Wildfires are starting or have been igniting all over the United States. This State has seen its fair share of wildfires already during the 2020-2021 Fire Season.

As of today’s date, there have been 18,789 wildfires with a total of 128,410 acres. Crews have recently contained 12 fires for a total of 136 acres. Three fires are still burning for a total of 75 acres. (per the SC Forestry Commission)

Here is the recap for Thursday, April 8, 2021.

MOORE FIRE | 5 miles SW of Whitehall

Started in the last 24 hours PT. Ace Basin National Wildlife Refuge. Moderate fire behavior with smoldering. 1,146 acres. 30% contained. 9 personnel. 1 engine. $10,000 cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment expenses. FWS land.

AIKEN FIRE | Aiken County

Detected fire on April 8th at 1230 hours. Caused by equipment used. Resources are on-scene. Open incident.

PRESS DRIVE FIRE | Orangeberg County

100 block of Press Drive. Reported today at 1722 hours. Resources are on-scene. Cause is unknown. Open Incident.

BERKLEY FIRE | Berkeley County

Reported at 1544 hours. Resources are on-scene. No preliminary cause released. Open Incident.

C148 BLOCK 9 | RX Fire

RX burn. Dispatched at 0703 hours. 615 acres. Hazard fire fuel reduction using aerial ignition.

C254 LC | RX Fire

RX burn. Dispatched 0705 hours. 157 acres. To reduce hazard reduction.

C170 FM | RX Fire

RX burn. Dispatched 0718 hours. 882 acres. Hazard reduction using aerial ignition.

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