Brush Fire Call Leads to Illegal Dumping Site



IAFF Local Union 3520 firefighters and resources were dispatched to an initial early morning brush fire around 0315 hours PT Sunday morning, March 7, 2021. First-arriving units from the East Pierce Fire Department discovered instead turned out to be hundreds of mattresses illegally dumped and burning on private property.

The West Valley Highway was closed in both directions by the City of Summer in the 3200 block around 0738 hours PT and later reopened at 1009 hours PT.


Firefighters worked throughout the early morning to try to put this massively huge debris pile out, as you can see in the photos provided by the East Pierce Fire Department.


First Responders work tirelessly to prevent cancer-related illnesses to them and others in the line-of-duty. This burning material from Sunday’s fire could easily contribute to harming anyone that was in the nearby vicinity due to the toxicity of the foam and other materials.

Wearing protective gear and on air, firefighters will help them make strides in lessening exposures to them while they are working on the fire ground and/or near the smoke from the fire.


No reports of injuries to firefighters or other citizens were reported.

The fire incident went well into 0845 on Sunday morning as crews worked to knock down the fire and put it out.

An excavator was brought in to ensure no rekindling would occur after fire crews left this large incident site.

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The People Have Spoken in King County

For those watching the Preliminary results from the April 26th King County, Washington State’s Special Elections on some very important issues:

King Co Fire Dist 45’s “Levy of Tax for Mtnc & Ops”

  • Yes 1551 votes 73.43%
  • No 572 votes 26.57%
  • Note: 685 Yes votes or 60% Yes votes w/1142 # of voters to pass

King Co Fire Dist 28’s “Increasing Property Tax Levy Rate for 2017-2022” (Enumclaw, Washington)

  • Yes 1773 votes 51.36%
  • No 1679 votes 48.64%
  • Simply majority needed to pass.

Proposed Eastside Regional Fire Authority (merging of Districts 10 (Preston, Tiger Mtn, Carnation and Lake Joy) and 38 (North Bend))

  • Yes 2856 votes 55.74%
  • No 2268 votes 44.26%  
  • Needs 60% Yes votes to pass 

Proposed Renton Regional Fire Authority creation (joining Renton Fire & Rescue)

  • Yes 7198 votes 62.64%
  • No 4293 votes 37.36%  
  • Needs 60% percent Yes votes to pass

East Pierce Fire & Rescue – “Levy Lid Lift” (Bonney Lake)

  • Yes 170 votes 79.07%
  • No 45 votes 20.93%  
  • Needs simple majority vote to pass

Kent FD Fire Authority – “Continuation of Benefit Charge” (Kent)

  • Yes 9899 votes 64.15%
  • No 5533 votes 35.85%
  • Needs 60% Yes to pass

These are just preliminary numbers. These will be updated each day up until the results are certified on May 6, 2016.

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