October 27th was a very busy day for the Consumer Product Safety Commission with multiple Product Recall Alerts issued by the consumer product agency.

In case you missed them, we are providing a single update since there are so many:

Cyberquad for Kids

5,000 of the Cyberquad for Kids were recalled due to them failing to comply with the federal mandatory safety standard requirements for youth ATVs, including mechanical suspension and maximum tire pressure. These ATV safety standards are in place to reduce crash and injury hazards, preventing serious injury or death. STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY.

Website: http://www.radioflyer.com
E-mail: customerservice@radioflyer.com
Phone: (800) 621-7613

Punisher Cycling Helmets

Bike USA recalled about 3,400 Cycling Helmets due to the risk of heady injury due to them not complying with the positional stability and impact attenuation requirements of the US CPSC federal safety standard for bicycle helmets. They can fail to protect in the event of a crash, positing a risk of head injury. STOP USING IT IMMEDIATELY.

Website: https://bikeusainc.com/helmet-recall-notice
E-mail: customerservice@bikeusainc.com
Phone: (800) 225-2453

Horizon Fitness Treadmills

192,000 US units and 7,000 Canadian units were recalled due to the treadmills can unexpectedly accelerate, change speed or stop without user input, posing a fall hazard.

Website: https://www.horizonfitness.com/support/recall
E-mail: retailrecall@johnsonfit.com
Phone: (888) 223-1045

Home Energy Storage Batteries

About 11,500 home solar panel batteries were recalled due to they can overheat which poses a risk of fire and emission of harmful smoke. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO TURN THE BATTERY BACK ON AGAIN is the recommendation by the manufacturer. They are strongly urging those to contact a certified tech to come out and inspect the battery itself.

Website: http://www.lgessbattery.com/us/main/main.lg
E-mail: RESUservice@lgensol.com
Phone: (888) 737-8104

Basics Desk Chairs

11,400 units were on the CPSC Recall Alert list due to these causing a possible fall and injury with the chair’s leg base breaking. Stop using them altogether.

Website: https://www.amazonexecutivechairrecall.expertinquiry.com/
Phone: (888) 871-7108

Wall-Mounted Basketball Goals

18,000 units were recalled due to serious impact injury hazards and risk of death with one death reported. The basketball goal can detach from the wall and fall to the ground posing a serious impact injury hazard and risk of death.

Consumer Website: https://www.goalsetter.com/pages/basketball-wall-mount-recall
Phone: (855) 951-7460

Power Adapters with AirSure DF-2 Dynamic Filtration Tabletop Air Purifiers

16,300 units are under a Product Recall by CPSC.gov due to an electrical shock hazard. The Meic AC power adapter casing can break while the adapter is being plugged into or removed from an electrical outlet exposing its metal prongs, and posing an electrical shock and electrocution hazard.

Website: https://help.brother-usa.com/app/ask_capa
Phone: (866) 236-6835

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