Published Sunday, January 2, 2022



Two fires started on December 30th, the MIDDLE FORK FIRE which started on this day just after 1030 hours MT due to an unknown ignition source in the area of North Foothills and Middle Fork was said to have received reports of several powerlines down, transformers blowing which has caused several grass fires from the downed and sparking lines, said the BCSO PIO on the date the incident took place. They also stated a second fire was burning near the block of North Broadway.


Firefighters would quickly knock down this fire and were holding it to one acre. Crews on scene mopping up. A WIND WARNING was issued for the Boulder County area with west winds expected to reach 25 to 40 mph and with gusts to 80 mph. A damaging wind warning was given stating it will blow down trees and power lines and to use caution, especially high profile vehicles.

A second large fire named the MARSHALL FIRE was reportedly near the area of South Foot Hills and Marshall Road, which spread quickly to Superior, portions of Louisville, and areas in unincorporated Boulder County just after 1100 hours MT on December 30th. Conditions were volatile and unsafe. At that point, the fire had burned 1,600-plus acres and was still spreading rapidly on the day it ignited. They thought the cause was powerlines but after searching the ignition point, there were only communication lines in the area, which would not have started the fire. They are still investigating and are not going “assume” what the cause is or they could be going down a rabbit hole. That is not their intention and they are still actively investigating the cause.

The Incident # is 2021-COBLX-000995.


The cause of the fire is still unknown and under investigation by the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office.



The Rocky Mountain Area Type 1 IMT assumed command on January 1, 2022, at 0600 hours MT. They are working with area partners such as the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office (OEM) and other agencies.


As of yesterday, there was 200 fire personnel along with Team Rubicon, Xcel Energy, Division of Fire Prevention and Control, the Colorado National Guard, Red Cross, and numerous law enforcement attached to this incident.


The MARSHALL FIRE scorched 6,219 acres and as of January 1, 2022, the fire had a perimeter of 62% containment. There have been 6,219 acres burned, with 991 structures destroyed and 127 more damaged. One minor injury to a Police Officer. Two people are still missing. One rescued.


Boulder County Call Center | 303-413-7730

Disaster Assistance Center | 1755 S. Public Road, Lafayette | 0900-1900 hours, 7 days a week

Emergency Updates | Boulder Co OEM,

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