FL | Major Disaster | 1

UPDATE 1 | JUNE 24, 2021 | 2300 HOURS PT

Credit — Media (prior to collapse)


Just over 24 hours ago on Thursday, June 24, 2021 (0130 EDT/2230 PT), a 12-story, mixed commercial structure with residential (condo) building, named the Champlain Towers lost two-thirds of its structure and came crashing down from an unknown cause.

Credit — MDFR

The building is located at 8777 Collins Avenue (Miami Dade County) in Surfside, Florida.

First due Fire units reported the northeast corridor of the building had sustained a partial collapse. About 55 condo-units were impacted by the collapse.


Miami Dade Police Department has assumed all things related to the investigation of this incident at 0430 hours PT on Thursday, June 24, 2021.

Just before 0800 EDT, SAR units with search dogs began to search for survivors. Firefighters were able to help save 35 occupants from the interior of the building. Out of the 35 survivors, 10 of them were treated for injuries and two were transported to area hospitals.

Credit — MDFR


>> Collins Avenue from 85th to 92nd Street and Harding Avenue from 85th to 90th Street have been temporarily closed (Miami Dade PD)

Credit — MDFR



“If you live at the Champlain Towers at 8777 Collins Avenue, Surfside, Florida please complete a Wellness Check Form as part of Miami-Dade County’s efforts to ensure all tenants of the building are located: https://bit.ly/2TYsvUD ” – MDPD


Families are able to check-in to find out about loved ones unaccounted or missing by visiting the Family Reunification Center located at 9301 Collins Avenue or can call #305-614-1819.

Credit — MDFR



Financial Assistance — miamidade.gov/emergency


The Champlain Towers were built in 1981 and have 136-units with a penthouse at the top of the building (per Zillow). Residents enjoy ocean views, located right on the sand, enjoy the beach scene and spectacular scenery from your balcony or step right onto the beach.

The building is said to have gone through many major renovations and said to be the most elegant building in Surfside. The Community offers beach and tennis center, fitness center, rec room, valet parking, 24 hours security and hurricane shutters.

Some of these units are said to be valued at $700k – $2.5 Million or more and with a few being rented out from $2,000 to over $7,000 per month.

The HOA says this building is steps away from the Atlantic Ocean and is nearby nightlife.





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Piney Point Contaminated, Evacuated


INCIDENT SUMMARY | Multiple Sources

Residents in the area of Piney Point (Manatee County), Florida were under a mandatory evacuation order for those living around the Piney Point Phosphogypsum Stack and waste water overflow facility breach. Officials believed the leaking gypsum stack could pose a safety danger to those in the area, as well as a mere collapse. It was expected to collapse at any moment. (0819 hours PT).

EVACUATION ORDER | Manatee County Public Safety

Originally, the evacuation order was for those who were a half-mile west and one mile southwest to the Moccasin Wallow Road but was extended it for those around the breached reservoir. This is impacting approximately 316 households in the evacuation area.


On Saturday, Gov. Ron DeSantis ordered a State of Emergency due to the possibility of mixed saltwater from the south reservoir at the Piney Point facility. He will be traveling to the area on Sunday meet with Florida Department of Environmental Administration and the Florida Division of Emergency Management.

STATE RESPONSE | Governor, Emergency Management

Emergency Management responded to the area with mobilized pumps, pump trucks, vac trucks and over 100,000 bottles of water. The EOC was activated and is still currently in an operational period of time.

Residents can find the following resources as listed by various governmental pages:

EVACUATION ORDERS | Manatee County Public Safety

Residents call call 3-1-1 with questions about the evacuation zone related. Call 9-1-1 only for life and safety emergencies only.


Closure of US-41 – from Buckeye Rd to Moccasin Wallow Rd.

Moccasin Wallow Rd – West of 38th Avenue East.

UPDATES | Florida Government

To find out about more updates or how this has occurred over the last several days, go to this website here –> Piney Point Regional Notification | Water Quality Dashboard (protectingfloridatogether.gov)

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County Firefighters Knock Down Big Fire


Sarasota County Firefighters were dispatched just after 1800 EST (1500 PST) to a commercial structure fire in the area of 19th Street and North East Avenue.

Credit: SCG Emergency Svcs

Upon first due arriving companies, flames and heavy smoke were visible from the large commercial building that would turn into a 2nd-alarm response. Explosions were reported during the initial fire attack as well.

The fire was knocked down around 1930 hours EST from the exterior. Interior operations would continue with flow of foam to snuff out any chance of a rekindle.

The red iron steel beam was said to be holding in place in the center of structure but a bow was present on the Bravo side. Exposures were protected.

Around 1937 hours EST, Command advised all members on the fire ground, that they were going to continue operations with two-hand lines from the exterior and not from the interior. The IC strongly encouraged them to get their air bottles filled as well.

Crews will be on-scene for a long duration of time.

A State FIU Investigator was en route to the scene with an unknown ETA.

No known reports to citizens or firefighters being injured at the time of this post. The cause will be determined by the Investigator.

This is a developing story.

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Bring Them Home | Hundreds Search for Firefighters Lost at Sea | 1

Information for this article was gleaned from multiple sources from government, private and public sectors published over Social Media. Information is posted to the best of my abilities.

Quote of the Day | Day after day, ordinary people become heroes through extraordinary and selfless actions to help their neighbors.Sylvia Mathews Burwell

We ask  a few things from our readers – to be respectful and nice towards this post and towards those including the family, friends and their communities that are hugely impacted by their disappearance and waiting impatiently for any updates from Officials.  For us, please send and keep them in your good thoughts and prayers. This will mean a lot to us and to them as well.

# # #

Thank you to all of the Incident Cooperators (sorry we if did not mention you!) and their partners, civilians, Good Samaritans, Command personnel, Supporters and everyone else in between who is searching for Justin and Brian. This is what we are all about – helping each other. – This is why one of the reasons we are big fans of the Fire Service and the Family that binds it together.  Blogger LR Swenson/NW Fire Blog

# # #


Two great friends whom are both avid boaters decided to take a boat out for a last run on  Friday, August 16th morning for fishing and relaxation.  When off-duty firefighters, JFRD Engineer Brian McCluney (US Navy Vet) and Justin Walker, Fairfax FD (VA) did not return as scheduled, they were reported to authorities as overdue.

Photo Credit:  JAX Firefighters


Firefighters Brian McCluney and Justin Walker.

A massive search would gear up and be spearheaded by one of the biggest Search-and-Rescue agencies, which specializes in missing and stranded boaters that the Federal Agency has in this nation.  This large-scale SAR mission has all the main players including a massive civilian force and they are all pulling out every single resources to find these missing firefighters to #BringThemHome.

Here is their story told through various updates, eyewitness accounts and from Social Media sources.


Day 1 | August 16 | Friday

0107 hours EDT 

Two boaters, Justin and Brian are seen on the boat ramp’s camera, placing the 22-foot Robalo boat into the water were reportedly heading to the 8A Reef. The boat was given to him from his father, whom had just passed.


Credit | USCG

Day 2 | August 17 | Saturday

They are reported overdue as they never came back as scheduled on this date.

 1009 hours EDT

The US Coast Guard begins to search for missing two firefighters.  They were last seen leaving the 300 Christopher Columbus boat ramp in Port Canaveral Friday in a 24-foot center console.  Their destination was to head towards 8A reef.  This reef is a fishing spot and is an artificial or natural reef that attracts fish to the area.

Eyewitness Account | “We fished out of the port today and we saw a rescue plane circling for about two hours. The current was ripping about 8-12 knots around noon.”

A family reported to the Coast Guard Sector Jacksonville on this date would prompt a USCG to launch a 45-foot Response Boat-Medium from Station Canaveral, an HC-130 Hercules search plane from the Air Station Clearwater and an 87-foot patrol boat called the Cutter Ridley.  Additional incident cooperators included the US Navy and the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Day 3 | August 18 | Sunday

MEDIA REPORT | DC Patrick Gouin from Brian’s station says 7/50 JFRD JAX Firefighters are from his shift. Other Firefighters from nearby areas are staffing stations while Brian’s fellow brothers search for him.

0415 Hours EDT

The USCG with Incident Cooperators will be searching through the night with surface and air resources.  The search throughout the day has covered 20,029 square miles with an estimated 70 hours of active searches.

Photo Credit:  USCG


0733 Hours EDT

Searchers focus near the Gulf Stream. Good Samaritans are searching 1-15 miels off the coast from south Georgia to Port Canaveral.  Estimated search is 5,000 miles.

0744 Hours EDT

There are 2 USCG 87-foot patrol boats, 2 small boats and 1 HC-130 search plane. Incident Cooperators include My FWC, JSO PIO, CBP Florida, Brevard County Sheriffs Office and about 15 Good Sam vessels.

Day 4 | August 19 | Monday

0852 hours EDT

They started at 0800 hours with 36 boats, 135+  people, 3 airplanes to search 5,000 square miles from St. Augustine to Brunswick and from the beach to 60 miles out from shore.


Customs Border and Protection Bureau (CPB) air and marine assets are assisting the USCG Southeast Command in working to locate two missing firefighters who disappeared on Friday, August 16, 2019.

Here are some of the aircraft deployed on this SAR mission | All photo credit goes to CBP Florida.




The CBP states they deployed a P-3 Orion Long Range Tracker crew, two Multi-Role Enforcement aircraft on board an Interim Midnight Express to assist with the search.

Day 5 | August 20 | Tuesday

0452 hours EDT

The searchers have covered 24,000 miles and continue to search. Crews are searching at Port Canaveral area up to north of City of Jacksonville, as well as 80 miles off-shore.

0536 hours EDT

0725 hours EDT

1430 hours EDT

PRESSER | We will be moving our efforts north tomorrow…boats that can run 60+ miles out of Mayport..boats that can run 30-60 miles out of Brunswick and Savannah..if you want to go out of Brunswick/Savannah call Chief Barrow tonight 904-813-5315 for boats and volunteers call 904-763-9747. – My JFRD (@JFRDJAX)

1609 hours EDT

USCG will start searching through the night.  The search has covered 69,000 square miles with an estimated 182 hours of searches.  They will partner with crews searching from the skies and on the surface.

We started early as the sun broke today gridding our the area and giving assignments…we will do it again tomorrow at 7am from Mayport boat ramp. – JFRD JAX

Photo Credit:  @JFRDJAX



Day 6 | August 21 | Wednesday

0700 hours EDT

Volunteers  who have boats capable of searching between 30-60 miles offshore safely will be meeting at Mayport boat ramp at 7 am.  Bring your binoculars and SAT phone if you have them. If you don’t have a boat and want to help, you can help out by donating to  JFRD.com

How to Help



#BringThemHome  #MissingFirefighters

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The Wildfire Log | 360G Fire | FL | 1


A wildfire is burning approximately 12 miles NW of Crafordville and 18 miles WSW of Tallahassee is said to be burning in the National Forests in Florida.

The fire has destroyed 521 acres of short grass and timber.

Fire behavior is being reported as moderate with smoldering and creeping.

There are about nine personnel including two engines attached to this incident.

The firefighting suppression and containment effort costs-to-date have reached $200,000.  Fire managers estimate this wildfire will be completely contained by June 30th.

There is no word on what sparked this fire or when it ignited.

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Hurricane Michael Through The Eyes of the Undivided Attention of Social Media | 2


Incident Summary

It has been one week and beyond since the expected Hurricane Michael event caused widespread damage and destruction of States such as Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  Most of the major devastation is on the Coast but some other smaller towns also were impacted severely.

Some of the significant events as noted via mainstream media and other sources:

  • Looting has become prevalent in certain areas
  • National Guard has been activated to assist with Law Enforcement
  • Infrastructure, such as communications is still spotty as hosts work to rebuild their major power grids that some are reporting as completely wiped out.
  • The Tyndall AFB suffered major devastation and airmen are busy rebuilding.

We can never really tell you what it is like in any of the hardest hit areas but we can paint of picture of what is happening and being done through eyewitness accounts and reporting.sources and post here. We would love it if you followed us on our own Social Media platforms:  @nwfireblog (Facebook and Twitter)



Construction is underway on “Harder’s Base Camp”. 1000 first responders and 750 National Guard members will occupy this camp upon completion. The camp will provide all basic necessities, such as lodging and food service, to all who reside there. (10/17/2018)

PA Task Force 1

As of 10/15/2018, the PATF1 searched over 900 structures in Calhoun County, Florida. Members also made critical repairs at a damaged hospital to enable it to continue serving residents.

Photo(s) Credit: PA Fire (Task Force 1)

USAF Specialized Tactics (USAF Spec Tactics)

They were one of many that arrived on Day 1 of the storm one hour after the storm wiped out most of the Tyndall AFB and cleared a lot of debris to enable humanitarian aid to arrive.  (10/14/2018)

Indiana Task Force 1

RELEASED from the incident. Safe back in their home state.

Gulf County Sheriff Office. (FL)

Palm Beach County Sheriff Office (FL)

U.S. Navy

Naval Air Station Pensacola opening Emergency Family Assistance Center to assist evacuated military personnel and their families from staying on or near installation.  https://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=107420&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social&utm_content=100000338880876&utm_campaign=Misc  (10/14/2018)

Photo Credit: US Navy

Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency

 Survivors in the 13 counties eligible for individual assistance can now start applying for assistance through FEMA by visiting or calling 1-800-621-3362. (10/18/2018) 

Crisp, Grady, Lee, Mitchell, Terrell, Thomas and Worth counties have been added to the major disaster declaration. Survivors in those counties are now eligible to apply for assistance by visiting or calling 1-800-621-3362. (10/17/2018)

Operations continued across the state today as GEMA/HS worked with local, state, federal, private sector and volunteer partners to get much-needed supplies & resources to those impacted.  Resources:   gema.ga.gov (10/14/2018)

Photo Credit: Georgia EMA

Georgia National Guard

Assistant Adjutant General of Georgia, Brigadier General, Randall V. Simmons, State Command Sergeant Major Shawn Lewis and Command Chief Master Sergeant Reginald McPherson work along side Georgia EMA to continue assessing damage in southwest Georgia. (10/16/2018)

Photo Credit: GANG

White House

Florida Senator Marco Rubio

The American President Donald Trump has approved every single request made to federal government by us  and Florida Governor Scott. Thank you for supporting Florida after the devastation caused by Hurricane Michael. And thank you to POTUS & FLOTUS for visiting yesterday to see it first hand. (10/16/2018)

Photo Credit: Florida Sen. Marco Rubio

US Air Force: Rebuilding of the Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida.

Miami Beach Police Department. 40-member team RELEASED and returned from Panama City humanitarian support effort. (10/18/2018)

Photo Credit: MBPD Chief Daniel Oates


American Red Cross

Help provide food, shelter, relief supplies and other assistance to thousands of people dealing with the aftermath. (10/18/2018).  

If you or a loved one was affected by Hurricane Michael, here is helpful information about where to find meals, shelter and how to stay safe:  (10/15/2018)

Photo Credit: Red Cross

Compassion Fund

We’ve had so many Stakeholder’s homes destroyed by Hurricane Michael! Our Compassion Fund is accepting donations to help here thecompassionfund.org

Photo Credit: Angie McAllister, Director of Compassion Fund

Animal Rescue

The ASPCA is on the ground in the Florida Panhandle to help rescue and care for animals impacted by Hurricane Michael. Right now, 100% of your donation will go to our Field Investigations and Response Fund: aspca.org/FL

Photo Credit: ASPCA


State of Georgia

The work to rebuild in southwest Georgia has just begun, but we thank everyone for the work that has been accomplished so far. GEMA/HS and its partners will continue the efforts to restore the quality of life in these communities. Visit for more info. (10/18/2018)

City of Tallahassee (FL)

Damage at a Glance: 267 poles replaced, 214 transformers replaced, 27,474 feet of wire and 2,200 insulators. (10/18/2018)

Florida SERT

Homeowners that suffered structural or water damage from Hurricane Michael should shut their home’s main circuit breaker off until the damage has been inspected by an electrician or their utility company. Otherwise, there is a severe risk of fire when power is restored. (10/18/2018)

Sprint Emergency Response Team

Sprint’s Emergency Response Team working around the clock providing critical voice and data services to Bay Co. Sheriff’s Office, EOC, and their Co Data Center as well as to Sacred Heart Hospital in Port St. Joe.

Photo Credit: Spring ERT

First Net Authority

Working with State of Florida, public safety agencies without commercial service were identified & provided hundreds of FirstNet-enabled devices to help these First Responders carry out their important mission in response.   https://about.att.com/newsroom/2018/firstnet_hurricane_michael.html  (10/15/2018)

Cell Phones

Next Generation Drones used as temporary cell towers connecting victims for the first time. (Media/The Weather Channel. 10/18/2018)


“Our network impacted by Hurricane Michael continues to improve, and we will not stop until 100% of our service is restored. We recognize how essential our service is & are giving 3 months free service to those impacted by the storm.”    vz.to/2Cl5Y9v

Photo Credit: Verizon


“Thank you to our teams and the local community. We know the work isn’t over, and we won’t leave until it is.” (10/15/2018)


Private Property Clean-up

For those in need of cleanup on private property, contact Crisis Cleanup at 800-451-1954. (10/16/2018)

Burn Permits

Burn permits resume in all but 6 GA counties following . Permits issued in the remaining 11 counties effective as of 12pm today. Hand piled natural vegetation CAN be burned in the 6 counties with proper notification to GFC. ht.ly/pdNr30mgZie

Power Line Safety

ASL Video. 

Water Supply

GA Residents who have experienced water outages and/or low water pressures are advised to “boil” all water prior to use for drinking, cooking, or preparing baby food. The water should be boiled for at least one minute after reaching a rolling boil. (10/16/2018)

Photo Credit: GAEMA

Sanitize pans, dishes, utensils, or ANYTHING that touched flood water. Wash with soap, rinse, then w/ 1 TBSP bleach + 1 gallon water – soak 15 min go.usa.gov/xRhM5



To help take care of our team members & communities after Hurricane Michael, Target’s committed $1 million. Learn more here: tgt.biz/r6bkx

Food Stamp Assistance 

Georgia residents who receive food stamps now have additional time to report food lost due to power outages during Hurricane Michael. For more information, please visit ow.ly/webg30mhJxf

Food, Emergency Housing, Farmer and Rancher Assistance

The USDA will provide food, emergency housing as well as farmer and rancher assistance to individuals and small businesses affected by severe storms and flooding. For more information visit, ow.ly/EJ3l30mhYBZ (10/18/2018)

Pet Owners

For pet owners impacted by the storm, here are some resources available to you:

Airport Travel

PET FEES waived incoming/outgoing out of Pensacola and Panama City Beach airports.  (10/18/2018 via Pet Manage)


Line-of-Duty-Death:  GC Fire Coordinator – Brad Price

Gulf County Fire Coordinator, Brad Price, 49, of Wewahitchka.  Killed when helping family members clear debris from the hurricane when a tree fell on his tractor. 

We are in the process of gleaning all resources from all sources across various platforms listed in Twitter and Facebook and entering them into a fluid spreadsheet for your review. This will be uploaded in the next 24 hours.

If you can support with financial or your volunteering support, please see the above web links. 

We thank you for reading our Blog.   May you all be safe wherever you may be in this world and remember, to Pass It Forward. – Ed.

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FLORIDA – We are providing an update on the aftermath of the Hurricane Michael incident in Florida and in a separate post of what is happening in other impacted States.   This is your Sit Rep for Saturday, October 13, 2018.


(Note:  There is no cost to anyone who access these services)


Hot meals and Disaster Relief Supplies

Marianna (Jackson County).  Lowes parking lot. Sunday + Monday.  Source:  Jackson County Chamber of Commerce.  (See their Facebook page)

Free Meals

Destiny Worship Center. 133000 Panama City Beach Parkway.  Serving meals daily 11 am – 1 pm and 4 pm – 6 pm. Source:  City of Panama City Beach – Government.   https://www.facebook.com/CityOfPanamaCityBeach/posts/2167839450104278

Food and Water Distribution

National Guard personnel at Distribution Centers.   Source:  WTXL TV.  http://www.wtxl.com/news/list-food-water-distribution-centers-around-the-big-bend/article_fed495f0-ce56-11e8-bf1a-bf7f09513c6b.html?utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=user-share

Water, Ice, Groceries and Hygiene Kits

Convoy of Hope at Marianna Walmart. Source:  Hurricane Michael Resources Page.



Reported by a OnStar member:  If you are in a Hurricane affected area and have OnStar in your vehicle. Just press the Blue button and they will provide your vehicle with free wi-fi. Source:  Hurricane Michael Resources Page.


Medical Care

Sacred Heart Primary Care -Apalachicola. They are opens at 1 pm – 4 pm. Source:  CEDR Digital Corps via Franklin EMA.



Charity Giving

Website to search for Charities supporting Hurricane Michael survivors and how to give safely with transparent organization information.  Source:  Charity Navigator.   https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=content.view&cpid=6806


Page full of resources for survivors on how to request a rescue (call 9-1-1 first for emergencies), request supplies to rebuild a home, how to volunteer, send supplies or donate. This page is full of great information.  Source:  Cajun Navy Hurricane Michael Relief Page.  http://www.crowdrelief.net/HurricaneMichael


Bay County

Lists the different phases for re-entry. Credentialed persons are only allowed to access various. Check this site before trying to gain entry in a certain area. #KnowBeforeYouGo  Source:  Bay County Government.  http://www.baycountyfl.gov/167/Post-Disaster-Re-Entry



Team Rubicon Disaster Response

Vets of the Team Rubicon organization has been deployed and they are asking for more assistance.  Source:  TEAMRUBICONUSA.ORG

City of Panama City Beach

Utility personnel are on the job and working tirelessly to restore utilities.  Source: City of Panama City Beach – Government.   https://www.facebook.com/CityOfPanamaCityBeach

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Photo Credit | City of Panama City Beach

National Guard

Soldiers are working to set-up tactical satellite terminals to provide county EOCs with internet and phone service to connect to citizens in time of need.

Photo Credit | National Guard @FLGuard

National Guard personnel also were offloading water supplies from a chopper that flew into the area.

Florida Public Utilities

120 personnel (linemen) on the ground, working to restore power. There is an unknown estimated time when all will be restored (as of 10/12/2018 posting).

Jackson County 

Roads and Bridge – 80 crews on the roadway (as of 10/12/2018) due to increase up to 150 by today.

(c) 2018 NW Fire Blog – 10/13/2018 – 1445 PDT

#DaytonaFire Containment Increases | 2

Updated @ 1910 hours PDT

Photo Credit | FFS Bunnell Unit

INCIDENT SUMMARY | A small intense wildfire is burning on Mason Avenue in Daytona, Florida which has fire and law enforcement working the incident that appears to have ignited from an unknown cause on Wednesday, April 4th.

Significant Wildfires include: 

Greenway (Collier Co) 17,957 ac (95% contained); Firebreak (Gulf County) 8,080 acres (85% contained); Old Blade Line (Polk Co) 450 acres (60% contained); Mud Dauber Road (Polk Co) 200 acres (95% contained). 

– Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H Putnam

Photo Credit | Daytona Beach PD

RESOURCES | Fire resources from the Bunnell District area (Florida Forest Services) and Daytona Beach Fire Department were dispatched along with Daytona Police Department. | UPDATE as of 2202 Hours EDT | FFS Bunnell has two Dozer Plow Units with two wildland firefighters.  We have reached out to Dayton Beach Fire to see how many personnel and equipment they have on the fire ground but have not heard back from them yet.

“29 Active wildfires in Florida have burned 33,973 acres.”

–  Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam

FIRE CONDITIONS | Firefighters were said to be mopping up the six (6) acre wildfire but will have resources doing fire watch throughout the evening into the next day.  The fire was said to be at a fifty-percent (50%) containment status at 1734 PDT.  Burnout operations have been conducted.  A Battalion Chief came on-scene for another incident nearby noticed some areas on the brush fire needed some attention and a request for water be brought over near one of the bull dozer lines.  Concerns of possible cabbage palms catching on fire was discussed but crews were already addressing the wildfire.

As of 1850 hours PDT, fire crews were repositioning equipment to stop forward progression of the fire that was said to be heading towards trees. Embers were observed to be flying across the street towards an apartment complex.  Another smaller brush truck was requested by Command.

UPDATE | As of 2200 hours EDT | The fire containment has increased to ninety-percent (90%) including burnout operations with the aid of FFS Bunnell and Daytona Beach Firefighters.  DBFD working on hot spots.  There were no scheduled evacuations or structures said to be under any type of fire threat but was being carefully monitored.

CLOSURES | Fire command has closed eastbound (EB) Mason down until 0800 hours  EDT.

SOCIAL MEDIA | #DaytonaBeachFire #FLwildfire2018

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Daytona Beach Touched by Wednesday Fire | 1

INCIDENT SUMMARY | A small intense wildfire is burning on Mason Avenue in Daytona, Florida which has fire and law enforcement working the incident that appears to have ignited from an unknown cause on Wednesday, April 4th.

Significant Wildfires include: 

Greenway (Collier Co) 17,957 ac (95% contained); Firebreak (Gulf County) 8,080 acres (85% contained); Old Blade Line (Polk Co) 450 acres (60% contained); Mud Dauber Road (Polk Co) 200 acres (95% contained). 

– Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H Putnam

Photo Credit | Daytona Beach PD

RESOURCES | Fire resources from the Bunnell District area (Florida Forest Services) and Daytona Beach Fire Department were dispatched along with Daytona Police Department.

“29 Active wildfires in Florida have burned 33,973 acres.”

–  Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam

FIRE CONDITIONS | Firefighters were said to be mopping up the six (6) acre wildfire but will have resources doing fire watch throughout the evening into the next day.  The fire was said to be at a fifty-percent (50%) containment status at 1734 PDT.  Burnout operations have been conducted.  A BC came on-scene for another incident noticed some areas on the brush fire needed some attention and a request for water be brought over near the bull dozer line.  Concerns of possible cabbage palms catching on fire was discussed but crews were addressing the wildfire.

As of 1850 hours PDT, fire crews were repositioning equipment to stop forward progression of the fire that was said to be heading towards trees. Embers were said to be flying across the street towards an apartment complex.  Another smaller brush truck was requested by Command.

CLOSURES | Fire command has closed eastbound (EB) Mason down until 0800 hours  EDT.

SOCIAL MEDIA | #DaytonaBeachFire #FLwildfire2018

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High Number of Fires Burning up Multiple States | 1

POST SUMMARY | There were 48 new large fires reported with most of them in the Southern area.  Firefighters successfully contained 51 wildfires, however there are still 19 remaining.

There are current 16 wildfires burning up multiple states within Florida (4), Kansas (1), New Mexico (1), North Carolina (1), Texas (1) and Oklahoma (14).  A total of 70,816 acres have been reported as destroyed from these wildfires and others.  About 51 fires have been contained.  These stats are as of March 23, 2018 and reported the National Interagency Fire Center based out of Idaho.

Fire Fact:

There has been 663 new fires across the United States with 49 of them being reported as large incidents & 48 large fires contained – yet, there are still 19 of them as uncontained.

(Source: NIFC as of March 23, 2018)

Though the number of wildfires and total destroyed acreage is down from 2017, it is still above the totals seen as recently in years 2012-2016.  As of March 23rd, there were 9,649 wildfires compared to 2017’s 12,176 fires to current destroyed acres of 393,814 from 2017’s 2,102,202 acres.  There is quite a bit of significant difference in the two years but some States are reporting large incidents are beginning to occur earlier in previous years, signaling a start to the fire season and prepping some to become pro-active with more staffing and resources.


#AnhingaFire | 20 miles E of Naples | National Park Service | Big Cypress National Park |||  Southern rough and short grass.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering activity. 3,119 acres. 95% contained.  Area and trail closures in effect. 2 total personnel. 0 other resources.  $250,000 CTD.

#FlagPondFire | 10 miles E of Naples | Florida Forest Service  | State Land |||  Southern rough and hardwood litter.  Extreme fire behavior.  Evacuations and road closures in effect. 1,600 acres. 20% contained.  22 total personnel. 4 engines, 1 helicopter. $31,000 CTD.

#WBoundaryRoad | 17 miles SE of Immokalee | Florida Forest Service | State Land ||| Southern rough.  Extreme fire behavior with long-range spotting. 950 acres. 50% contained. 42 total personnel.  11 engines, 3 helicopters. $19,000 CTD.

#SunnyBFire | 5 miles SE of Fleesmere | Florida Forest Service | State Land ||| Southern rough.  Moderate fire behavior.  381 acres. 85% contained. 23 total personnel.  5 engines.  $1,000 CTD.


#RiceCountyFire | 9 miles NW of Inman | Rice County | C&L |||  Short grass and timber. 8,000 acres. 60% contained.  0 resources assigned. 1 structure destroyed. $1,000 CTD.


#StatelineFire | 35 miles N of Clayton | Cimarron District | State Land |||| Short grass and brush. Minimal fire behavior with smoldering and creeping.  28,213 acres. 80% contained.  38 total personnel. 8 engines. 1 structure lost. $2,100,000 CTD.


RX fires to resume on the Lincoln NF – Sacramento Ranger District on March 27, 2018  located 5 miles SW of Weed, NM weather permitting.  #PerkRXFire


#Junaluska2Fire | 4 miles E of Andrews | National Forests of North Carolina | Forest Service ||| Hardwood litter and timber.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.  300 acres.  50% containment.  Homes threatened.  0 resources on incident.  $62,000 CTD.


#BiggyFire | 2 miles N of Prue | Osage Agency | Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) ||| .  Tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 10,816 acres. 80% contained 21 total personnel. 1 crew, 4 engines. $30,000 CTD.

#TrentmanFire | 9 miles W of Bowring | Osage Agency | BIA ||| Tall grass. Minimal fire behavior.  4,300 acres. 75% contained.  6 total personnel. 2 engines. $30,000 CTD.

#DeerteFire | 6 miles SE of Henryetta | Olkmulgee Agency | BIA ||| TAll grass. Moderate fire behavior.  Structures threatened. 2,050 acres. 80% contained.  14 total personnel.  2 crews, 1 engine. $20,000 CTD.

#BrewsterFire | 12 miles SE of Bristow | Olkmulgee Agency | BIA |||  Tall grass. Moderate fire behavior.  2,000 acres. 80% contained.  14 total personnel.  2 crews, 1 engine.  $20,000 CTD.

#ConvictHillFire | 4 miles SW of Fox  | Department of Forestry | State Land ||| Tall grass and hardwood litter.  Active fire behavior with running and flanking. 1,300 acres. 12% containment. 100 total personnel.  30 engines, 1 helicopter. $183,000 CTD.

#WesleyFire | 1 mil E of Dustin | Olkmulgee Agency | BIA |||  Timber.  Moderate fire behavior with torching, running and backing.  1,200 acres. 70% contained. 7 total personnel.  1 engine. $20,000 CTD.

#CircleKFire | 5 miles NW of Skiatook | DOF | State Land |||  Tall grass and brush.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering. 1,175 acres. 80% contained. 4 total personnel. 2 engines. $45,000 CTD.

#HenryFire | 11 miles NW of Okemah | DOF | State Land ||| Timber, tal grass and brush.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.  Homes under direct threat. 1,134 acres.  80% contained.  29 total personnal. 8 engines. $42,000 CTD.

#BoarCreekFire | 4 miles SE of Hominy | DOF | State Land |||  Tall grass. Minimal fire behavior. 1,068 acres. 90% contained.  2 total personnel.  1 engine. $30,000 CTD.

#PetersonCreekFire | 2 miles S of Clayton | Osage Agency | BIA |||  Timber.  Minimal fire behavior with smoldering.  890 acres. 60% contained.  5 total personnel.  2 engines. $4,000 CTD.

#RockpenFire | 18 miles NE of McAlester | DOF | State Land |||  Timber.  Minimal fire behavior with creeping and backing.  858 acres. 50% contained.  3 total personnel. 2 engines. $2,000 CTD.

#NorthBoggyCreekFire | 4 miles E of Atoka | DOF | State Land |||  Timber.  Extreme fire behavior with running.  780 acres. 60% contained.  3 total personnel.  1 engine. $4,000 CTD.

#JointFire | 17 miles S of Tahlequa | DOF | State Land ||| Hardwood litter and medium logging slash.  Minimal fire behavior.  210 acres. 94% contained.  5 total personnel.  2 engines.  $7,000 CTD.

#AlPettyComplex | 10 miles E of Colcord | DOF | State Land |||  Hardwood litter. Minimal fire behavior. 180 acres. 90% contained.  4 total personnel.  2 engines.  $7,000 CTD.


#ColoradoStreetFire | 3 miles SW of Monahans | TX Forest Service | State Land ||| Short grass. Minimal fire behavior.  400 acres. 85% containment.  1 total personnel. 2 lost structures. $1,000 CTD.

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