Published 1/29/2022, Saturday, 1700 hours PT

Looking for some scanner feeds to listen to which may be pretty active due to current fires, weather events or MCI (multiple-casualty incidents)? You are in luck! We will try to post every few hours, active feeds to listen to on the system

Union County Public Safety – Marysville, OH

1,063 active listeners. MCI/HAZMAT incident at the Hampton Inn Hotel. Chlorine mixture poisoned several guests. Media reporting 7 in serious condition, 2 treated at the scene and others are walking into nearby hospitals for treatment. We are still trying to get updates from the FD and PD agencies, limited info is being posted on Social Media by both.

Ontario Provincial Police, EMS, MTO and Fire | Ottawa, Ontario

515 listeners. No current alerts but social media reporting about 1600 hours PT, gridlock in Ottawa. About 230,000 trucks trying to come into the City with about 135,000 rest parked in various places outside the city. Social Media states it is the Freedom Convoy 2022 Support, see their page on Facebook No official word from the Fire or Police Departments has been released.

Fall River PD and Fire | Bristol County, MA

312 listeners. No alerts in effect, however, sounds like firefighters are fighting a fire in an unknown area. They are having replacement firefighters coming in as fresh resources. Listening further to the feed and crews are responding to fire calls to locations covered by snow.

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