There are still several California wildfires actively burning and some that have minimal observed fire behavior in the State. Here is a compiled list of each fire and their current status.

This is a Sit Rep for Friday, October 30, 2020.


The SILVERADO FIRE is being managed along with the BLUE RIDGE FIRE by an IMT Type 1, CAL FIRE’s Team 6. It is burning about 9 miles east of Irvine in Orange County. Fire fuels include chaparral, brush and tall grass.

Current fire behavior has been observed as minimal with backing, creeping and smoldering. Still being threatened are structures but evacuation orders have been lifted. Some road closures are still in effect.

There has been 13,390 acres destroyed along with three structures. Containment status has reached 51% by fire crews.

There are approximately 1,323 total personnel assigned along with 3 crews, 219 engines and 6 helicopters.

Total cost for fire suppression and containment expenses have reached a whopping $7.9 Million Dollars.


Photo Credit | Chino Valley Fire District

The BLUE RIDGE FIRE is located about 1 mile north of Corona also in Orange County. Fire started on Monday, October 26th.

Fire behavior is also listed as minimal but about 14,334 of brush and tall grass have been consumed along with one structure. Infrastructure is still under threat. Containment of this fire has reached 39% by crews and they are working every day to reach their 100% full suppression and containment objectives.

There are a total of 728 personnel still on this incident along with 7 crews, 144 engines and 4 helicopters.

Cost-to-date has reached $4.9 Million CTD.

Significant Event(s) | Burned 2 main structures and 8,850 acres in the Chino Hills State Park, which included the Rolling M Barn and minor damage to employee housing, along with two bridges.


Creek Fire, holding line, 7th Marine Battalion
Photo Credit | Sierra NF

The CREEK FIRE is located about 35 miles northeast of Clovis in the Sierra National Forest. Its fire command will be transferred from an IMT Type 1 (CA Team 1) to an IMT Type 2 (AK Black Team) on Saturday, October 31st.

Timber, chaparral and tall grass are fire fuels. About 379,571 acres have been destroyed along with 856 structures. Fire behavior is observed as active with backing, torching and creeping. Structures are being threatened.

No photo description available.
Photo Credit | USFS

This costly fire has reached an all-time high of $170 Million Dollars.

Containment by fire fighters has reached 70%.


Crew member serving as lookout over Kern River
Photo Credit | USFS

The SQF COMPLEX FIRE is located about 33 miles east of Porterville in the Sequoia National Forest. It is being managed by a USFS Type 2 IMT (EA Gold Team).

Fire behavior continues to be observed as active with flanking, backing and with single-tree torching. Structures inside the fire perimeter are currently threatened.

About 170,165 acres have been destroyed along with 228 structures. Crews have reached a 80% containment status.

There is a total of 389 personnel along with 5 crews, 11 engines and 7 helicopters.

Cost-to-date has reached $109.4 Million Dollars.


The COLEMAN FIRE is burning on lands owned/managed by the Los Padres National Forest, about 13 miles southwest of King City. Brush and tall grass are fire fuels.

Minimal fire behavior has been observed with smoldering occurring. About 574 acres have been consumed and a 93% containment status has been reached.

Total of 85 personnel are still assigned to this incident along with 1 crew, 2 engines and 1 helicopter.

The cost for this fire is listed at $3.5 Million Dollars.


Big Bear Hotshots wait for the fire to drop down to the highway before going to work.
Photo Credit | USFS

The EL DORADO FIRE is burning about 3 miles northeast of Yucaipa which is being managed by CAL FIRE’s San Bernardino Unit. Timber, chaparral and brush are fire fuels.

Fire behavior has been observed as minimal with creeping and smoldering. A total of 22,744 acres have been consumed but crews have successfully reached a containment status of 95%. 20 structures were lost.

About 94 total personnel along with 1 crew, 7 engines and 1 helicopter are assigned to this incident.

Cost-to-date expenses have reached $39.5 Million Dollars.


The MORAINE FIRE is located in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park (NPS) and about 5 miles northeast of Kanawyers. Timber and brush are fire fuels.

Fire behavior is currently observed as being moderate with flanking, creeping and with isolated torching. 988 acres have been burned. No structures have been reported as lost.

Cost-to-date is at $130,000.


These fires burning in California are not being managed with a Type 1 or 2 IMT, as they do not currently have a full suppression strategy assigned to each incident.


Located on the Sierra National Forest. Fire has burned 1,185 acres and has a 60% containment status. There is one personnel assigned to this incident. Cost-to-date is at $370,000.


This fire is located in the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park. There has been 7,241 acres burned and is currently being assisted by a total of 8 personnel and a single helicopter. There is a 40% containment status. $130,00 is the cost-to-date as of today.


Blue Jay Fire Lukens Lake 10.22.2020
Photo Credit | NPS

The BLUEJAY FIRE is burning in Yosemite National Park (NPS) and is about 50% contained and holding at 6,915 acres. There are 18 total personnel assigned and no additional resources at this time. 1 structure has been reported as being destroyed. $255,000 cost-to-date.


Wolf Fire 10.22.2020
Photo Credit | NPS

This is one of two fires burning in Yosemite National Park and this one is showing no resources currently assigned. However, 2,040 acres have been burned and a 30% containment status has been reported. $54,500 is the cost-to-date for suppression and containment expenses.


A group of firefighters on a road next to a slope covered in flames and smoke.
Photo Credit | USFS

The DOLAN FIRE is located in the Los Padres National Forest and has adversely impacted 124,924 acres but crews have been able to reach a 98% containment status. There are 110 total personnel with 1 crew and 2 engines. 19 structures have been lost. This fire has caused $65.7 Million in cost-to-date expenses.


Wildfire. Photo Credit: Mike McMillan/USFS
Photo Credit | USFS

2 Fires continue to burn on the Mendocino National Forest that is being managed by an USFS IMT Type 2 (CA Team 14) on this incident located 14 miles northwest of Elk Creek. Timber, chaparral and tall grass are fire fuels that are burning.

Minimal fire behavior is currently occurring along with creeping and smoldering.

The fire has destroyed a total of 1,032,649 acres of federal lands. However, fire crews have this fire almost at a 100% containment (93% currently).

About 559 total personnel are attached to this incident along with 10 crews, 24 engines and 2 helicopters.

This devastating fire has destroyed 881 structures and reached a whopping $152.3 Million in costs-to-date!


Two firefighters use hand tools to dig out the roots of a charred stump to remove residual heat
Photo Credit | USFS

The NORTH COMPLEX is located 1 mile southwest of Crescent Mills in the Plumas National Forest where 318,935 acres of timber and brush have been scorched.

A minimal fire behavior has been reported with backing, creeping and smoldering. Containment has reached 96% by crews.

Total count of personnel include 264 firefighters, 3 crews, 9 engines and 2 helicopters.

This is another extreme firestorm which consumed 2,352 structures and caused a total amount of $178.3 Million costs-to-date!


10.03.2020 Structure Wrapping N-NE side of Fire
Photo Credit | USFS

The RED SALMON COMPLEX is located in the Six Rivers National Forest, and 14 miles northeast of Willow Creek.

Fire behavior is said to be moderate with backing, creeping and smoldering.

144,317 acres of timber has been lost but great news of 0 structures being lost has been reported. This fire incident, like others, has reached a $111.1 Million price tag on fire suppression and containment costs. Containment has reached 78%.

There are 241 total personnel with 2 crews, 11 engines,7 helicopters attached to this incident.


9/14/20 Firefighter from Galice Wildland Fire Module securing the containment lines edge near Goodwish road, Dwight Creek and Almost Heaven off Hwy 199
Photo Credit | USFS

The SLATER FIRE is located about 5 miles north of Happy Camp in the Klamath National Forest.

Fire behavior is listed as minimal with flanking, creeping and smoldering. Structures are still being threatened. About 156,832 acres of timber and brush have been destroyed. Crews have reached an 85% containment status.

There are total of 271 personnel along with 6 crews, 7 engines and 3 helicopters.

A total of 440 structures have been lost and there is a $50.4 Million price tag for suppression and containment expenses to date.


Point protection, Rogue River, 9/15/20
Photo Credit | USFS

About 5 miles north Seiad, the DEVIL FIRE is burning and has said to have a minimal fire behavior with smoldering.

There has been 8,885 acres of timber that has been destroyed. Crews have saved any of the structures in the area, as none has been reported as lost.

Crews have reached a 67% containment status and have been released from this incident. Cost-to-date have topped out at $679,000.


Fork Fire 9/8/2020
Photo Credit | USFS

In the El Dorado National Forest, there is a fire named the FORK FIRE that is burning about 15 miles northeast of Pollock Pines.

1,673 acres of timber and brush have been destroyed but no structures in the area have been destroyed, which is great news for the area.

Total personnel of 31 remain along with 1 crew and 2 engines.

Cost-to-date have reached $7.2 Million.

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