Chelan County, Washington State – The Chelan County Sheriff’s Office sent out an emergency broadcast stating a female was attacked by a bear within the 0700 hours on Saturday while in the City of Leavenworth. They were asking folks to avoid the area of Enchantment Park Way off of Commercial Street.

She was transported to the hospital with significant injuries.

Washington State Fish & Wildlife Officers were called into the investigation of the bear attack that took place and to give the Sheriff’s Office more assistance. They would take full control of the scene and all Sheriff Deputy personnel were released from the incident. They were returned back in service.

Per the City of Leavenworth through the presser released by the Sheriff’s Office, the bear situation had been cleared but out of an abundance of caution, they were keeping the roadways and trails closed until Sunday.

They say bears are more active at dusk and dawn, therefore making no exceptions to their hard closures which have now been in place for over 16 hours.

We are hoping the woman recovers quickly and knows many are sending good vibes and thoughts her way. – Ed.

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