Published 1/24/2022, Monday, 2245 PT

A well-established fire broke out in the ground floor restaurant of a 27-story high-rise building this morning, with emergency calls reporting possible people entrapped in elevators at the 255 Grand, a residential building. There was an initial call of an unconfirmed report of an explosion in the kitchen.

Units dispatched include Capt. Erik Scott, FF David Ortiz. (PIOs); AR1, BC1, BC11, BC14, CM21, CM22, E3, E9, E11, E14, E20, E202, E203, E209, E210, E211, E220, E227, E239, E27, E273, E3, E39, E9, E90, EM1, EM11, H1, H2, H5, H6, HA1, HA2, HA5, HA6, HR3, RA11, RA209, RA27, RA3, RA803, SQ21, T9, T10, T11, T2, T20, T27, T3, T39, T73, T9, UR27, UR88.

Firefighters arrived on the scene quickly and put out the fire which was contained to the restaurant itself. The business is undergoing a renovation and smoke from the fire had traveled up throughout the building. One patient was transported with an unknown extent of burn injuries was transported to a nearby hospital.

All elevators were recalled and none of the unknown numbers of occupants inside were said to have needed medical attention. All residents sheltered-in-place during the incident.

As part of the City’s protocol, the Arson Fire Investigation unit was reviewing this incident.

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