December 9, 2022, 1300 hours PT

SPOKANE COUNTY, WASHINGTON STATE — Another school appears to be part of an elaborate swatting call prank at the Lewis and Clark High School and North Central High Schools earlier this morning.

North Central High School – Photo Credit: SPD

The NCHS is one of five comprehensive high schools in the Spokane Public Schools system, located just north of downtown Spokane, Washington.

The Spokane Police Department responded to reports of an active shooter at both schools but after an extensive search and investigation, they have deemed it to be a prank-swatting hoax.

According to the Spokane Public School District, they stated there was an unconfirmed report that at least one Montana school was also targeted at the same time.

Due to several schools around the United States, Police take these potential threats very seriously and will respond as if there is an active shooter in progress.

Several schools in the area were in lockdown but have been lifted for the following:

  • North Central HS (1151 PT)
  • Rogers High School (1216 PT)
  • Lewis and Clark High School (1243 PT); lockdown lifted but they are in a Secure and Teach mode, where the exterior doors are locked but normal activities are still in motion inside the school buildings.

Ferris High School was never in lockdown but Spokane PD Officers are present on the campus for extra security.

Updates to this fluid situation are being updated by the Superintendent to local media outlets.

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