Published 3/20/2022 1230 hours PT

Incident Summary

Several wildfires broke out all over Eastland County in and around Carbon, Rising Star, Gorman, and in nearby County of Comache in the town of De Leon, TX on March 14, 2022, from an unknown source(s) but officials speculate the following listed below.

Fire officials stated fire weather on the day of ignitions included highs that were expected to reach the mid-80s, minimum relative humidity between 12 and 15 percent with strong and gusty winds from the southwest. A wind shift blew through the region at approximately 9:00 pm, remaining strong and gusty, and causing the head of the fire to shift to moving in a southerly direction. Strong winds and critically dry grasses contributed to extreme fire behavior and rapid rates of spread across the landscape.


There are currently 403 personnel assigned to this incident. TX A&M FS IC is Steven Moore.

Fires In this Complex

Walling Fire | West of Nimrod, TX

The Walling Fire started on March 16th and began burning in thick brush and grass fields. It is currently at 383 acres and 100% containment has been achieved.

Kidd Fire | Near Carbon and Gorman, TX

Burning near Carbon. | PC: Matthew Whelan/TX A&M FS

The Kidd Fire has seen about 42.333 acres burned and has a 25% containment status. This has been deemed to be the main concern for Fire Officials as it continues to burn and destroy everything in its path, leaving 142 structures lost. There is an unknown number of what this number is broken down to either single-family homes and/or outbuildings.

Wheat Field Fire | Northwest of Rising Star, TX

The Wheat Field Fire has consumed 7,268 acres burned and has reached a 40% containment status. Fire crews are continually working on improving containment lines and mopping up, as well as a patrol of the fire and putting out hotspots.

Oak Mott Fire | Southeast of Rising Star, TX

The Oak Mott Fire has seen 4,031 acres destroyed and but a 60% containment status has been reached. Fire resources are currently in mop-up and patrol operations and working to locate and put out hotspots.


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