Published Sunday, September 4, 2022, 1030 hours PT

The MOOSE FIRE is burning about 17 miles north of Salmon, Idaho in the salmon-Challis National Forest.

Fire is seen from 300 Road on September 1. – Credit: USFS

The fire is over 101,000 acres and the State of Idaho is under a RED FLAG WARNING.

This was an update from yesterday.

Today, it appears despite the warning, the fire spread was considered light but fire behavior remained moderate with backing, group, and single tree torching.

Fire Officials expect it to continue for the next couple of days.

About 103,922 acres of short grass and brush have been destroyed.

There is a 44% containment status reached on this wildfire.

Fire on the southern perimeter on August 16, 2022. – Credit: USFS

The fire ignited on Sunday, July 17, 2022, around 1600 hours from an undetermined cause.

Fire Officials plan to complete the following objectives/actions:

Division A/X: Patrol and mop up as needed along Hwy 93 and NF 030 road. Continue to remove debris as necessary from the roadway to keep it passable to fire traffic and the public. Hold and secure Panther Creek Road and lines around structures to protect values at risk in Panther Creek, Beaver Creek, and Trail Creek drainages. Scout and plan for Cabin Creek Road repair. Support Division T as needed.

Division M: Continue to patrol in the Napoleon Hill area to DP50. Hold and mop up direct line along Moose Creek Road. Continue to mop up fire edge in Daly Creek and Dump Creek. The transition towards mapping and repair work. Assess the feasibility of backhauling hose lays and pumps no longer needed.

Division O: Secure the southern edge of the fire by keeping it west of NF 300 road. Continue mop-up operations of hand line along NF 300. Conduct firing as needed along NF 300. Continue the mechanical line from DP60 to DP61.

Division T: Hold and improve NF 300 to DP65 and south on NF 325 towards the communications site (CMD 5). Assess fire growth in the Arnett Creek, Bridge Creek, and Rapps Creek areas. Use appropriate tactics to achieve desired fire effects when fire impacts control lines.

Structure Protection in Shoup. – Credit: B. Scoot

Fuels Management Group: Continue to move material out of the powerline corridor between Leesburg and NF 020.

Contingency Group: Continue chipping operations in divisions A/X, M, O, and T.

Road Maintenance Group: Continue to improve and maintain the road system throughout the fire area.

Night Shift: Patrol Panther Creek, Beaver Creek, Trail Creek, the Napoleon Hill area, and the NF 300 road and mop up as necessary. Continue assessing fire activity in Division T.

There are about 792 total fire personnel along with 13 crews, 35 engines, and five helicopters assigned.

Seven structures have been lost.

Fire suppression and containment effort costs to date have reached $65.8 Million.

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