Oregon Wildfire | Klondike Fire | 2

UPDATE 2 – Monday, September 11th

A view of the firing operation near Fish Hook Creek on 9/7/18

Firing operation near Fish Hook Creek on September 7, 2018. Credit: USFS

The KLONDIKE FIRE is  burning on the Rogue-Siskiyou National Forest, about nine miles northwest of Selma, Oregon.  It was ignited by lightning on July 15, 2018.

Fire behavior has been reduced to a minimal status.  About 132,420 acres of timber and brush have been destroyed but crews have been able to successfully gain a 51% containment status.

There are 1,206 personnel along with 30 crews, 72 engines and eight helicopters.

Total fire suppression and containment costs-to-date have topped out today of $63.2 Million.

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Washington Wildfire | Crystal Fire | 3

East Wenatchee, Washington | Crystal Fire | Sunday, September 2, 2018 —
Incident Summary |  A wildfire broke out near the Pangborn Airport in Douglas County on September 1, 2018.  It was said to have started on County land, one mile from East Wenatchee, Washington. Fire crews were dispatched just after 0530 hours PDT on Saturday after reports of the fire behavior being very active and burning downward towards homes, orchards and near the airport sparking evacuation notices to be issued to residents.
Situation Report  |  As of today, the fire is estimated at 2,610 acres with no fire growth overnight.  All evacuation notices have been removed along with roads being reopened.  3 Divisions are working the fire today in strengthening containment lines.
Fire Fuels | Grass and brush are fire fuels.
Cause |  No word on the cause but it is under investigation.
Resources |  State Fire Mobe was approved and en route around 1100 hours PDT. Initial resources included AHTANUM 20 BLM-13 CREW-52 CREW-74 E-6695 BLM E-6696 BLM were dispatched around 0537 hours this morning.
Several aircraft were ordered back to Pangborn Memorial Airport in East Wenatchee and hold.  We caught these choppers at Pangborn after we left the fire incident on Saturday afternoon.
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One of two rotors at Pangborn Memorial Airport.

Cost-to-Date | CTD has reached approximately $20,000.00.
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Washington Wildfire | Crystal Fire | 2

East Wenatchee, Washington | Crystal Fire
Incident Summary |  A wildfire broke out near the Pangborn Airport in East Wenatchee in Douglas County on September 1, 2018.  Earlier this morning, the fire was observed as active and surrounding the hillside and moving downward towards the airport.
Fire Size  |  At the time of resources being dispatched, the fire was at around five acres but less than two hours later the fire had reached a whopping 2,500 acres!  (According to WildCAD)
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An Engine sits at the bottom of the hillside while crews behind are working on hose lines and appear to be doing some mop up work. (They are not pictured here). (c) NW Fire Blog

Fire Fuels | Grass and brush are fire fuels.
Cause | No word on the cause but it is under investigation.
Resources |  State Fire Mobe was approved and en route around 1100 hours PDT. Initial resources included AHTANUM 20 BLM-13 CREW-52 CREW-74 E-6695 BLM E-6696 BLM were dispatched around 0537 hours this morning.
OUR Fire Chasing Activities |  We arrived around 1430 hours PDT, at or near the same time the IC requested the two rotors which he wanted to work a little area making drops before being released from the incident.
They were ordered to go to Pangborn Memorial Airport in East Wenatchee and hold.
Crews appeared to be working with hose lines and mop-up work while were checking out their fire tactics and activities.  These crew members are at the bottom of the hillside where the fire scorched the landscape and came literally a few steps from the back doors of many homes.
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Updates |  Here are some of the Updates released by other Agencies. (We apologize for our delayed responses while we were mobile – we had some technical difficulties in the field).
* 0537 | Units dispatched.  Fire reported at 5 acres with 0% containment status.
*  0715 | WA Fire Marshal’s Office (WSP) states fire is now at 2,500+ acres.
* 1100 |  State mobe resources along with a  Type 3 IMT are approved and en route.  The IMT is expected to assume control of the fire later in the afternoon.
* 1130 |  2 helicopters are assisting on the wildfire.  There are no additional evacuations, however,  road closures are in effect for 10th Street NE from N Lyle to N Stark.  The perimeter around the fire is N of 10th Street between N Lyle Avenue and Keane Grade.
* 1255 |  2 helicopters and 4 SEATs are making drops over the fire line. A 5th Air Tanker is on order.  The Douglas County Sheriff Office (DCSO) Marine unit is at Hydro Park assisting with dipping activities at both above and below Rock Island Dam.
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One of two rotors at Pangborn Memorial Airport.

* 1321 | WA DNR retweets the DCSO resource order tweet.
* 1533 |  DCSO announces all road closures have been lifted as of 1500 hours.  Level 2 evacuations notices remain in effect for about 40 homes on N Nickel Lane, NE Olympic Drive and NE 10th Street from N Nile to N Stark Avenue.
* 2145 | The Type 3 IMT unit took over fire control at 1600 hours and the official size of the fire is said to be at 2,000 acres.
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Smoke still billows out in the canyon. Crews are in mop-up operations.

Fire Chasing Activities |  What we observed while out in the field.
* Fire Conditions | Lots and lots of Beetle Kill trees with down and dead debris, extremely dry conditions.
* Burn Scars | We drove through several burn scars on Hwy 97 towards Wenatchee on both sides of the highway.
* Air Quality | It was very smoky in the Quincy Valley where there are many vineyards.
* Fire Tactics | We arrived in time to see crews working on mop-up and see that the fire behavior appeared to be smoldering with some hot spots.
* Mutual Aid/State Mobe Resources | An engine strike team from Clark County Fire District passed us in the opposite direction in Quincy while we were leaving the Crystal Fire scene.
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Fire burned the area near vineyards, orchards, homes and the airport. (c) NW Fire Blog

* Aircraft Resources | Visiting Pangborn Memorial Airport and seeing two SEATs and two Rotors.  There may have been additional aircraft there but it was not visible to us.
* Additional Aircraft Resources | A visit to one of our many places we like to photograph and this was the Moses Lake Air Tanker Base.  We spied two Air Tankers 101 and 103 from Erickson, VLAT Tanker 912 and a lead plane that all took off and were being dispatched to an unknown wildfire.
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Sands Fire | Spokane County | Washington State | 1

UPDATE 1 – AUGUST 16, 2018 – 2135 PDT

A wildfire broke out on Sands Road in Spokane County, Washington prompting fire suppression resources AR 444 and AR 25 (IC) deployed today at 1521 hours PDT.

IC AR 25 arrived on-scene on August 15, 2018 around 1607 hours PDT.  The fire was said to be fully staffed today.

Fire fuels included grass, brush, reproduction and timber.  The fire has burned 9.9 acres.

No further details are available on this wildfire incident.

Sources:  WildCAD


Tillman Surprise Fire | Loomis Forest | Washington | 1


Thursday, August 16, 2018 – 1950 hours PDT

Loomis Natural Resources Conservation area | Credit: WA DNR

A firestorm is brewing in the Loomis State Forest (Okanogan National Forest)  but for now it is a small 25-acre wildfire that is located seven miles west of Tonasket, Washington that started today.

Fire behavior is very active with a high rate of spread that is  wind-driven with torching and spotting.

As of 1925 hours this evening, the fire had burned through 25 acres.

Engine and hand crews were said to be engaging the fire and will do so into the night as safety allows them to do so. Original fire assets H 338 HI 142 HI 143 HI 145 HI 146 HI 147 HI 149 (IC)  HI 30 HI 60 NC 322 NC 325 SO 25 SO 27 were dispatched at 0959 hours PDT.  Resources arrived on-scene around 1040 hours PDT.

WA DNR resources include additional resources as engaging and acting as mutual aid assets.

Current weather conditions are 79*F temps with partly cloudy skies and winds at 2 mph (according to current weather reports).  Humidity is 34%.

TONASKET is a city within Okanogan County and is located along the eastern bank of the Okanogan River in north-central Okanogan County.   The City has approximately total of .80 square mile radius with a with a population of 1,016  (2015 census).  There is no water areas listed.

Source(s):  WA DNR,  WildCAD, Weather websites, Social Media


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BOFFER CANYON FIRE | 2 miles south of Kennewick, Washington

2 mi S of Kennewick, Washington
Brush & grass.

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— Current Fire Status —
8/12 1200: Extreme fire behavior.
8/11 2000: Fire moved south near Nine Canyon Rd x SR 397 from a more populated area of Finley. Firefighters will work throughout the night. Fire jumped Olympia St near SR 397, moving east. Evacuation notifications by Benton Co SO Deputies for those in the area of Gamefarm and Oak.
8/11 1704: Benton Co EOC activated to assist Kennewick PD/FD with fire coordination. 8/11 1704.

— Size —
8/12 1200: 5,000 acres. 50% contained.

— Resources —
8/12 1200: 56 personnel. 13 engines.

— Incident Cooperators —
City of West Richland PD, Kennewick Fire and Kennewick PD

— Damage Assessment —
8/12 1200: 7 structures lost.

— Cost-to-Date —
8/12 1200: $100K

— Fire Photos —
8/12 1200: Signage, Street view – Kennewick PD

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Mendocino Complex | California

INCIDENT SUMMARY – 2 large wildfires are burning in multiple county, destroying and damaging hundreds of structures, prompting massive evacuations and injuring two firefighters.  Here is the Sit Rep and summary of today’s fire activities.

Credit – Mendocino NF

UPDATE 1 – AUGUST 11 2018 – 1100 HOURS PDT

COMMAND – Unified Command with CAL FIRE Mendocino Unit / USFS Mendocino National Forest. Colusa County, Lake County and Mendocino County.

Credit: Mendocino NF


Started 7/27/2018 1203 PDT. Cause unk. SR CA-20 @ MP 39, Old Lake County SR, Blue Lake, 8 mi NE of Ukiah. 276,306 acres. 58% contained.

Mutual Global Partners on the fire. Credit: Mendocino NF


Started 7/27/2018 1301 PDT. Cause unk. Old River Road, 6 miles N of Hopland. 48,920 acres. 92% contained.

Credit: Mendocino NF


325,226 acres. 67% contained. 0 deaths. 2 FF injuries. 1525 structures threatened. 139 homes, 119 other destroyed. 13 homes, 24 others damaged.

Heat map. Courtesy: Inciweb

The northern portion of the Ranch Fire was very active overnight and continues to threaten areas north of the fire perimeter. There was success bringing the western edge of the fire back into the Mendocino National Forest.
Fire crews continue working on bringing bring the east edge of the fire back in to the Mendocino National Forest, but obstacles and access still prove to be challenging. Most of the fire attack resources are being moved to the northern region of the fire to help fight and suppress an active fire front that is pushing north.
Crews southern perimeter continue suppression repair and patrol. The River Fire continues to be patrolled with suppression repair crews on the ground.

Credit: Mendocino NF

Credit: Mendocino NF

293 engines. 92 water tenders. 20 helicopters. 65 crews. 80 bulldozers. 7 others. 3,521 personnel.

Credit : Mendocino NF

Potter Valley Fire, Redwood Valley Fire, Ukiah Fire, California Office of Emergency Services, California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation, California SR Patrol, Lake County Sheriff’s Office, Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office, Colusa County Sheriff’s Office, Glenn County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, Australia and New Zealand Fire, Bureau of Land Management, Hopland Fire, Lakeport Fire, PG&E, AT&T, California Conservation Corps, and additional agencies from throughout California and other States.

Credit: Mendocino NF

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Carr Fire | Whiskeytown, California

Update 1 – August 9, 2018 – 2130 hours PDT


  • Started 7/23/2018 @ 1315 hours
  •  Unified Command with CAL FIRE – Shasta – Trinity Unit, Redding City Fire and Whiskeytown National Park.
  • It  is located at Hwy 299 and Carr Powerhouse Rd, Whiskeytown, CA.


  • 352 engines
  • 125 water tenders
  • 16 helicopters
  • 76 hand crews
  • 118 bulldozers
  • 4,710 personnel


  • PG&E
  • CA National Guard
  • Shasta County Sheriff
  • CHP
  • Redding Police Department
  • Shasta County Fire Department
  • Shasta County Public Works
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • Maine Fores Rangers
  • CCC
  • State Parks
  • CDCR
  • Red Cross
  • Silicon Valley Power
  • Redding Electric
  • WAPA
  • Santa Rosa FD
  • California National Guard,
  • Trinity OES
  • Trinity County Sheriff’s Office
  • Sierra Pacific Industries
  • Secretary Sonny Perdue
  • AT&T
  • Shasta County Probation Dept
  • City of Redding/Carr Fire Recovery website:  https://stories.opengov.com/reddingca/published/bDZJVvdJK


  • Samaritans Purse
  • State of California
  • United Way Nor Cal
  • Salvation Army Del Oro with Bethel Church in Redding (Partnership)
  • Dignity Medial Group – putting their patients first with the aid of their staff, firefighters and 1st Responders
  • Team Rubicon


  • 178,752 acres
  • 49% contained
  • Cause was due to a mechanical failure of a vehicle


  • 1,077 homes
  • 22 commercial structures
  • 500 outbuildings


  • 191 homes
  • 26 commercial structures
  • 65 outbuildings damaged


  • 528 structures are currently being threatened.


Reported 12 lives – we are working to gather the names from verified sources. Note: we will only publish names and info if it already has been published by verified Fire or Law Enforcement Agencies out of respect for their families.

7/26/2018:  Redding FD Fire Inspector, JEREMY STOKE, 37

8/05/2018:  PG & E Lineman, JAY AYETA, 21

8/09/2018:   CAL FIRE Heavy Equipment Mechanic, ANDREW BRAKE, 40.



  • Whiskey Park
  • Rainbow Lake


  • Buckhorn Summit Rd W. to Sandhouse Rd.
  • All roads w/in this area North of Hwy 299.
  • Deadwood Road East of Trinity Dam Blvd
  • Lewiston Turn Pike East of Trinity Dam Blvd
  • Trinity Dam at Trinity Dam Blvd





  • Disaster Recovery Center, Old Kmart Building, 2685 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA 96003

California Carr Fire survivors can receive in-person disaster assistance at the Disaster Recovery Center located in the Former Kmart building at 2685 Hilltop Dr., Redding, CA 96002 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily. For more information, visit fema.gov/disaster/4382. #ShastaCounty










SVP crews roll a 115kV utility pole uphill.


proud of Strike Team 1002A enroute to to provide crew support for the thousands of firefighters on the line. has dozens of firefighters & specialists assigned to major wildfires in Nor. Cal.

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UPDATE 1 – JULY 29, 2018 – 1500 HOURS PDT



Sunday @ 1600 (4pm) at Jensen Hall at the Lassen County Fairgrounds in Susanville.

We were allowed to walk beside our Friend, Michael Piper, a USFS firefighter and Fire Photographer from the front row of our seats and far away in a safe place we call home.  However, Michael is out there with thousands of his fellow firefighters working under extreme fire conditions and weather, battling these firestorms while they are faced with seeing these fire monsters up, close and personal.  They also have been challenged with little to no sleep.

Thank you for following us today as we lead you various fire images he has taken over the last few days.

Fire behavior is increasingly worsening as temps increase and humidity drops.



The WHALEBACKFIRE is located northwest of Susanville and west of Spaulding, off of Whaleback Mountain and Antelope Valley Road,

Image may contain: fire and outdoor

Photo Credit | Michael Piper

It  started on Friday, July 27, 2018 from an unknown cause.

It is near the community of Spaulding at Eagle Lake in California.

Image may contain: cloud, sky, tree, outdoor and nature

Photo taken when fire was at 700 acres on July 27th – Photo Credit | Michael Piper


Unified Command is combined with CAL FIRE and USFS Lassen.

There are currently 394 personnel assigned to this incident along with 10 crews, 28 engines and five helicopters.  More equipment and resources may be attached but based upon our resources, this is what they are showing as current levels at the time of this post.



Spaulding Residents May Visit Their Homes This Afternoon

Spalding residents who were evacuated due to the Whaleback Fire, will be allowed to return to their homes briefly this afternoon (Sunday July 29) between 1 and 3 pm to pick up necessary items and to prepare their homes for multi-day power outage.

Residents must have ID and sign in at a checkpoint before entering the area. They must leave the area by 3pm.

Access to Spalding will be north on Highway 139 to Eagle Lake Road.


Mandatory evacuations in place for the community of Spaulding, the Gallatin Marina, Ronald McDonald House and the Merrill, Christie, Eagle and Aspen campgrounds.

Active flanking fire behavior.


Extreme fire behavior with running, group torching and short-range spotting has been observed.

On July 29, 2018, the fire has consumed 8,971 acres of timber, brush and closed timber
litter.  Fire crews have reached a 6% containment status.

Fire suppression and containment costs-to-date have reached $180,000.


Per the USFS Fire Managers plan to use the fire strategies in the next 24-72 hours.

12 Hours:  The south flank of the should continue spreading up to two miles south-east influenced by dry weather, topography, and dry forest fuels. Fire should also spread south-west upslope towards Antelope Mountain up to one mile. Fire should continue burning east towards Eagle Lake.

Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

Photo Credit | Michael Piper

24 Hours: The south flank of the fire should continue spreading 1/2 mile south and south-east influenced by dry weather, topography, and dry forest fuels. Fie should also spread south-west upslope towards Antelope Mountain up to one mile. Fire should continue burning east towards Eagle Lake.

Image may contain: outdoor

Photo Credit | Michael Piper

48 Hours:  Continued fire spread to south, north, and west.

72 Hours:  Continued fire spread to south, north, and west.


Fire weather is currently hot and dry and expected to continue into next week causing potential critical fire conditions.


Fire map as of 0330 this morning.

Photo Credit | AI6YR

Photo Courtesy | Deer Creek Resources

Photo Credit | NOAA

Photo Credit | CAL OES


We have obtained written permission from our friend/Firefighter/Photographer, Michael Piper showcasing what is happening in these extreme fire conditions and with his authorization to republish these in any format.

We are using the following hashtags for this incident #CAwildfires2018  #WhalebackFire #CA

Please pray for rain and for these hardworking men and women on the ground and in the air, in Command and providing meal preps/base support.  Keep those prayers and thoughts flowing. – Ed.

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COCHISE COUNTY, Ariz. – A wildfire is burning about 15 miles outside of Douglas that previously threatened homes and the Beacon Hill Communications site is no longer as it is moving away from infrastructure.

Image may contain: mountain, cloud, sky, outdoor and nature

Photo Credit | AZ DOF and Fire Management

The fire has burned 4,444 acres and has been 60% contained by fire crews.   Smoke may be visible to Douglas residents and nearby communications, as the fire continues to smolder inside the interior of the fire perimeter.

Yesterday, there were a total of 129 personnel with four crews, four engines and one helicopter.

The total cost-to-date in fire suppression and containment costs have reached $110,000.


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