CA | Crystal Road Fire | 1

UPDATE 1 | MAY 16, 2021 | 2200 PT

A new wildfire is burning in California, named the CRYSTAL ROAD FIRE by Metro Fire of Sacramento that started just before 220 hours PT on Sunday, May 16, 2021.

The incident is located near Rio Linda Road in Rio Linda, California.

Just like the PALISADES FIRE, access to the fire has been difficult. It is said to be about 300-feet long with a narrow width. Winds are helping the fire spread to other nearby dry fire fuels.

About five minutes after the fire crews arrived on-scene, they were able to hold the fire to .50 acres and fire behavior has slowed.

Weather currently is changing with a system coming in from the north. Lightning and thunder have been seen a few miles away.

This is a developing story.

A new update will be published on Monday.

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NEW | Santa Fe Fire | Los Angeles Co, CA

A second wildfire broke out in Los Angeles County, California on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, from an unknown cause.

The incident was located in the 15500 block of East Arrow Highway near the Santa Fe Dam and south of the 210 Freeway. The first arriving unit indicate the fire size was approximately one acre just after 1500 hours PT. Fire fuels were said to be medium to heavy brush with light winds. A 1st alarm brush response was en route to the fire line.

Credit | irwindale PD

Just before 1600 hours, the fire had burned about 10 acres and evacuations for a nearby homeless encampment was initiated. A second alarm brush response requested by the IC.

About 15 minutes later, fire crews were beginning to get a handle on the brush fire by reaching a 5% containment status and the fire holding at 12 acres. However, there still was a potential increase of up to 50 acres.

After 1700 hours, Firefighters were able to place a containment line around almost the whole size of the fire perimeter.

Credit | Edison

Nearing 1800 hours, the fire had scorched 33 acres and reached a 35% containment status and the forward progression of the fire had been stopped.

Just after 2000 hours, fire crews were still on-scene mopping up. The Irwindale Police Officers and officials were released from the incident.

Incident Cooperators included Irwindale Police Department, Los County Fire Department.

No injuries of civilians or firefighters were reported.


In researching the #SantaFeIC hashtag and #Irwindale, it appears this Santa Fe Fire is not the first nor will it be the last fire to hit this area. Here is a timeline of those fire incidents.

3/23/2021 | 1st Alarm Brush fire. Near Riverbed of the 210 freeway at 606 freeway. 1 acre.

7/05/2018 | 2nd Alarm Brush Fire. Santa Fe Dam Rec area. 40 acres, moving north in medium brush. Exposures to Miller brewing. Structure protection of Miller Coors beer and the MTA Gold Line was activated during the incident. Fire was contained to undeveloped areas and fire crews saved many structures. No damage or destruction of any other buildings were reported. No evacuations were in effect during the incident.

Incident cooperators included CHP Baldwin Par, Parks LASD Officers, LA County FD.

Credit | Irwindale PD

8/07/2014 | Brush Fire. Santa Fe Dam. .5 acres.

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Wildfire number two was burning off of Munjar Road and Meridian Road, northwest of the Chico airport in Butte County, California, that ignited on Saturday, May 8, 2021, just just after 1400 hours PT.

Credit: CAL FIRE – Butte County

Here is a timeline of this incident:

1409 | 30-plus acres. 15 additional engines requested. Structures under direct threat. Sheriff begin to evacuate those on Munjar and Meridian Roads.

1410 | Butte County Sheriff evacuates immediately those on east of and on Coyote Song Road. Other evacuations lifted for Munjar Road, west of Coyote Song Road.

1413 | Copter 205 arrives on-scene. Evacuations begin for Denver Lane, Gunnison Way and Trinidad Drive.

Credit: PG &E

1435 | Copter 205 has a mechanical issue. IC requests replacement copter. Fire is starting to run into a creek with two active flanks. An additional request for two more dozers.

1436 | Smoke plum is visible on radar just north of Chico. Smoke blows south and likely is staying close to the ground.

1452 | Police out on Denver Lane, report fire near a residential structure. In process of evacuating 30 dogs from a dog training facility. Fire burns 70 acres.

Credit: CAL FIRE – Butte County

1502 | One of the flanks is starting to break through containment lines. IC looking to expand evacuations.

1510 | BCSO expands their evacuation orders to include on Munjar Road and all roads off of Munjar Road.

1527 | Very windy conditions. 200 acres destroyed.

1532 | Good progress made. 350 acres.

1556 | Forward progression stopped. Held at 350 acres.

1651 | 1 outbuilding is damaged. No homes were damaged or lost. Holding to 350 acres. 40% containment.

Credit: CAL FIRE – Butte County

Lead Agency: CAL FIRE – Butte County.

Incident Cooperators: Butte County Sheriff Office, CHP (Chico), Hamilton City FD, Chico FD, PGE and Butte County FD Volunteers.

Resources: AA501, Copter 205 (out on a mechanical issue), Tankers 132, 137 (Coulson), 102, Erickson Aero LAT MD87

Credit: CAL FIRE – Butte County

Cause: Unknown. Under investigation.

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CA Ablaze with Multiple Wildfires | 1


It is only Thursday of this week and, as one weather tracker said it perfectly – “It’s been the driest year in forty years including nearly all of the northern portion of the State, the entire length of Sierra Nevada and the wide areas of both the southern part and the Mohave Desert in California.”

Due to the sheer number of wildfires that ignited this afternoon and into the evening, we are going to group these together to help avoid catching your social media ablaze!

94 FIRE | Barrett Junction (San Diego County)

Credit: CAL FIRE/San Diego Co FD

Started 4/29/2021 Thursday.

Located in the intersection of Campo Road (CA-94) and Barrett Junction and near the community of Potrero.3 total acres. Tankers 70, 71 and Copters 12 and 129 were on-scene. Cause: Car fire into wildfire interface.

Status: Forward ROS stopped. Mopping up.

BURSO FIRE | South of Campo Fire (Calaveras County)

Started 4/29/2021 Thursday.

Fire reported 1502 PT. Located south of the Campo Fire. 2 acres with moderate rate of spread. One structure was threatened. Copter 404 was tasked with dropping overhead. Was located behind a church at Highway 12 and Burson Road.

Status: Forward ROS stopped.

CAMPO FIRE | Valley Springs (Calaveras County)

Started 4/29/2021 Thursday.

Located off of buckboard Lane x Campo Seco Road.

CAL FIRE firefighters responded at 1328 PT for a brush fire near Valley Springs in Calaveras County. 1st due reported 3-4 acres with moderate of spread burning uphill. 1620 PT to a fire approximately 30 acres. It has now reached 150 acres. 0% containment status.

Credit: PGE

Air resources dipped from a local resident’s pond.

Incident Cooperators include: Calveras County OES, CAL FIRE TCU.

Mandatory evacuation orders in effect for: Lorea Road and for portions of Watertown and Paloma Roads.

Temp shelter open: Calaveras HS. 350 Highschool Street, San Andreas.

Status: 150 acres. 0% contained.

COUNTRY FIRE | Near Thousand Oaks (Ventura County)

Started 4/29/2021 Thursday.

Firefighters arrived approximately at 1538 PT to a 1-acre brush fire with moderate rate of spread. Fire crews quickly evaluated the access point and entered towards the perimeter.

Credit: Ventura County FD

Fire increased to about 10 acres at 1559, with the fire moving towards and bumping up against Via Colinas and Country Valley Roads. Structure protection was in place.

About 1,191 contacts were notified via the Ventura County emergency alert system. Mandatory evacuations were put into place.

60 firefighters are still assigned to this incident but some air resources are being released. Incident cooperators: VCFD, VCFD PIO, ToaksVCSO, County Ventura and the Ventura County Sheriff. Lead Fire Agency: Sutter County FD.

No reports of damage or destruction to homes; or injuries reported to civilians or firefighters.

Status: 28 acres. 50% contained. Structure protection group, heli spot terminated. [1843 PT]

DELL FIRE | Upper Lake (Lake County)

Started 4/29/2021. Brush Fire. Located about 4-5 miles west of Upper Lake in Lake County. In timber and running uphill towards the ridgetop. Forward progression stopped at 1754. Some engines and a copter were released.

Cause: Escaped from previously controlled burn.

Status: 2 acres. Forward progression stopped. [1754 PT]

KIRKER FIRE | Pittsburg (Contra Costa County)


MORO FIRE | Near Prunedale (Monterey County)

Started 4/29/2021.

Located on City Creek Road.

Status: Forward POS stopped. [1504`

SKY FIRE | South of Clearlake (Lake County)

Credit: PG&E

Started 4/29/2021 1425 PT.

Located off of Morgan Valley Road and Sloan Ranch Road, southeast of Clearlake in Lake County. Lead Agency: CAL FIRE SLNU.

Status: 45 acres. 20% contained. [1615 PT]

VIRGENES FIRE | Agoura Hills (Los Angeles County)

Credit: Edison

Started 4/29/2021.

Located next to the 101 Freeway at Las Virgenes. VCFD units were dispatched at 1414 for a first alarm brush fire response. No structures were threatened but near a construction zone.

Status: Forward ROS stopped. 5 acres. All resources released. [1423 PT]

WISECARVER FIRE | Lyons Valley (San Diego County)

Started 4/29/2021. 0.25 acre.

Status: Forward ROS stopped. [1450 PT]

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SIT REP 1 | APRIL 25, 2021 | 1930 PT

A wildfire is burning five miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, near Highway 65 near the Peterson Reservoir (Miguel County), New Mexico. The fire ignited on April 23, 2021 around 1330 MT on private and state lands.

The fire has burned approximately 30 acres of brush and timber and is now 70% contained. Was burning on both sides of Highway 65.

Credit: Red Cross

Structures were under threat prompting evacuations but are no longer in effect.

Firefighters continue to work towards their full containment fire objectives, which include mopping up hot spots.

The cause is unknown and under investigation.

Incident cooperators include: NM Department of Forestry, Red Cross NM, San Miguel Office of Emergency Management, Miguel County Sheriff’s Office, Mayor Louie Trujillo.

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NW Wildfire Activity | April 19, 2021


Snowshoe Fire | Old RR Road

1508 dispatched. 15 acres. NC 7112 (IC). C93, E691, H341, HI25, HI37, HI40, HI41, HI61, HI7107, HI7110, HI7112, SO7208. Units on-scene 1415 hours PT. WA DNR – NEC.


Moonlight Fire | Moon Creek

0015 dispatched. 0.1 acre of grass, slash. In patrol status. WA DNR – NEC.


Tallman Fire | Tallman Road

1341 dispatched. 1.4 acres. AR28, AR64, AR7401, AR7412. Resources on-scene. WA DNR – NEC.

Washington Fire | East Washington Road

1216 dispatched. 0.1 acre. AR25 (IC). AR25, AR7407. Resources on-scene. WA DNR – NEC.

Enoch Fire | West Enoch Road

1207 dispatched. 0.1 acre. AR64 (IC). In patrol status. WA DNR – NEC.

Depot Springs Fire | West Depot Springs Road

0207 dispatched. 0.1 acre of grass and slash. In patrol status. WA DNR – NEC.

Mount Spokane Fire | Mount Spokane Drive

2026 4/18/2021 dispatched. 0.1 acre. NE6 (IC). 75% mopped up. WA DNR – NEC.


Mitchell Draw Fire | Mitchell Draw

0339 dispatched. 1.5 acres of timber, litter, slash. AR62 (IC). AR7402. 0630 contained. 1700 controlled. WA DNR – NEC.


Mill Creek Incident | Smoke Check

1527 dispatched. Mill Creek. Limited info. WA DNR – CWC

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NM Wildfires | 140 and Rio Fires | 2

UPDATE 2 | APRIL 11, 2021 | 1540 hours PT


Incident Summary: Two wildfires are burning in the Abiquiu area in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. Both of them were reported on Saturday at 1400 hours. Resources from the NM Department of Forestry and from the Rio Arriba County Fire and Sheriff’s Office.

140 FIRE: Located in the Rio Chama bosque off of US County Road 140. Fire is about 2-4 acres in size. 30% containment status reached. It has burned 1 garage, 1 well house and damaged 2 residential structures. Evacuations have been lifted. Cause is still unknown for this wildfire.

RIO FIRE: The RIO FIRE is located off of US Highway 84. fire has burned about 40 acres. 50% containment has been reached. The cause of this fire is due to ditch burning on private property. No structures were burned or damaged. All evacuation orders have been lifted. Burned both sides of the Rio Chama Bosque.

Resources for both fires were deployed from the Santa Fe Interagency Dispatch Center today at 1718 and 1722 hours.

No reports of injuries to firefighters or civilians have been reported.

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NM Wildfires | 140 and Rio Fires | 1

UPDATE 1 | APRIL 10, 2021

Two wildfires are burning in the Abiquiu area in Rio Arriba County, New Mexico.

Both wildfires are said to have both started on Saturday at 1400 hours.

140 FIRE: Located in the Rio Chama bosque off of US County Road 140. Fire is about 2-3 acres on private land. One structure has been burned. Other homes are under threat. Mandatory evacuations are in effect.

RIO FIRE: The RIO FIRE is located off of US Highway 84. Fire size is about 4-5 acres on private land. No structures have been reported as damaged or destroyed. Homes are current under threat and mandatory evacuations are in effect.

Resources for both fires were deployed from the Santa Fe Interagency Dispatch Center today at 1718 and 1722 hours.

No reports of injuries to firefighters or civilians have been reported.

Cause of both fires is unknown and under investigation.

Wildfire History in other Bosques

April 2, 2021: Encampment campfire in the Rio Grande Bosque. No fires, fireworks and smoking are not permitted in this area. Photo Credit: Rio Rancho FD

How to Report a Suspicious Fire – Call Public Safety Dispatch at 505-891-7226.

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NW Wildfire Activity | April 9, 2021

Here are a few wildfires that have occurred on Thursday and Friday on April 8 and 9, 2021.

APRIL 9, 2021


Chelan Butte. Chelan County. 8.6 acres. Grass, brush and timber. Escobar (IC). Contained 1753 hours. Dispatched via Central WA Comm Center.


Spring Creek Canyon. Lincoln County. 5 acres. Grass, shrub and timber. AR27 (IC), AR7402 and 7407 on-scene at 1650 hours PT. Open incident. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC..


North Basin. Stevens County. .7 acres. Grass, shrub. NC25 (IC). Contained and controlled 1600. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.


Vantage. Kittitas County. 0.1 acre. Grass. SE-Martin (IC). Contained and controlled 1545. Dispatch Center: CWC.


2200 Bishop Road, Vale. 5 acres. Open incident. Dispatch Center: Vale Dispatch Center.


Maxwell Pond. Just SW of Wallowa. 1.5 acres. Grass. Human-caused. ODF NStat. Resources responded 4/8. Assisted Wallowa RFD. Contained 4/9/2021 1100 PT. Dispatched by Blue Mountain Interagency Dispatch Center.


Unknown location. .3 acres. Limited information.

APRIL 8, 2021


Aeneas Creek Road. Ferry County. 1 acre. 7107 (IC). In patrol status. Dispatch Center: WA DNR – NEC.


Granite Lake Road. Spokane County. 1.5 acres. Short grass, timber. AR29 (I). Contained 1815. Controlled 1930 hours. Dispatch Center. WA DR.


Vale. .1 acre. Dispatch Center: Vale Dispatch Center.


Tiller Ranger District. Douglas County. Contained 4/9 0839 PT. Controlled 0840. .1 acres. Dispatched: Roseburg Interagency Comm Center.

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April 5, 2021 | NW Wildfires


A few fires broke out in both Oregon and Washington States today but nothing too major. Thanks to quick egress out on the fireline from keeping these fires turning into big wildfires.

Here is a recap of today’s incident via the, communication centers.

0754 PT Dispatched

BUCK FIRE. Buck Creek Road. Pend Orielle County, WA. 0.1 acre. AR66 (IC). Contained 0930 PT. Controlled at 0950 PT.

0759 PT Dispatched

HUBERT ROAD TWO FIRE. Spokane. Stevens County, WA. .01 acre. Grass, brush. In patrol status.

0805 PT Dispatched

SCOTTIE DOG FIRE. Scottie Dog Lane. Spokane County, WA. 1.9 acres. Grass, shrub. AR29 (IC). In patrol status.

0808 PT Dispatched

BECK CREEK FIRE. Beck Creek, OR. 0.1 acre. Contained 4/5/2021 1344 PT. Controlled 1345 PT. Out 1346 PT.

1147 PT Dispatched

DAVIES FIRE. Davies Road. Okanogan County, WA. 13 acres. Grass. HI7112 (IC). In patrol status.

1237 PT Dispatched

MASON FIRE. Mason Road. Spokane County, WA. 1 acre. Grass, brush, timber. AR65 (IC). In patrol status.

1913 PT Dispatched 4/4/2021

CAMAS FIRE. Camas Prairie. Klickitat County, WA. 27 acres grass, brush, timber and slash. SE Miller (IC) as of 1315 PT. Resources: SE 863, SE Lawson. OPEN INCIDENT

1400 PT Dispatched 4/4/2021

QUINCY LAKE FIRE. Quincy Lake, Grant County, WA. .25 acres. Grass, brush. Riker (IC). Contained and controlled 4/5/2021 1030 PT.

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