As the 2021 Fire Season starts ramping up across the United States, we will be bringing daily Sit Reps as a combined post excluding the Northwest (Washington State and Oregon). Should the fire season become like 2020, posts will be broken down by each State or if they are multiple incidents into separate Fire Incidents.


SC QUAL 11, 12 and 6. Prescribed fires. Incident #ALF-210090. Shoal Creek. 758 acres. Dispatched 0742. Alabama Interagency Coordination Center.

CN MILL CREEK 02. Prescribed fires. Incident #ALF-210089. Conecuh. 774 acres. Dispatched 0735. Alabama Interagency Coordination Center.

TL SCHOOL B. Prescribed fires. Incident 3ALF-210088. Talladega. 494 acres. Dispatched 0725. Alabama Interagency Coordination Center.


GOATS FIRE. Goats Bluff Road, Oklahoma. Oak and brush. Dispatched 1037. 0.1 acres. Arkansas-Oklahoma Interagency Coordination Center.


FIRE FACT | In 2020, more than 80% of Arizona’s wildfires were human-caused. (Source: AZ Department of Forestry).

May be an image of tree and text that says 'FIRE PREVENTION ΠΙΡς Drown. Stir. Repeał. Put out your campfires! Secure łow chains & check tires before getting on the road. Never pull your vehicle off the road & into vegetation. Check the weałher before burning & use arrester. Keep water source nearby. spark DFFM.A2.G0V DFFM. Fireworks & target shooting are never allowed on Arizona Słałe lands at any time.'
Credit | AZ Forestry

LITTLE FIRE. I-40, mile marker 263 EB, seven miles southeast of Winslow. 100 acres. Resources BAT 1-1, BAT 1-2, CH1, CPTR 4-2and CPT 4-3. Arizona Dispatch Center.

MITRY LAKE CAMPGROUND FIRE. Mittry Lake. Dispatched 1132. MT. Open incident. Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center.


FIRE FACT | The state is starting to see a flood of landslides in areas where wildfires burned up areas of land. It is becoming a more frequent occurrence. Read more about these incidents. Post-wildfire Landslides Becoming More Frequent in Southern California (

KNOLLS FIRE. Malibu Canyon Road and Malibu Knolls Road. LA County FD units responded at 0429 hours this morning to a .25 acre fire in medium fuels with strong winds out of the north and structures threatened. The second alarm was called immediately and a request for two additional copters for a total of three. Copter 19 confirmed a second brush fire in the area of Serra Retreat just under a mile east of the KNOLLS FIRE. (0451 hours). At 0500 hours, main fire increased to two acres that were having immediate threats to structures in the area; the second fire was knocked down by Copter 19. Units were being set-up for structure protection. Forward progress was stopped at four acres. Residents were sheltering-in-place. Dozers and rest of the resources were released at 0542 hours. Two LACoFD Firehawk helos were used during the early morning aerial fire operations. Held at 4.8 acres and there were about 200 firefighters that fought this stubborn brush fire. No cause has been released. (Sources: LA Co Fire Ops, LA Co FD)

Credit | LA Co Fire Ops

PINE RIDGE FIRE. Mutual Aid call/wildfire. 4500 block of Pine Ridge Avenue (San Diego County). dispatched 1024. Incident #CNF-622. This was a house fire into brush. Firefighters held it to a 10 x 10 spot with heavy winds. Crews got it knocked down super fast. Cleveland National Forest Dispatch Center.


FIRE FACT | Florida states they are the leader in the use of Prescribed Fires in the United States. They are reducing the risk of devastation, protecting lives and their homes. (Source: FFS Everglades)

Credit: State Foresters (2019)

B-5/F-19/F-22 FIRES. Prescribed Fires. Eglin AFB. 2000 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.

NC4 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. Big Cypress Reservation. 300 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.

BU73 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. BU 73. 1,788 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.

BU328 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. Apalachicola NF. 3,895 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.

BU50 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. 01-50. 4,412 acres. Florida Interagency Coordination Center.


FIRE FACT | Georgia Forestry Commission’s firefighters have been completing Prescribed Fires like its fellow nearby States.

Credit: GA Forestry Commission

COMPARTMENT 116 RX. Prescribed Fire. Dispatched 1304 hours. Georgia Interagency Coordination Center.


FIRE FACT | In 2019, one of Missouri’s residents flew to California, rented a car and worked on setting 13 wildfires. He tried to fly home after attending his 50th high school reunion. Multiple agencies came together on this case. The MO man was arrested and charged. he committed no arsons in his own state. (Source: News media)

ALF RX SUPPORT PREPO CY21. Resource Order. Unknown locaition. Dispatched 0810. Missouri Iowa Coordination Center.


BURGER CAMP FIRE. Wayne County, Jones County Line. District of Chickasawhay. Dispatched 1120 hours. Mississippi Interagency Coordination Center

BIENVILLE CPT 64 FIRE. Prescribed Fire. Jasper County Roads 506 and 507. Scott Company. District of Bienville. Dispatched at 0842 hours. Mississippi Interagency Coordination Center.


C-159 FM. Prescribed Fire. Unknown location. Hazardous Fuel Reduction. 960 acres. Dispatched 0831 hours. South Carolina Interagency Coordination Center.

C-216 LC. Prescribed Fire. Unknown location. Aerial ignition. 728 acres. Dispatched 0828 hours. South Carolina Interagency Coordination Center.

C-76 FM. Prescribed Fire. Unknown location. Hazardous fuel reduction. 858 acres. South Carolina Interagency Coordination Center.

RX BURN C-30 and C-31. Unknown location. BAT 1, 2, CAPT 603, 604, DZ 2, SRF E401, 603. Dispatched 0817. Savannah River Dispatch Center.

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