GILA NATIONAL FOREST — Another lightning sparked fire named the DRUMMOND FIRE, is burning south of Emory Pass Vista and south of NM 152 and about one mile from the Trujillo Fire. The fire started on May 19, 2021.

Light smoke on top of mountain
Credit: USFS

SIZE UP — 310 acres of light logging slash burned. Fire behavior is moderate with smoldering, creeping and backing. Estimated time to contain this fire is August 10, 20221.

RESOURCES — there are 68 firefighters on the fire line.

FIRE OPERATIONS — Fire behavior increased yesterday due to drier fuel conditions, coupled with higher temperatures, and lower relative humidity. The fire perimeter continues to slowly grow, increasing smoke volume. This smoke is mostly white in color, which indicates dead and down dry fuels are burning. Darker smoke indicates green or pitchy fuels are burning.  

Yesterday crews scouted future containment lines near the town of Kingston, NM.  Please continue to use caution travelling along the route as firefighters will be in the area monitoring the Drummond Fire.

An Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) was again deployed at Emory Pass, and Kingston to map the Drummond Fire perimeter safely and successfully, and adjacent values at risk.  Please do not drive into Emory Pass Vista when crews are working in it.

Today weather conditions are expected to be hot and dry with high temperatures and low relative humidity.   Fire activity will increase throughout the day and likely will continue to be active through the night with minimal humidity recovery. 

The Trujillo Fire still has not produced smoke, and crews remain observant for any activity. — USFS

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