there.

We also dedicate this post to the men/women who have lost their Lives this year.  We Will Never Forget them, their Legacy or their compassion for others.  It is who they are and what they live for.  Rest in Peace.

(c) 2017 The NW Fire Blog – Written by LR Swenson (& Becki Coats )