Update 3 – 10/23/2022, 1330 PT

Credit: Microsoft Maps

Roslyn was formerly a Tropical Storm and then was elevated to a high four and then dropped back to a three.

Upon landfall, the storm would then become a Tropical Storm again and this time heading north-northeast in the East Pacific.

Update 2 – 10/23/2022, Sunday, 0015 hours PT

Interesting Fact | The name Roslyn has been used for five tropical cyclones in the eastern Pacific Ocean. (Source: Wikipedia)

Update 1 – 10/22/2022, Saturday, 2345 hours PT

Hurricane Roslyn is said to be about

Hurricane #Roslyn Advisory 13A: Extremely Dangerous Roslyn Forecast to Bring Damaging Winds, a Life-Threatening Storm Surge, and Flooding Rains to Portions of West-Central Mexico today. http://hurricanes.gov

Hurricane Roslyn is on the move towards Mexico and is strengthening as a Cat 4.

Source: NWS

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