UPDATE 1 | November 6, 2021 (Saturday) | 1530 PT

This post is dedicated to the eight that passed away, their families and to those who may have been impacted by this tragedy. – Ed.


HOUSTON, TEXAS – A horrifying tragedy took place Friday night at the Astroworld Festival, at the time when rapper Travis Scott was performing. Reports from some concertgoers stated around 2100-2115, they could feel pressure all around them from others pushing on them. Then the crowd began moving back and forth until they rushed the stage. Scores of people were seen dropping to the ground and suffering significant life-threatening injuries.

Eight people were killed. Their cause of death is unknown at this time but Police, Fire and the Medical Examiner are all investigating deeply into Friday’s event.

Earlier in the day, there was some kind of surge of attendees at the venue’s VIP Security gate where hundreds rushed through and bypassed the security checkpoint. The Security gates were completely destroyed. Some were trampled and a few others were detained by Police.


City of Houston

About 50,000 people were in attendance, smashed in together like sardines in a very densely populated area. According to the City of Houston special events, COVID guidelines labeled as Safety Protocols for Event Planning during the COVID-19 Pandemic have many interesting key points for event attendees. This was written on September 16, 2020, at 1053 hours. This was released by the City of Houston’s Mayor’s Office.

“These protocols are very extensive and producers must meet the criteria in order to be considered for approval. Guidelines are subject to change as additional resources and recommendations become available.

The City of Houston is committed to increasing mitigation measures to combat potential health risks associated with
public gatherings. Therefore, in addition to standard event requisites, the following measures have been approved by Dr.
David Persse, Public Health Authority and will be required by the producer prior to being issued approval, support and/or
a permit
. https://www.houstontx.gov/specialevents/covid/safety-protocols.pdf

Harris County

Harris County feels very strongly about COVID-19 and how to protect its residents from this deadly disease. Per their website located at https://publichealth.harriscountytx.gov under their 2019 Novel Coronavirus General Public Guidance has information for large gatherings, such as concerts.

“The use of face coverings and face masks may help to reduce the spread of the virus. This is not intended to replace social distancing or handwashing recommendations. Select resources are available for the proper use of face coverings.” – Harris County Public Health


Social Media showed some attendees trying to get the stage crew to listen to their pleas but were turned back and shooed off the structure.


Around 2138, the crowd had successfully rushed the stage. What would have become unexpected by those in attendance were now at the center of this explosion of a major casualty incident. As an involuntary witness to some of their fellow concertgoers down on the ground, they pleaded with each other, some being seen going up on the staff to get them to stop the concert to the Medics who tried to rush to the scene as they maneuvered through a sea of people to get to the injured without delay.

It was all too sudden for the eight to lose their lives in this manner, with the youngest only being ten years old. There were 11 of 17 transported to the hospital, that required CPR in progress life-saving measures by first responders giving everything they can to save their patients. It was gut-wrenching to see and hear in videos and all over social media.

Throughout the day, there were 300+ patients treated, there was an unknown exact number of patients treated during the actual MCI event given as it appeared the Police and Fire Departments had not tallied up all the numbers. It seemed they were reeling from all the tragedies and grief-stricken folks. It appeared everyone involved to be heavily traumatized by this event and everything that surrounds it.


  • 8 confirmed fatalities
  • 17 patients transported to the hospital
  • 11 were in cardiac arrest (of the 17 transported)
  • 12 were transported by Houston Fire ambulances
  • 5 transported by Harris County EMS
  • 50,000 in attendance
  • 300+ patients throughout the day of the festival at field hospital
  • Unknown total patients during the MCI event
  • Youngest patient is 10 years old
  • Unknown the oldest age of patient
  • Unknown by Police and Medical Examiner of the total list of those killed, working to identify, gather details


  • 241 Security Guards on-scene and secured by the event promoter
  • 367 Police Officers, same
  • 55 Houston FD fire units responded to the incident


2152 (11/5/2021) | Houston FD dispatched, en route to the scene. Reports of the incident near NRG with several reports of multiple civilian injuries. PIO en route.

0001 (11/6/2021) | Presser released by Fire, Police Chiefs, County Judge.

Just after midnight on Saturday, Houston Fire Chief Pena and Harris County leaders briefed media outlets. Presser states the rapper is cooperating with their investigations. Praised and thanked Live Nation, Houston Fire and Police departments, EMS for their assistance. No time as of yet to view video footage yet. They want to allow families to grieve their loss. Encouraged and referred families that have not heard from their loved ones to go to the Wyndham Hotel where the reunification center is located. 8686 Kirby (at the 610). They are not going to speculate the cause and are actively investigating. Said there are rumors swirling out there and they were working to provide active and truthful informaiton.

The Police Chief says the promoters had a good security plan. They are investigating the cause of the surge. There were a few people who had rushed in at the front of the area but were able to quickly get it under control.



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