Duo Fires Burning in Florida


Two wildfires broke out in Florida dubbed the #30thStFire and #FrangipaniFire that were said to have started on Thursday, April 20, 2017.

30th st fire 4

Photo Credit:  Immokalee Fire PIO

#30thStreet Fire

The 30th Street Fire broke out around 1050 Hours PDT at 3280 30th Avenue SE and Everglades Boulevard that started out as a brush fire.

Here is the timeline for this fire.

1050 | Brush fire.  Heavy fire conditions.  10+ acres.  Greater Naples Fire on-scene along with Immokalee Fire.

1150 | Brush fire.  DOF helicopter arrives on-scene. E32 arrived with Engine Strike Team. Moved out of Staging to mop up hotspots as fire progresses.  The fire is now moving Westward away from the Everglades Blvd.

1253 | Fire continues to burn.  E32 now is in Structure Protection mode.  Fire is still moving Westward.

1257 | Fire now at 300 acres with a 0% containment status.


1257 | Fire ignites and is at 100 acres burned.  0% containment status.  Multiple structures threatened.

Both Fires are reported as one managed wildfire incident

30th fire florida 4.20.2017 2

Photo Credit: Immokalee Fire PIO

1318 | 30th Street Fire is now 420 acres with 0% containment status.  Frangipani Fire is now 125 acres with 0% containment status.

1433 | Alert:  Residents living nearby fires to monitor conditions, local and Social Media for possible changes.

1456 | 30th Street Fire is 500+ acres with a 0% containment status.  Frangipani fire is 300+ acres with a 0% containment status.

1536 | 30th Street Fire is 1200 acres with a 10% containment status.  The Frangipani Fire is 350 acres with a 10% containment status.

1543 | 30th Street Fire is at 600 acres moving Westward and may have mandatory evacuations per the County Emergency Management office.  Red Cross is providing resources for Firefighters.

1544 | Alert:  Smoke is a respiratory irritant that may cause a scratchy throat, cough, headaches or irritated eyes.  Avoid prolonged exposure.

1634 | Both wildfires are still 10% containment status but fire activities are decreasing due to increased RH.

1722 | The 30th Street Fire is at 1300 acres.  The Frangipani Fire is now at 350 acres.  Both wildfires have had the forward ROS stopped.

30th fire florida 4.20.2017 3

Photo Credit: Immokalee Fire PIO

2308 | No other reports from sources reporting on this incident.


Those reporting and working on this wildfire were Caloosa Hatch FC, Collier County Emergency Management, Immokalee Fire PIO, Greater Naples Fire and Florida Health Collier.


The cause of these two wildfires are unknown at the time of this posting.

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