Published Saturday, September 9/3/2022, 0911 PT

The Rum Creek Fire is located about 12 miles northwest of Hugo in the Medford District (BLM), Oregon.

Credit: Ventura Hotshots

Active fire behavior with uphill runs, flanking, and backing.

Structures threatened. Evacuations and closures are in effect.

Unified Command: ODF Team 1 (Type 1 IMT), NW Team 13 (Type 2 IMT), ODF (BLM Oregon).

Incident Summary

The fire started on August 17, 2022, from lightning. Today, the fire has burned 18,053 acres and is 17% contained.

Projected Fire Activity

12-hour projected incident activity: Fire behavior is expected to continue in the evening hours and then diminish as RH levels rise. Fire progression initiated from rolling debris, flanking, short uphill runs, and suppression efforts.


2,122 total personnel along with 55 crews, 136 engines, and 24 helicopters.

Aerial drops, hand crews, dozers, masticators, and feller bunchers will continue to bolster current Primary, Alternate, Contingency, and Emergency (PACE) lines while also utilizing roads and naturally occurring features as barriers.

North of the Rogue River

Dozer lines have been constructed in the area of the Dad’s Creek Fire (2013) and are being plumbed with hose lines for the defense of control lines in the event the fire jumps north of the Rogue River.

Western Flank

Just to the south of the Rogue River, tactical fire operations continue along ridgelines to the northwest of Mount Peavine using established dozer and hand lines. Aviation resources are being used just west of that containment line to further strengthen the established line when smoke conditions allow. Continue to use infrared imagery to track tactical firing operations, especially overnight.

Southwestern Side

An established containment line will continue to be firmed up. A tactical burn will be completed in the Rich Gulch area. Upon completion, crews will begin mopping up. Dozer line construction will continue from the Buck Gulch area moving toward Chrome Ridge.

Southeastern Flank

Crews that had been reallocated here from other areas of the fire will continue to focus on contingency line construction and emergency line development. Contingency line construction will continue in areas close to Quartz Creek and Hugo Road. An emergency line will be constructed near Thornebrook Road from Galice Road up Hog Creek and back around Galice Road. Numerous emergency lines are being constructed in areas near Leland south to the west side of Merlin.

Eastern / Northern Flanks

Dozer contingency line construction will continue to the north to meet up with the dozer line being reopened around Dad’s Creek Fire.

Structure Protection

Continues in Galice, Hog Creek, Grave Creek, and other communities at risk. Additional triage and surface preparation continues as a precaution for homes along the east side of the fire including Leland, Hugo Road, and Quartz Creek Road. Mop-up is occurring in areas of affected structures in Galice and Alameda Bar.

Damage Assessment

3 structures were lost and caused a cost-to-date for fire suppression and containment costs of $25.1 Million.

1 firefighter death.

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