The STURGILL FIRE is located in the Eagle Cap Wilderness, and burning in the North Minam Drainage, which ignited on Monday, August 22nd around noon.

Credit: OR Office of State Fire Marshal


The fire ignited when lightning passed over the area and struck the area, also said to be 15 miles southwest of Enterprise, Oregon at the intersection of Minam and North Minam Rivers.


Currently, the fire is under the management of a Pacific Northwest Team 2 with the Incident Commander as “Lane” but tomorrow under the Conflagration Act, the OSFM Green Incident Management Team already mobilized on the Double Creek and will remain in place to assume unified command of the Sturgill Fire.


About 12,992 acres of timber and mixed conifer have burned.

Fire behavior has intensified and is listed as active with group torching, flanking, and backing.


• The Minam river trail (1673), starting from the junction of Bear Mt. trail (1655) and heading south to the junction with the Rock creek trail (1905).

• The North Minam trail (1675), from the junction of the Minam trail (1673) and North Minam trail (1675) to the junction with the Bowman trail (1651).

• Green Lakes Trail (1666), from the junction of the North Minam trail (1673) to the terminus of the trail at Green Lake.


Level 1 – Be Ready to Leave Lostine River Rd from Hwy 82 to Fir Rd Freezeout south to Pallete Ranch & Imnaha River Woods

Level 2 – Get Set to Leave Lostine River Rd from Fir Rd south including all campgrounds Imnaha north to Fence Creek including lands east to Lightning Creek

Level 3 – Go – Evacuate the Area Town of Imnaha south to Freezeout and Freezeout Rd Upper Imnaha Rd closed Hat Point Rd remains closed FS 39 Rd is closed from Target Springs Junction to Ollokot Campground including the Canal Rd (3920), and Lick Creek Rd (3925).


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