UPDATE 1 — November 14, 2021 — 2330 PT


The City’s emergency siren has been activated due to the Skagit River rising above flood stage and prompting evacuations.

A Red Cross evacuation shelter has been opened for area residents at the Hamilton First Baptist Church, located at 797 Hamilton Cemetery Road, Hamilton, Washington 98284.

Skagit County put out an alert just before 1600 hours PT this afternoon, of anticipated major flooding in and around the town of Hamilton into Monday evening. If you care for livestock that may be impacted by flooding, at that time was to find higher ground. Preparedness Tips visit ready.gov/pets. (1352 PT).

Update | 1706 PT | A second emergency siren has sounded in Hamilton, urging residents to evacuate. By third siren, all residents should be at a safer location on higher ground. An emergency shelter at the Hamilton Baptist Church is scheduled to open at 5pm for those seeking shelter.

Update | 2210 PT | 3rd siren has sounded. All residents were said to be in the process of fully evacuating from within the City’s borders. First Responders were out checking on local residents to ensure they are evacuating from these high and rushing floodwaters.

Emergency Alerts | Skagit County | CODERed Alerts — bit.ly/3BbVNqp

Weather Forecast | NWS Seattle

Current Weather Report | Hamilton | 2315 PT | 57*F, 85% chance of precipitation, winds are six miles-per-hour and humidity is 93-percent. More rain is expected into Monday per current forecasting with it returning on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

About Hamilton, Washington | This town is located near Canada and on the North Cascade Highway to eastern Washington. It has been long called by some as The Most Flooded Town in Washington as 90-percent of its residential area in a flood plain. Major flooding has occurred in 1976, 1980, 191, 1984, 1990, 1991, 1996, 2003, 2006 and 2017. So, flooding in 2021, is not a new problem for this 1.13-square mile town. The town currently has 301 residents. It was incorporated on March 19, 1891.

Its residents are known for moving furniture and other valuables from the ground floor to a higher level and evacuating to the local Baptist Church. FEMA has granted $4.6 Million Dollars in the town over the last several years.

To learn ways the small town has been working to become more flood prepared, check out their website here: https://www.townofhamiltonwa.com/history/cemetery.html – Source: City of Hamilton

Current Flood Stage | NOAA | 2325 PT


The NWS Seattle says at 40-feet, the Skagit River will cause severe near record flooding from Rockport downstream through Sedro Woolley. Flood water will inundate and damage roads, farms, businesses, and residential areas, especially Cape Horn, Hamilton, and Thunderbird. Levees east of Sedro Woolley may also be damaged.

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