Published Wednesday, August 10, 2022, 0930 hours PT

Credit: Mark S Moak/Fire Lookout (USFS)

The INDIAN RIDGE FIRE is located about 39 miles southwest of Darby, Montana in the Bitterroot National Forest (US Forest Service) which was reported by Fire Officials today on new wildfire incidents.

This fire originally was sparked by lightning on July 7, 2022, as originally as an eight-acre fire which would later become an out-of-control firestorm.

This wildfire was said to have blown up on the evening of Sunday, August 8, 2022, when it grew from 340 acres to an explosion of 2,400 acres.

The Fire Lookout on Spot Mountain, is about seven air miles away from the actual location of the fire, reports it has jumped over Indian Creek, and very large flames raced through the trees heading straight towards the top of the ridge.

Credit: Mark S Moak/USFS

Fire behavior is active with short crown runs and spotting.

This fire is being managed with a strategy other than with full suppression without a Type 1 or 2 IMT assigned.

About 2,400 acres have been destroyed and it is currently at a 0% containment status.

There is only one person reportedly attached to this incident.

Cost-to-date has reached $10,000.

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