NEWLY REPORTED | Washington State Wildfire | Rattlesnake Fire 2018 | 1

CRESTON, Wash. —

UPDATE 1 – July 15, 2018 – Sunday – 1800 hours PDT

A wildfire is burning on Bureau of Indian Lands (BIA) that started on private land on Thursday afternoon of July 12, 2018 around 1303 hours.

Photo Credit: Gary Carlson Photography (Used with express permission)

It is located 20 miles northwest of Davenport and 45 miles southeast of Keller, Washington.  Additionally, it is west of the Lincoln Boat Launch – west of Creston and within the Hellgate Game Preserve on the Colville Indian Reservation.

Unified Command is  with a Type 3 NE WA IMT Team 3 as command along with Colville Confederated Tribes, BIA and DNR.  ICP is located at the Creston School in Creston, Washington.

It was human-caused fire but the exact cause has not been released.  Some locals who claim were near the fire start speculate it was started by fireworks and those whom allegedly were involved have been taken into custody.

We are waiting for an official cause to be released from Fire Officials.

Photo Credit:  Gary Carlson Photography (Used with express permission)

Currently, there has been 2,600 acres of timber, grass and tall grass scorched and a 49% containment status gained.  The fire size increased substantially from Saturday, due to the winds shifting.

Hazards and challenges will also grow as fire weather changes across terrain.  Firefighters are still working tirelessly through high temps today of 93*F, light winds, very low humidity, battling steep and rugged terrain and RATTLESNAKES! Hence, the name of this wildfire.

Firefighters will be assigned to do the following:

  • Construct dozer lines that were compromised by trees that fell over the line that caused slop over
  • Complete dozer lines on the east flank to the Columbia River
  • Strengthen the fire line by conducting burnout operations of brush not yet burned
  • Strengthen the line to reach the ultimate objective of 100% containment around all sides of the fire’s perimeters.

There are 250 personnel assigned to this wildfire along with four (20) person crews, 15 engines, two bulldozers and eight water tenders along with aviation resources as needed.

About 200 firefighters are staying in a remote spike camp at Sand Flats, where a helicopter will fly in and serve them their very first hot meal since the beginning of the wildfire.

Photo Credit:  Gary Carlson Photography (Used with express permission)

There are no evacuations, however there is one residence and cultural resources that are threatened.

As of today, there has been $350,000 as a total in fire suppression and containment costs-to-date.

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