Published Sunday, September 4, 2022, 1330 hours PT

A small 1-alarm brush fire was said to be burning in the 5100-5399 blocks of Santa Fe Street at the cross streets of Damon Avenue and Dead End in San Diego, California.

This is the SANTA FIRE

The fire was first reported at 1219 hours and the first unit arrived at 1226 hours.

San Diego Fire-Rescue Units responded to the fire incident including E25 SC1 OS3 PDS MS1 CPTR2 CPTR3 E36 BR12 E9 WT28 WT19 BR35 T20 BR24 E21 E27 B1 BR14 T21 M28 B2 OS5 B3 B105

There are a total of 62 fire personnel.

The fire has been reported as being less than one acre at .10 with a slow rate of spread with little potential due to the fire being surrounded by multiple hard breaks (roadways).

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