United States – Healthcare workers are taking back how they care for COVID19 patients in hospitals across the nation.  With the COVID outbreak, patients have been in hospitals without loved ones  surrounding them and dealing with medical staff completely gloved up, masks, shields and everything to protect them from the spread of the virus.

Healthcare workers find it has been emotionally heartwrentching not being able to “touch” their patients or able to connect with them by their sickly patients see who they are behind the masks.

A new PPE idea has sparked a spread of wildfire across Social Media and allowing healthcare workers to enable them to provide a “personal touch” to their most vulnerable patients.

Check out this great new PPE Portrait Project.  https://scopeblog.stanford.edu/2020/04/10/portraits-on-covid-19-protective-gear-reveal-human-faces-providing-care/ and https://med.stanford.edu/pcph/research/ppe-project.html

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Steven Asch@steveaschmd

Human connection is even more important in times. but masks get in the way. The @StanfordDeptMed sticker portrait project literally puts a human face on providers. Patients and providers love it!

Let us know if you are using this new PPE.  We want to share your goodfeel stories!

Please be safe, stay sane and healthy.  We are pulling for you.

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