Wildfire Activity | NIFC Sit Rep | March 27, 2020

Southern Area (MS and FL), United States

As of Friday, March 27, 2020, there were 226 wildfires that broke out with two of them being large incidents, Three Forks Marsh Fire and the Wildcat Fire.  These two fires are located in the State of Florida.

Here is a listing of wildfires that have since been 100% contained.

4 Point Fire  :  National Forests in Mississippi. 1, 858 acres. 100% contained. 2 total personnel remain on one engine. The cost-to-date is $35,000.00 in fire suppression and containment expenses.

Lee Cook Road (46) Fire:  Florida Forest Service.  537 acres. 100% contained. 1 person on an engine remains. $5,000 cost-to-date.

Three Forks Fire:  This fire started on March 26, 2020, from an unknown cause.  570 acres in the Florida Forest Service owned/managed lands. 100% contained. 4 personnel remain on three engines. $2,000 cost-to-date.

Wildcat Fire:  This fire also started on March 26, 2020 on Eglin Air Force Base, owned by the Department of Defense.  500 acres. 100% contained. 8 personnel are on-scene with three engines. $5,000 cost-to-date.

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Wildfire Activity Log | Oklahoma | March 7, 2020

Here is the following wildfire activity log for the States of Arkansas and Oklahoma for Saturday, March 7, 2020:


1700 | MAZE FIRE:  Short grass and brush fire fuels. Located in 21N R29W Section 23. 3.14 acres. Contained at 1800 hours.

1624  | SMILEY FACE FIRE: Newton County, Arkansas. .25 acres. Open incident.

1555 | PETER CAVE FIRE: Searcy County, Arkansas. 6 acres. Contained 1800 hours.   DOVER LIGHTS FIRE:  Pope County.   .01 acres. Contained 1728 hours.

1425 | WOMBLE SILVER FIRE:  Montgomery County. 3.9 acres. Open incident.

1114 | LITTLE BIGGER RX FIRE:  Logan County. 1959 acres.

0943 | BONNERDALE OLD GROWTH RX FIRE:  Garland County.  976 acres.  IC:  Justus Beggs RXB2 effective 1100 hours.

0941 | CADDO POND C47 OLD GROWTH RX FIRE:  Montgomery County. 1134 hours. IC:  Justus Beggs RXB2 effective 1000 hours.

0840 | LOONEY RX FIRE:  Delaware County.  71 acres.

0754 | RORIE SOUTH RX FIRE:  Stone County. 1918 acres. IC: William Hilton RXB2 as of 1100 hours.

0753 | BIRCHFIELD COUNTY RX FIRE:  Crawford County.  1853 acres. IC:  Jimmy Lindsay as of 1100 hours.

0732 | SHUT IN RX FIRE:  Scott County.  Town of Eagleton. 4215 acres. IC:  Adam Strothers.

0717 |  HORSEHEAD WEST RX FIRE:  Johnson County.  928 acres.

0713 | ROSS CREEK EAST “SOUTH” RX FIRE:  Scott County. Waldron, Arkansas. 2576 acres.

0711 | SEED TICK RX FIRE:  Newton County.  1080 acres.

0700 | CARTER CREEK EAST SU2/4 RX FIRE:  McCurtain.  560 acres.

0636 | WILDFAT UNIT 5 RX FIRE:  Yell County.  207 acres.


1800 | Resource order dispatched for the BLACK COW FIRE. Fire is located in th Pawnee Tribal area . Pawnee County.  0.1 acre.

1630 | BLACK CROW FIRE:  2.5 miles east of Kenwood. 43 acres. Contained at 1845 hours.

1600 | TOMAHAWK CHOP FIRE: 7 miles north of Twin Oaks.  20.6 acres. Contained 1755 hours.

1504 | SLOUGH FIRE:  3.5 miles east of Hanna.197 acres. Open incident.

1444 | BLACK BEAR FIRE:  Pawnee County.  Pawnee Fire District. 3.5 acres. Contained 1930 hours.

1300 | MURPHY FIRE:  Montgomery County. 3 acres. Contained 1433 hours.

1220 | OLD TRAILER FIRE:   .25 miles south of Bull Hollow. 58.1 acres. Contained 1530 hours.

1204 | BURGER FIRE:  Osage County.

1136 | 412 FIRE:  Resource Order via Arkansas-Oklahoma Interagency Coordination Center.

1115 | FLAT ROCK 2 FIRE: Adair County. Cherokee Tribal area. 28.13 acres. Contained at 1425 hours.

1100 | REDBUD FIRE:  4 miles east of Dustin. 259.3 acres. Contained 1230 hours.

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Hidden Shores Fire | Arizona | Update 3


Fire assets were dispatched to Hidden Shores, about 11 miles northeast of Yuma, Arizona and dispatched through the Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center.  The original dispatched time was around 1233 hours MST on Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

smoke rises from across a lake

Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

At the time of the fire, CAD updates reported the fire was at five (5) acres as of Tuesday.   Today, fire Officials have released  the fire has increased to 10 acres  and that forward progress of the fire has been stopped.  This was per Inciweb, which appears to be somewhat behind in reporting on this incident. (Updated 2038 2/26/2020)     

UPDATE:  Per Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center showing increased to “52” acres.

Fire fuels include:  brush, salt cedar, riparian vegetation and marsh grass.

There is a 60% containment.

Currently, all Agencies are in an Unified Command system.  There are 22 personnel assigned to this incident.

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Hidden Shores Fire | Arizona | Update 2


Fire assets were dispatched to Hidden Shores, about 11 miles northeast of Yuma, Arizona and dispatched through the Prescott Interagency Dispatch Center.  The original dispatched time was around 1233 hours MST on Tuesday, February 25, 2020.

smoke rises from across a lake

Photo Courtesy | Inciweb

At the time of the fire, CAD updates reported the fire was at five (5) acres as of Tuesday.   Today, fire Officials have released  the fire has increased to 10 acres  and that forward progress of the fire has been stopped.

Fire fuels include:  brush, salt cedar, riparian vegetation and marsh grass.

There is a 60% containment.

Currently, all Agencies are in an Unified Command system.  There are 22 personnel assigned to this incident.

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Wildfire Activity | Washington State | February 25, 2020


Goat Fire | 300 Line, Lewis County

A tiny wildfire broke out in Lewis County this morning with the Dispatch Center sending fire assets to the area around 1003 hours.  The fire was named the Goat Fire.

Fire fuels included Red Rot, grass, duff and brush.  About 0.1 acre was burned.

The fire was contained at 1147 hours PST and brought under control at 1428 hours PST.  WA DNR resources arrived on-scene to a .10 stump fire and quickly put it out.

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Wildfire Activity | Arizona | February 25, 2020


Hidden Shores Fire | Hidden Shores, Arizona

Fire assets were dispatched to Hidden Shores for a wildfire around 1233 hours MST.  There has been 5 acres scorched.  No further info is known.


Triple 8 Fire | 8822 Rd of the 58 Rd

A wildfire broke out, prompting this Dispatch Center to send out fire resources to the area around 1330 MST.  There was 0.1 acre of pine / grass scorched.

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Riverbottom Fire | Wildland Fire | California

Incident Summary
The #RiverbottomFire is burning off of the Santa Ana Bike Trail in the 1400 block of Old Ranch Road and Park Cliff Court in Riverbottom (Riverside Co), California. It was ignited this morning on Thursday 2/6/2020. Fire assets were dispatched and on-scene quickly around 0953 hours PST.
heavy smoke from riverbottom fire
The cause is most likely to have started from an unattended encampment.
Current Status
The wildfire is currently at 70 acres with a 50% conainment status and is expected to be fully contained by late Friday evening.
riverbottom fire smoke and rfd vehicles
City of Riverside FD 221 firefighters, 14 engines and 2 hand crews along with mutual aid of: 2 air tankers, one helicopter.

Road Closures 

Firefighters in the foreground while smoke from riverbottom fire is in backgroundDuring fire operations, authorities closed the Santa Ana Bike Path from Ryan Bonaminio Park to Anza Narriows Park.

Structure protection was in effect along with mandatory evacuations but were lifted after mutual aidl/aircraft resources arrived on-scene.  Earlier in the incident, fire activity continued to increase and  evacuations for those on Old Ranch Road and Park Cliff Court.  An evacuation shelter was opened at the Dales Senior Center, located at 3936 Chestnut in Riverside, California. 
ALL EVACUATIONS have been lifted.
Photo Images

Photo Credit of the City of Fire Riverside Department.

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Unreal Firestorms Eat Everything in Sight | 2

INCIDENT SUMMARY – UPDATE 2 – 12/23/2019 2200 PST


Credit | NSW RFS

We know wildfires. It is generally not the small ones but the Firestorms kind and we have see and heard about how horrific and scary fire conditions American firefighters were faced with and the survivors all across the board telling their story to anyone who was willing to hear is.


Credit | NSW RFS


It is a journey that many will tell you that are the scary kind and ones you never want to face ever again.  However, they will tell they’d go back in and fight if they were forced to so they can save lives and properties.


Credit | RFS Central Coast District/NSW RFS

Homes, outbuildings, businesses, livelihoods all up in smoke. Literally, severely damaged to being wiped out and down to the ground. The images we all see all over Social Media, on TV and other digital media methods tug on our raw emotions.  We know that kind of heartbreak and, this time it is not in the USA but across the Globe in Australia.

Bushfires (Australia) or wildfires, as we call them here in the US are struggling with such a task.  They are not dealing with just a few at a time but close to 100 as  of yesterday and 92 on December 24th (this is their tomorrow) with close to 2,000 wildland firefighters from Australia and from the U.S.


Credit | NSW RFS


Credit | NSW RFS


As of 2045 AEDT (morning), there were 92 wildfires burning across New South Wales with more than 40 still to be contained. Over 2,000 firefighters are on the fire ground.

According to the NSW RFS as of December 24, 2019 (it is tomorrow there already):

  • HOMES – 7,824 Saved | 353 Damaged | 873 Destroyed.
  • FACILITIES – 615 Saved | 82 Damaged | 68 Destroyed.
  • OUTBUILDINGS – 7,053 Saved | 889 Damaged | 2,048 Destroyed.


The fire danger ratings for tomorrow, Christmas Day, will see widespread areas of low-moderate and high fire danger. North Western will be very high. Firefighters will continue working to strengthen containment lines ahead of heat building again from this weekend. – NSW RFS

#Australia #Bushfires #NSWRFS

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Australian Bushfires Eat up Countrysides Become Major Firestorms | 1


While American Politics burn up the airwaves, across the world there are bushfires or  wildfires as we call them here in the United States that are destroying everything in its pathway from homes, structures, lands, etc.  Firefighters around the world are coming together as mutual aid to help attempt to stop these fires but severe weather conditions are making these wind-driven firestorms. Record-setting highest heat waves have occurred in the last three days with the hottest day at a 107F !

There are approximately 122 wildfires currently burning at this time. We will work to capture the largest ones and provide them in our future updates.


Credit | NSW RFS


A statewide Total Fire Ban is now in effect for December 17 – 21, 2019 due to RED Flag Conditions (extreme hot and dry conditions) across New South Wales.

Some fires have been active since the beginning of November, while a few are being brought under control  and others are considered as out-of-control as we have reported a few listed above.


Gosper’s Mountain Fire.  Largest fire burning in Australia. Located in the Wollemi National Park area. 449,535 hectares or 1,110,835 acres.  Burning on multiple fronts that has burned south of the Goose River towards the Blue Mountains.  Destroyed a large area known to be seven (7) times the size of Singapore.  Conditions are due to grow worse on Saturday.

Green Waffle Creek Fire Located 15 km south west of Warragamba Dam Wall in the Blue Mountains National Park and in the Lake Burragorang area. 176,460 ha or 436,042 ac. Fire is considered to be out-of-control with dangerous fire conditions and erratic fire behavior across the fire ground.

Grose Valley Fire.  Grose Valley in the Blue Mountains. Fire is out-of-control.  2,100 ha or 5,189 acres.  Limited information


Structures are currently under direct threat. Structure protection in effect with the aid of heavy equipment and aircraft from above. Burning on multiple fronts close to structures around Balmoral, Thirlmere, Tahmoor and Nattai. The northern flank has crossed to the western side of the Warragamba Gorge near the Mountain Lowry Creek.  Nearby Hume Highway is open but being impacted by lots of smoky conditions.

Evacuations in effect.

Currowan Fire. Burning in the area of Clyde Ridge Road, Currowan, NSW and in the Shoalhaven Council area. This is an out-of-control wildfire. 128,461 ha or 317,434 acres. It is burning between Batemans Bay and Ulladulla and east of Braidwood.

Fire behavior has increased and is wind-driven.  It is said to be also located between Burrill Lake and Morton National Park (north) and Batemans Bay (southern perimeter), as well as in the Bundawang Range and Clyde Mountain (west).



Residents and visitors are being encouraged by Fire Officials to be aware of their surroundings, to be alert and to evacuate if you see danger.

We ask that you please evacuate your family, pets and yourself.  Your home and its contents can be replaced but you and your family cannot.  Also, if you stay – you are putting the lives of firefighters on the line to save you.- Ed.


There are many Australian scanner feeds listed in Broadcastify you can listen to. This is so out-of-the-ordinary to even show up in the Top 20, little alone the Top 10.  If you wish to listen, here are the ones that are available:

Wollondilly RFS – https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/31709

S Australian Emergency Services – https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/2653

NSW RFS – Hawkesbury – https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/31583

Southern Tablelands RFS – https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/1176

Central West Ambulance and Fire – https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/4339

Blue Mountains RFS – https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/17631

RFS South Coast – https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/24950

NSW RFS – https://www.broadcastify.com/listen/feed/31589


“The extreme heatwave comes as firefighters in NSW battle to contain around 100 wildfires that have been burning for weeks across the region, blanketing #Sydney in a toxic layer of smoke”. — Media

This brave young girl from Australia was threatened with arrest for protesting inaction over climate change. She holds her sign above her head in defiance.” – An eyewitness account of a young girl who has just lost her home and goes to protest at the Prime Minister’s home.

Exceptional heat in #Australia. December 18 set a new national max temperature average record of 41.9°C (107.4°F). Which broke the previous record set the day before by a 1.0°C (1.8°F).” – US Meteorologist

It’s getting worse.” – Social Media (posted 1950 hours PDT)

While bushfires burn, our PM is enjoying a holiday in Hawaii (US). We are left with this.” – Social Media.

Here we are again. Yesterday was Australia’s 2nd hottest day ever, averaging 41C (105.8F) across the entire country. Last 3 days in a row the hottest 3 days ever.” – Media.

so like, our state has been on fire for weeks and no one cares. upside its been snowing ash. never thought it would snow here.” – Media user.

Our firefighters are hurting today, but they’re still showing courage and bravery and resilience. They’re still fighting to keep us safe. They are the best of Australia.” – Anthony Albanese (Labor Party Leader)

absolutely horrific , fires burn across our precious country yet again in catastrophic conditions.” – Media user.


We wish to dedicate this post to two Fire Brigade firefighters that were killed in a vehicle accident last night.  We are thinking of their families, friends and fellow Firefighter brother/sister/family that are grieving from their loss.  We all feel the void when one is lost in the Fire Family.

Deputy Captain Geoffrey Keaton, 32 

Geoffrey Keaton         


Andrew O'Dwyer

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The Wildfire Log | Kincade Fire | CA | 5

Saturday, November 2, 2019 | PM | Update 5

Fire Stats

  • Started 10/23/2019 @ 2127 hours PDT
  • Located northeast of Geyersville in Sonoma County
  • Cause is unknown
  • Fire Investigation on-going, FIU working tirelessly to find cause

Current Status

  • Minimum fire behavior with creeping and smoldering
  • 77,758 acres
  • 74% containment
  • Estimated containment in November 2019
  • 400 structures still being threatened
  • 4 injuries
  • Some fire units have begun to demob and are being returned to their respective service agencies.
  • PG&E will be handling relights of pilot lights on Sunday.
  • Gas service restoration currently in progress.

Photo Credit | ORFM


Incident Cooperators

  • Unified Command | CAL FIRE – Sonoma-Lake-Napa Unit and Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office.
  • CA Fire Agencies | Geyersville Fire Protection District, CDCR, Culver City FD, Corona FD, BIA, BLM, Pasadena FD,  La Habra Heights FD, Springs FD, Downey FD, Compton FD, Alameda County FD, CA DOC.
  • AZ & NM Fire Agencies | 22 crews f rom the Navajo Scouts. They have been on the fireground since October 28 and to remain until November 11th.
  • WA Fire Agencies | Bothell FD, Seattle FD, Valley Regional Fire Authority, Arlington FD, Island County FD, South County FD, Snohomish County Fire Districts 7, 22, 26, Everett FD, Lake Stevens FD, San Juan FD, Skagit Fire District #4, Skagit FD.
  • Emergency Management | CAL OES, County of Sonoma.
  • Law Enforcement | CHP, Placer County SO, Sonoma County Sheriff, Marin County Sheriff, Galt PD.
  • Fire Aviation Resources | Canada, CHP, Super Scoopers,
  • State Resources | CA National Guard, CAL FIRE.
  • Federal Resources | USFS.
  • Humanitarian/Shelter/Food | Red Cross – Northern CA Coastal, Red Cross – Sonoma County, World Central Kitchen.
  • Weather Forecasters | NWS Bay Area, SIS Fire Weather Lab.

Photo Credit | SJSU Fire Weather Lab. (Taken on 10/27/2019)


Resources & Equipment

  • 4,032 fire personnel
  • 363 fire engines
  • 64 water tenders
  • 3 helicopters
  • 102 crews
  • 29 dozers

Damage Assessments

  • 59 damaged structures
  • 372 destroyed structures
  • $54.1 Million cost-to-date
  • SR 128 @ Pine Flat Road

Significant Events

  • Soda Rock Winery | Winery is lost but their barn is saved by firefighters.
  • Healdsburg, Windsor | Whole City and Town, population of almost 40,000 evacuate under mandatory orders.
  • PG&E Power Shutdowns | Almost 2 Million customers are affected, including Senior citizen homes, hospitals, Fire Stations, homes, businesses, and the list goes on and on.
  • California Economy | The wine country is hit hard with at least three wineries destroyed, others damaged.  Small businesses and residents must throw out their food, products due to the power shutdowns.

Recognized HEROES IN ACTION | These are the men and women who are being recognized for their extraordinary display of human compassion and serving others selflessly.


There were over 5,000 firefighters that responded from all over several States, including Oregon and Washington.

Photo Credit | Culver City Firefighters


Photo Credit | CAL FIRE SLO


After a long journey to California, our firefighters have finally made it. They have been assigned to work the Kincade Fire where they will assess and protect structures on Leslie Road. They are ready to help however they can. – King County Strike Team

Photo Credit | Seattle Fire Department




Provided 7,000 meals on October 29, 2019 and more throughout the days thereafter.  They will continue providing freeh, hot meals to firefighters and expect to be on-scene until next week.

Photo Credit | World Central Kitchen


Guy Fieri oversaw the World Central Kitchen’s facility kitchen and crews were treated to a special lunch for First Responders in Santa Rosa.

World Central Kitchen also served up Law Enforcement Officers on the job around the clock, providing the same great tasty food!



The faces behind the volunteers who serve others tirelessly and selflessly.  They are our Heroes in Action.



This organization makes meals for Disaster victims by a great team of volunteers and the community that supports them.  In one day, they served over 700 people!

Photo Credit | Sonoma Family Meal




A Healdsburg is overjoyed to learn his house is still standing.  He states, “Red Cross was very prepared for this catastrophe. My friends and neighbors are grateful for all of their support.”

Photo Credit | American Red Cross



They saved and rescued many furry babies who were left behind, ran off being scared or had no other place to go.

Through The Eyes of Social Media

“Saturday is Day 12 of the Fire. It has been tirelessly fought by over 5,000 firefighters from hundreds of fire departments. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped us during this difficult time.” – County of Sonoma

“Our thoughts are with those who lost their homes and our gratitude is with all who stepped up to help neighbors in need.” – CA State Senator

“A 3.9M earthquake centered around the northern perimeter of the fire occurred this morning while firefighyers worked to make headway on containment.” – Media

“According to PG&E, you’ll need to be home to have your pilot light lit. PG&E will knock on your door, and if you’re not home, they’ll leave a card for you to call back and schedule a time. There is no charge for this service.” – Media

“People are experiencing the Deep pain for those who lost everything.” – Media

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