Published September 8, 2022, 2000 hours PT

The MOSQUITO FIRE as in this photo, provided by the U.S. Forest Service shows a mean-looking wildfire that appears to only be intensifying this evening, with an explosion fire behavior and creating its own weather patterns.

It is currently burning about 140 miles from downtown San Francisco in the Tahoe National Forest in Placer County, California.

According to weather watchers, they are warning those in the area that this fire is going to burn and produce large volumes of smoke for many days. It is also being said that there may be potential for a long-drawn-out period of time where there may be heavy smoke-related impacts on nearby air quality.

One fire photojournalist makes a startling statement about how this wildfire is also emulating like a huge thunderstorm or volcano eruption. How right you are.

Some smoke is also said to be impacting the North Lake Tahoe area.

Reports of the fire creating unbelievable scenes you’d see on the TV or in serious disasters of nature unfold in El Dorado and Placer Counties, as intriguing to so many capturing its magnitude as never seen before.

The fire has been seen in the community of Volcanville, burning structures while damaging others and moving towards the town of Foresthill.

Unconfirmed reports state the cause of this Mosquito Fire is an ember storm that rooted itself inside the area, sparking multiple spot fires and then establishing itself into the heavy fire fuel and dry load causing it to just explode.

The fire is current at 13,705 acres per OES Intel 12 as of 1702 hours PT with a 0% containment status.

Evacuation Shelter and Areas impacted:

Credit: Red Cross

Photo(s) Credit: U.S. Forest Service

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