Published 1/24/2022, Monday, 2200 hours PT

Four BCFD firefighters were entrapped inside a three-story vacant rowhouse after a partial collapse occurred during a 2-alarm fire incident early Monday morning.

According to fire officials, one firefighter was immediately pulled out and the other three were still inside the burning fire building. Crews were searching for them.

Photo Credit: BCFD

The incident occurred in the 200 block of South Sticker Street.

Credit: BCFD

Piles of debris had to be removed and crews were able to reach two additional firefighters within one hour of the fire.

One was still unaccounted for but had been later extricated from the building. He is said to be listed in critical condition.

The other three members who had been rescued during the incident, have been reported as passing away from their significant injuries.

This post is dedicated to the firefighters who lost their lives, Lt. Butrim, FF. Lacayo and FF. Sadler

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Please say a prayer, a remembrance, or a little of both for their families who lost these courageous firefighters, their brothers and sisters who continue to answer the “call”, those who support them, the communities they served in, and those who may be impacted by the tragedy and/or their loss, overall.

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