UPDATE 1 | AUGUST 16, 2020


A wildfire has ignited in the Tetonia Community (Teton), Idaho on Sunday, August 16, 2020.  The fire incident name is IA1.

Resources were dispatched at 1248 MDT.

Assets and personnel include D3821 E3411 3421 3431 623 641 and 661.

2 acres with an unknown containment status reported.

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Day 11 | The Best of the NW Fire Blog in Fire Images | 365 Photo Challenge


We took a long road trip in September of 2019, stopping and photographing some points-of-interests along the way.  

Fire Fact | 159 USFS wildland firefighters and DOI fire personnel have been deployed to assist with the  Australian bushfires intermittently throughout December 2019 and January 2020.

Though we were on the outside looking in, it was pretty hectic as firefighters responded to the Center ready for deployment and coordination of resources.

Fire Fact | There is a current resource request from Australia for additional U.S. fire mutual aid, which is being coordinated through the NIFC.

It was great to see this is a large organization with multiple facets of fire-related activities at this Center, covering very large areas of real estate.


The National Interagency Fire Center located at the Boise Airport in Idaho and is compromised of 55 acres.  It has areas for firefighting equipment, aircraft ramp operations, aircraft retardant tanker operations and administrative functions supporting the mission of wildland fire and other emergencies.

Their main focus is wildland firefighting but they also support other emergency responses, such as flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, volcano eruptions, riots and terrorist attacks.

Located at the NIFC are the Great Basin Cache and Returns Warehouse, National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC), Radio cache, Remoted automated weather stations, Smokejumpers and tours.

They have a great website that provides a lot of fire situation reports, national news and other fire-related information, which can be found at https://www.nifc.gov/

Hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 0800 – 1630 hours MST.  There are tours that you can take that usually are available by reservation only.  This is generally during the week and are available by calling for a reservation. The one-to-two hour tour is usually available outside of fire peak season which is during the months of June through September.

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The Wildfire Log | Idaho | August 18, 2019

Here is the SitRep for Wildfire activity on Sunday, August 18, 2019 for the State of Idaho.

14 new wildfires started in the last 24 hours in the Great Basin area which include States ID, NV and UT. – NIFC


New Wildfire(s)

Hell Roaring Creek, Custer | 0% containment

Crews were sent out on a smoke check at 1218 hours MDT.  Shortly after, a wildfire was reported to their Dispatch and additional resources were deployed through the South Central Idaho Interagency Dispatch Center at 1232 hours MDT to the Hell Roaring Creek area in Custer. Due to this being the newest fire, there is limited information showing up in CAD.


Cove Creek Fire | 27 miles NW of Salmon | 4,444 acres | 65% containment

The Cove Creek Fire is burning in the Salmon – Challis National Forest owned by the US Forest Service in Idaho.  Fire fuels include timber and tall grass.  Fire behavior is said to be minimal with creeping, backing and with wind-driven runs.

There are 38 total personnel along with one crew, two engines and one helicopter on the front lines.

Cost-to-date expenses have reached an all time high of $4 Million Dollars.

Nethker Fire | 30 miles NE of McCall | 2,354 acres | 91% containment

The Nethker Fire is currently burning in the Payette National Forest and managed/owned by the US National Forest.  Command has been transferred back to the local unit from the GB Team 3, an IMT Type 2 team.

Fire behavior has been reported as moderate with smoldering, creeping and isolated torching.  Fire fuels include timber and closed timber litter.

There are approximately 559 total personnel still assigned to this fire, along with 15 crews, eight engines and five helicopters.

Cost-to-date is $10.2 Million Dollars.  All structures were saved by firefighters. No were reportedly damaged, injuries to firefighters or to civilians.

Quartz Fire | NW of Quartzburg | 1.3 acres

The Quartz Fire started on Saturday, August 17, 2019.  It is located about one mile northwest of Quartzburg and burning in elevations of 5,200 to 5,400 feet.  Fire resources and assets were dispatched through the Boise Interagency Dispatch Center at 1717 hours.  1.3 acres of grass, brush and ponderosa pine have been destroyed on BLM lands.   Estimated time to contain the fire is expected to be today sometime.


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The Wildfire Log | Shady Fire, a NW Wildfire | 1

Incident Summary | A wildfire sparked by lightning was reported on the evening of July 10th.  It is located about two miles east of Seafoam Guard Station in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness on the Middle Fork Ranger District in Idaho.

This fire is also located on the Salmon-Challis National Forest lands.

Shady Fire July 12, 2019

Shady Fire photo taken on July 12, 2019. | Courtesy: Inciweb

Resources | There are currently 23 fire personnel assigned to this incident with the ICs are Currie and Trainee Donati.

Fire Behavior | At this time, the fire behavior is moderate with short uphill and short wind-driven runs.  Activity on the fire’s edge is also moderate.

Current Status | Firefighters are monitoring fire progression towards ID’d values at risk and will continue to ID further assets in the fire perimeter.

Social Media | We are using the hashtags #ShadyFire #IDwildfires2019     You can also find us on Twitter @nwfireblog for live fire coverage on local and national incidents.

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The Wildfire Log | Gold Fire | ID | 1


UPDATE 1 – WED, 6/5/2019 – 2055 PDT

A wildfire has ignited in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest about 17 miles east of Metaline Falls, Washington and 81 miles NNE of Spokane, Washington.

The fire was discovered at 2058 MDT on Wednesday, June 5th.

Two acres may have been burned.

Limited information known at this time.

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Idaho Wildfire: #SommerFire

SOMMER CAMP, Idaho – Several wildfires started in the State of Idaho with this one being over the couple of hundreds of acre mark.

On June 5, 2018, Dispatchers with the Boise Interagency Dispatch Center dispatched BC10 E1411 E1412 and WT1931 around 1334 hours.

The fire is located about 2 miles southwest of 95 on Sommer Camp.

About 212 acres were consumed from an unknown cause.

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Idaho Wildfire: #BajaFire

BOISE INTERAGENCY DISPATCH CENTER, Idaho – A wildfire broke out on Tuesday, June 5, 2018, prompting a wildland fire response that included Engines 1434 and 1435 along with WT1933 to Baja Road on 1545 hours.

Resources are on-scene with limited details.

However, we do know that 208 acres of land have been destroyed.

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Idaho Wildfire: #MM28HWY78 Fire | 1

BOISE INTERAGENCY DISPATCH CENTER, Id. – A wildfire has broken out on Mile Marker 25, HIghway 78 in the Boise, Idaho area that broke out on Tuesday, June 5, 2018.

Resources include BC30, DZ1832 E1415 E1422 E1427 E1428 that were dispatched at 1858 hours and arrived on-scene.

A report of 25 acres was reported.

There are limited details on this wildfire.

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity – May 23, 2018

NORTHWEST, Wa/Id/Or. – Here is your SitRep for the Northwest area showing wildfire activity for May 23, 2018.


The Idaho City Ranger District has a planned Prescribed burn on May 24, 2018.  Scheduled to burn 5-10 acres.  This is for the SW ID Fire Training (SWIFT) burn.  This will take place along Granite Creek 327A Road on the Boise National Forest.

8017 Fire | 43 40.446, -119 48.126.  Dispatched 5/23/2018 @ 1636 hours.  Limited details. (Burns Interagency Communication Center – OR)

0229 NE Fire | 43 43.632, -120 47.922. Dispatched 1226 hours.  .25 acres.  Limited info. (Central OR Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

047 Fire | Phipps Meadow.  Cpt613 E613 E617 Fuels 12 responded as resources. USFS personnel.  Dispatched at 1435 hours. Unknown burned acreage or cause. (John Day Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Arcadia Park Fire | Deer Park. Spokane County.  Dispatched at 1550 hours.  Handled by another Agency/WFS. 0.1 acres. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

 Brockdale Road Fire | 21 E Melissa Lane.  E802 E806 E808. Caldwell (IC). Dispatched at 1637 hours.  Contained. Unknown acreage.  (South Puget Sound Dispatch – WA)

Cedar Mountain Fire | Deep Lake boundary.  Stevens County.  Grass, brush and slash.  Dispatched at 1518 hours. Resources o/s at 1600 hours.  0.1 acres. NC 322 and NC 341 (IC). (Northeast Washington Interagency Dispatch Center – WA)

Clapboard Gulch Fire | Clapboard Gulch.  Dispatched at 0718 hours.  .25 acres. (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)

Columbia Heights Fire | 4229 Columbia Heights, Longview.  Dispatched 1431 hours. Turned over to landowner.  0.1 acres. (Pacific Cascade Dispatch Center – WA)

Creekwood Drive SW Fire | 1621 Creekwood Dr SW.  Grass, brush and timber. E801 E803. Jewell (IC).  Resources o/s. Dispatched at 1704 hours.  (South Puget Sound Dispatch – WA)

Foster Fire | West of Foster Creek. Jackson County.  Dispatched 1331 hours. Contained at 1637 hours.  0.1 acres. (Rogue Valley Interagency Communication Center – OR)

Hancock Fire | Big Valley/Hancock Creek.  Okanogan County.  Grass and brush fire fuels. Dispatched 1320 hours. Contained at 1448 hours.  0.1 acres. Mutual aid also dispatched. (Central Washington/Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Centers – WA)

Harvard  Avenue Fire | Harvard Avenue. Brush fire fuel.  Dispatched at 1055 hours. 0.1 acres.  (South Puget Sound Dispatch –  WA)

High Meadow Fire | High Meadow.  Dispatched at 1556 hours. Contained at 1910 hours.  0.1 acres. (Lakeview Interagency Dispatch Center – OR)

Hillcrest Way Fire | Kimberly Drive.  Stevens County.  Grass and brush.  Dispatched at 1747 hours.  Resources o/s at 1900 hours.  AR 448 (IC) arrived as well. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Independence Fire | Independence.  Pend Oreille County.  Grass, brush, reprod.  Dispatched at 1439 hours.  Contained at 1600 hours. Controlled at 1730 hours.  .58 acres. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

Indian Butte Fire | 7 miles west of Bell Rapids. Grass fuels. Dispatched 1933 hours. Contained at 2130 hours. Controlled at 2230 hours.  101.6 acres. B2-6 E2414 TFD IC (@ 2139 hours).  (South Central Idaho Interagency Dispatch Center – ID)

Leach Road Fire | Leach Road.  Pierce County (Orting). Dispatched at 1511 hours. (South Puget Sound Dispatch – WA)

Tormey Fire | West Charles. Spokane County.  Grass, brush and light timber. AR 449 (IC) o/s. Dispatched at 1649 hours.  In patrol status.  0.01 acres. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center – WA)

SOURCES | WildCAD, Official fire sources, Twitter, Facebook (official fire sources)

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NW Wildfire CAD Activity | May 11, 2018

SEATTLE, Wash. – We have gleaned information from the WildCAD and here is the activity for Saturday, May 11, 2018.  This post includes the States of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.


Moonshine Fire – Moonshine Rd / Klickitat County.  Dispatched at 1605 hours on May 11, 2018.   6 acres of slash.  Contained 5/12/2018 @ 0909 hours.  Controlled at 1835 hours PDT. (Central WA Interagency Communication Center)

Lambert Side Fire – Lambert Creek x Little Bear Road / Ferry County.  Dispatched at 1417 hours PDT.  0.01 acres of grass, brush and reprod. (Northeast Washington Interagency Communications Center)



Balsam LIne Fire – T39S RSE Sec 4 NESW – Dispatched 0945 hours PDT.  1.5 acres. Limited info. (Oregon Dispatch Center)


Matheson Fire – 47 48.759 x 117 02.135 – Dispatched 1522 hours.  2 acres.  E4602 on-scene. Limited info. (CDA Interagency Dispatch Center)


(Source:  Wild CAD Web)

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