Published Saturday, September 10, 2022

FIRE FACT | There are 18 fires burning in the Northwest, with seven in Washington State and 11 in the State of Oregon. – NWICC

Credit: WA DNR


The BOLT FIRE is burning between Beckler River and Index, north of Baring and in the vicinity of Mt. Baring.

The fire ignited from an unknown cause and is under investigation.

Much of the terrain is so steep that it is inaccessible and cannot be traveled be vehicle or on foot. near Skykomish (Snohomish County), Washington, which ignited from an unknown source earlier on Saturday morning, September 10, 2022.


With RED FLAG WARNINGS through the whole State of Washington, State Mobe resources were immediately approved by the Washington State Patrol’s Fire Marshal Office.


Level 1 Evacuation Orders (GET READY)

Level 2 Evacuation Orders (GET SET)

  • Town of Index

Level 3 Evacuation Orders (GO NOW!)

  • Between Index and Skykomish
Credit: NWICC

An emergency alert system (EAS) broadcast went to out to all residents in error and should not have been for those west of Index.

Well, at least we know it works which is really good for all of us. – Ed.


Evacuation Levels:

Credit: WA DNR

Red Flag Warnings:


Credit: WA DNR


Sky Valley Fire (Gold Bar) – Providing fire/evacuation order information/updates.

Pierce County Task Force – Gig Harbor Fire Type 1 Engine and TF Leader

Credit: Gig Harbor Fire

Washington State DNR Wildfire (WA DNR Fire)

Washington State Patrol (WSPD7PIO)

Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT_East)

PS Clean Air Agency – The [fire] is creating a lot of upper-level smoke which is getting pushed northwest towards Marysville. That smoke may move down to ground level Saturday night and could lead to VERY UNHEALTHY air quality overnight in those areas. (9/10/2022 18:37PT)

City of Sultan, Washington – Government – Resources for evacuees:

  • Shelter/Storage Center – The Startup Event Center, 14315 366th Ave SE, Startup, WA 98293. — Can park trailers and cars, the restroom will be open, and limited building access.
  • Shelter 1 – Crosswater Church, 212 Birch Avenue, Sultan, WA 98294. The building will be open.
  • Shelter 2 – Mountainview Church, 320 6th Street, Sultan, WA. Can park trailers and cars.
  • Shelter 3 – Evergreen State Fairgrounds, 14405 179th Ave SE, Monroe WA 98272. Open for some camping, livestock evacuation shelter (building 106).
  • Sultan residents do not need to evacuate.


  • Stevens Pass – WSDOT states not due to be reopened this weekend or not as it depends on fire behavior and what Fire Managers say they need to keep drivers safe.
  • Hwy 2 – closed heading out of Gold Bar towards Index/Skykomish.


Sultan: “Ash was covering covers in the City.” Meteorologist (9/10/2022 11:55PT)

Whidbey Island: “Ash fell near Coupeville on Whidbey Island as we are basically in the bullseye of the smoke plume.” – Meteorologist (9/10/2022 12:18PT)

Lake Stevens: “Ash fell at my house in west Lake Stevens, nearly 40 miles from the [fire].” – Storm Chaser (9/10/2022 18:27PT)

Baring: The leading edge of the [fire] could be seen from Baring looking northeast up on the slope. The main inferno is still currently roaring a bit further east near Grotto. Can confirm, the fire sounds like a freight train.” – Storm Chaser (9/10/2022 10:25PT)

Emergency Alert System: “I just received this alert and I am in King County and aways from the fire. We are not evacuating, are we?” – Resident, and a News Anchor tweeted the same thing.

Credit: EAS

Seattle: “The smoke plume can be seen from the UW’s Husky Stadium in Seattle.” – Photojournalist.

Satellites: “There are 2 distinct wildfires showing visible in the Pacific Northwest, CEDAR CREEK and the BOLT CREEK FIRE, creating very smoky conditions and poor air quality for many.” – Meteorologist.

Stranded Hikers: “Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office ground crews were working to notify and evacuate any hikers in the area, while the Helicopter Rescue Team (HRT) flew Snohawk 1 this morning to check for any stranded hikers near the fire. They had to abort due to several turbulence events near the fire.” – Fire Photojournalist.

Woodinville: “Fire is now 5,000 acres and getting a lot of smoke in Woodinville, which is horrible.” – Resident. (9/10/2022 15:34PT)


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