LAKEWOOD, COLORADO — Two West Metro Fire Rescue firefighters were returning to quarters in their ambulance, when they were hit by a stolen vehicle, hitting and toppling their ambulance onto its side and into the lane of traffic.

There were no patients in the rear of the unit.

Lakewood Police say they initially made a traffic stop finding that the Jeep was stolen. As they approached the vehicle, it took off and away from Police. Law Enforcement states they did not enter into a pursuit after them.

While the Jeep fled the scene, they proceeded into a busy intersection, hitting the EMS vehicle and causing a serious crash. Both Freighters were transported to a nearby hospital.

They have since been discharged from the hospital and are at home recovering.

The three suspects in the vehicle were all arrested and also transported to the hospital.

Photo Courtesy (L): Lakewood Police Department (CO).

The 20-year-old driver of the stolen Jeep is a Denver resident who has been arrested and charged with suspicion of multiple crimes including Vehicular Assault, DUI, and Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft.

The other passengers in the stolen Jeep have not been charged with any crimes, according to local law enforcement officials.

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