Pierce County Deputy Killed in Line-Of-Duty | A Blue Life Remembered

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. – After going on a recent ride-a-long with a FTO with a local County Sheriff’s Office here in this State and observing some calls as a “rider” can only imagine how this call may home been broadcasted over the radio and how raw emotions would be spilled out into the open.

Domestic Violence Call

Per the Sheriff’s Office, this is exactly what had occurred. 9-1-1 would have received the call from the reporting party in how a young child had been assaulted by the DV suspect.  Additional information sent to deputies regarding known multiple weapons known to be inside the home.


Two Deputies were dispatched to the home located in the block of 113th Street South in Parkland around 0303 hours PST.  After one minute on-scene, the suspect began fighting with the both of them and not complying with their demands.


Priority back-up (or Officer needs assistance) call was broadcasted over the air, to get a fast response.

At this point, it was said that the suspect was working to secure a weapon, a shotgun. The Deputies were still fighting with the suspect and it was becoming a seriously dangerous time for all those directly being assaulted by the suspect.

PCSO Deputy Cooper Dyson, 25 (#579)

Deputy Dyson called into Dispatch, he was en route to the call. Shortly, thereafter another call came into 9-1-1 around 0310 hours that a Sheriff’s Deputy patrol car had crashed into a nearby commercial building in the vicinity of the 1300 block and 112th Street East. Resources rapidly responded to the scene.

He was killed in the Line-of-Duty as he was attempting to help his fellow Officers who needed him.


Deputy Cooper was married and survived by his pregnant wife and two-year old child. He is also the son of an East Pierce Fire & Rescue firefighter.

He had been with the Department since 2018.

 “This is a tremendously sad loss. Our Deputy was responding to help other Deputies in a dangerous domestic violence situation. It is another hard reminder of the dangers and difficulties our Deputies face.”  – Pierce County Sheriff Paul Pastor

This traffic collison is the first for the department since 1941.

“We send our sincere sympathies, prayers and thoughts to Deputy Dyson’s wife, child, family; Public Safety family, friends and communities he served and protected.” – Ed.

PCSO Deputy Daniel McCartney, 34 (#484)

Credit | MCSO

In 2018,  Deputy McCartney was also shot and killed during a DV call.  He was with the department for three years.

He would be the fourth LODD death in 2018 with the 9th LODD for the County and 6th by gunfire.  He was survived by survived by his wife and three young boys.

Deputy Kent Mundell, 44 (#423)

Image may contain: 1 person, text

When a Deputy responds to a call, they never know what to expect but to be prepared for everything and anything.  Sometimes circumstance are well beyond their control.

Sgt. Nick Hausner and his partner, Deputy Kent Mundell, 44 (#423) were responding to a DV call and were shot by the suspect.

Sgt Hausner survived his serious injuries he suffered, while his partner, Deputy Mundell did not and passed away. It has been almost 10 years to this day in December.

#NeverForgotten #BlueLivesMatter #BackTheBlue

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LODD | 2nd Officer Killed in Line-of-Duty on Same Day | Nassau Bay TX


We regret to inform you all that another Officer has been killed in the Line-of-Duty on this Tragic Tuesday, December 10, 2019.  This time, it has occurred in the City of Nassau Bay in Texas.


A vehicle was stopped by Nassau Bay Police Officers just before 2030 hours in the 2000 block of San Sebastian Court on Tuesday, December 10, 2019. After running his information, Officers found he had an arrest warrant for assaulting a family member.


Credit | Mark Herman, HCSO Constable, Precinct 4

When Officers tried to handcuff him, he managed to escape their custody and re-entered his vehicle.  Once inside, he fled the scene and used his vehicle as a deadly weapon running over Sgt. Kayla Sullivan.

EMS was quickly on-scene and CPR was immediately in progress.  Sgt. Sullivan was transported to the Houston Clearlake Hospital in serious conditon.

She has succumbed to her injuries and died at the hospital.

The suspect is currently at large and Law Enforcement is searching for him.

The investigation is being handled by outside Law Enforcement agencies, Webster PD and Harris Counth Sheriff’s Office (Lead).


Another Hero was taken from us all tonight, including her immediate family, Blue Family, friends and the communities she touched.   Sgt. Kayla Sullivan, 43, was with the Nassau Bay Police Department for 15 years and had been recently promoted to Sergeant in 2018.  She was due to celebrate her 16th year anniversary on December 27, 2019.


Credit | Nassau Bay PD

Remembering Anothera Legacy

This comes at a terrible time, as those in the Harris County communities are still grieving from the loss of the death of Sgt. Christopher Brewster.  He was ambushed while exiting his patrol car, December 7, 2019, while on a domestic violence call and was killed by gunfire above his vest.  He was only 32 years old and promoted to Sergeant in 2019.


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York Firefighters Injured In Structure Fire | 1


Around 1328 hours EDT on Wednesday, March 21, 2018, a fire ripped through the former Weaver Organ and Piano factory, a multiple story commercial warehouse.

The 4-alarm fire started on Wednesday evening on March 21,2018, from an unknown cause.

Photo Credit | York City Fire


The commercial structure was formerly a Piano factory that was in the process of being converted into loft apartments at Philadelphia and Broad Streets, called the Weaver Point Lofts.

It is located in the 100 block of N Broad Street & Walnut Streets in York, Pennsylvania.

Photo Credit | York City Fire


Fire crews remained on scene into the wee hours (0300 hours EDT) on Thursday, March 22, 2018.

Photo Credit | York City Fire Department


A mayday was called after the fourth floor of the brick mortar structure began to crumble while firefighters were working on hot spots.  The floor then completely collapsed on top of four firefighters that were interior, entrapping them.

Their conditions were reported as serious and were transported to a nearby hospital.  Two of the four firefighters were reported as having died at a local hospital.


Reports of many firefighters were called in to assist with the collapse bringing in about 100-200 personnel.  Some of them were said to be retired firefighters.


York City Mayor Michael Helfrich gave a presser on Thursday on the deadly fire and the killing of two of its firefighters that died at York Hospital.

Photo Credit | York City Mayor Michael Helfrich’s Office

“Our local emergency responders are there for us in our time of need. Tonight, we need to be there for them.

A firefighter died today when a wall collapsed at the site of a fire yesterday in the City of York. Other responders are fighting for their lives right now at York Hospital.

Every time the bell rings, every time the siren sounds, the men and women of our police and fire departments and ambulance services leave their posts, not knowing just what they will be asked to deal with. It is a task not all of us can do, and for that we should be eternally grateful to them.

Our hearts are heavy tonight for the fraternity of firefighters in the City of York, as well as the families of their deceased and injured colleagues.”

PA State Rep Kristin Phillips-Hill


We remember these two fallen York City Fire and Rescue Firefighters Ivan Flanscha and Zach Anthony who were part of the IAFF Local 627 York Professional Firefighters.

Photo Credit | Bordentown IAFF 5065


In New York City, a MAY DAY was called when a FDNY firefighter went missing during a 4-Alarm Fire in Manhattan at a 5-story multiple dwelling.  That firefighter was rescued and transported to a nearby hospital. This was as of 2047 hours PDT on Thursday, March 22, 2018.  His/her condition is unknown at this time this article was published.


Though we are not firefighters or Police Officers ourselves, we do know many of you personally and we have volunteered in various capacities in taking care of you on the fire ground.  We have seen firsthand what you all see, hear and feel when you share with us your stories and experiences of what it is like.

Hearing a MAY DAY of a downed firefighter makes all of us more keen to what is happening.  To hear about two firefighter LODDs and two others seriously injured, it breaks our souls and hearts into tiny pieces.

We send our sincere sympathies, prayers and thoughts to Firefighters Flanscha and Anthony’s families, Fire families, friends and those who were touched by their impact upon their lives and in their communities.  We are so sorry for your loss.


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#ThomasFire | California | 13

VENTURA, SANTA BARBARA COUNTIES, CALIFORNIA | This post has been moved from our sister page, The CA Fire Report to our primary Fire Blog page due to a larger audience and request for more information on California wildfires.  This is an ** out-of-area** wildfire update.

Credit: VCFD

Incident Summary | The Thomas Fire started on December 4, 2017, from an unknown cause and its determination is under investigation.  The fire’s origin started on Hwy 150 and Hwy 126, North of Santa Paula in Ventura County but has spread all over areas vastly now in both Counties including Santa Barbara County.

Credit: Ventura Co FD

Current Status | The fire has scorched 252,500 acres and has a 35% containment status which is great news because they are beginning to get a handle on this big firestorm.  This is now being considered the fourth largest wildfire in all of California wildland fire history.

Command | Currently in Unified Command with CAL FIRE, Ventura County FD, City of Ventura, Los Padres National Forest (LPNF) and Ventura County Sheriff Office.

Fire Resources | There are currently 8,369 fire personnel along with 1,012 fire engines, 158 fire crews, 32 helicopters, 78 bulldozers and 62 water tenders.

Incident Cooperators | Resources are represented from the following Agencies, organizations and government:  CAL FIRE, Ventura Co FD, Ventura Co Sheriff office, Santa Barbara Co FD, Santa Barbara Co Sheriff, City of Ventura FD, City of Ventura PD, USFS/LPNF, CAL OES, Red Cross, SoCAEdison, CHP, CA DOC, SoCaGas, Crimson Pipeline, Wildfire Defense Systems, CA Resources Group, Santa Paula PD, Santa Paul FD, Ventura Co OES, Santa Barbara OEM.

Structures Destroyed | 972.

Structures Damaged | 218.

Threatened | 18,000 structures.

Thomas Fire’s fire perimeter map on 12/15/2017. (Credit: VCFD)

Fatalities | 1.  CAL FIRE Engineer Cory Iverson, 32 from the San Diego unit.  He is survived by his wife and 2-year old daughter.  He was expecting a second child.  He died from fighting the Thomas wildfire on December 14, 2017.

We are greatly saddened by this tragedy and send sincere sympathies to his family, CAL FIRE Family, fellow Thomas Fire firefighters and to the communities he touched and crossed paths with. – NWFB

The Iverson Family. (Credit: News media)

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Only The Brave Movie Honors Hotshots

PRESCOTT, ARIZONA | Only The Brave movie starring Josh Brolin (high power Hollywood actor) and others tell the story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots during one of the worst wildfires Arizona has ever experienced.   The Yarnell Fire took the lives of 19 firefighters and saved one on June 30, 2013.  We will never forget this day or the lives that were taken and those whom have been impacted directly or indirectly from this tragic loss.

News media outlets working to verify the validity of the Hollywood movie that its trailer says is based upon “true events” says it stays to the facts of the crew’s final day together but in between it is hit and miss.  To keep the movie suspense going, we will not provide the spoiler of what is true and what is not. We are also not going to dishonor those whom were lost, but remember them for who they were and what sacrifices they gave to this profession.

We have been told that it is a known fact that the majority of the spouses worked with writers, producers and directors.  They were at the Movie Premiere in Tempe, Arizona.  Eric Marsh’s wife was one of the biggest supporters of the Movie.

“It was a fitting tribute to the Granite Mountain Hotshots.”

“Saw the movie tonight – very beautiful and touching.  Lots of laughter and sadness.”

“This film is honorable, given an accurate depiction of wildland firefighter life and their families. Does not sensationalize it.”

“Hollywood always adds a spin to everything they made. You should always remember that when watch any of their movies that this is not a documentary but based upon true events.”

“It’s a Hollywood movie, not a documentary.  If Brendan likes it (and he does) that’s good enough. We need to not dishonor them (Hotshots lives lost, one survivor).”

We could go on and on about what those are saying about this Movie but we won’t.  We have not seen the movie personally but when we get our courage up to see it – trust us… we will be bringing lots of tissues with us.

We thank all Firefighters for the tireless efforts you have given to protect properties and save Lives.  You do this every time you go out in to wildland interfaces while leaving your loved ones at home.

Our hearts were completely broken in half by the news of the Granite Mountain Hotshots lives lost and to learn about their last moments.  Our sobbing on the outside has stopped but not on the inside.  It breaks our hearts when we hear of additional firefighters’ deaths.

This article is dedicated to the Families of the Granite Mountain Hotshots and to the only survivor, Firefighter Brendan McDonough. We know the hurt may never stop but the love will continue to flow over you all.  Please know that we are also here for you with lots of love and an over abundance of prayers for healing, friendship and support. – Ed.

The Eric Marsh Foundation for Wildland Firefighters was created after the Yarnell Fire took the lives of him and his fellow firefighters. Today, the Foundation offers those a lifetime of emotional support, PTSD mental health treatment and financial donations to next-of-kin.  Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/ericmarshfoundationforwildlandfirefighters/

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L-O-D-D: FDNY FF William N Tolley

We send our sincere sympathies and prayers to the Tolley and FDNY Families, his friends and to the communities whom were touched by Firefighter Tolley. – Editor


Firefighter William N. Tolley, 42, was a 14-year member of the FDNY who was killed in the Line-of-Duty on April 20, 2017.

Courtesy of NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s Office

FF Tolley, was assigned to Ladder 135 with the FDNY in Queens.  He was with the Fire Department for the last 14 years.

He died while working on the rooftop of a 5- story building while fire crews were fighting a 2-alarm fire in Queens.  It was reported that he fell from the rooftop.  He was transported a nearby hospital where he succumbed to his injuries and passed away.

He is survived by his wife, Marie and his daughter, Isabella.


FF Tolley was the 1147th Firefighter to sacrifice his life to the FDNY where he served his communities.


To contribute to William N. Tolley‘s Children’s Educational Fund: . Select the fund from the drop down menu.


The NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio had posted several statements over Twitter.  This is what he had stated:

William Tolley was a 14-year veteran of the FDNY dedicated to protecting others. Like all of the FDNY, he put his life on the line everyday.

Everyone is in shock and grief. To William’s family, we not only stand by you today but in the weeks and years ahead.

Our hearts go out today to the members of the FDNY, especially the members of Ladder 135 in Ridgewood.” NY Mayor

As a mark of respect for William Tolley, a 14-year veteran of the FDNY who lost his life in the line of duty on April 20, 2017, flags shall be lowered to half-staff, effective immediately, by order of the Mayor of the City of New York, Bill de Blasio.

The men and women of the FDNY lost one of their own today. This city lost one of our bravest. Rest In peace, William Tolley.

Photo Credit: FDNY

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BREAKING | Fire Officials Find SkyLife Air Ambulance at Crash Site

Bakersfield CA | Around 1903 PST this evening, American Ambulance dispatchers lost contact of their medevac or known as “SkyLife 4”, heading out of Fresno/Porterville to Bakersfield.  Sources say it should have been only be a 10-minute flight.

At about 2200 Hours, Fire Officials found at a crash site located at Hwy 65 / Shorewood near power lines in a very dark area.  Due to the large debris area, Firefighters at the time of the discovery were unable to verify the tail number but according to Scanner Traffic say it is recognizable as a SkyLife air ambulance.  They would later confirm this was the missing Air Ambulance that went missing earlier in the evening.

The Medevac was reported in the last known area as 30 miles N of Bakersfield and E of McFarland, California.

“Our SkyLife helicopter Enroute from Porterville to Bakersfield is confirmed missing. Press release at 10:30 292 E Herndon.” – American Ambulance via Twitter at 2200 PST

The airship is a 2000 Bell407 blue/white with a stripe strip owned by Roger’s Helicopters / from American Ambulance out of Fresno in Kern County, California.

The PIO “Info2” on scene was giving the Governor an update of the size-up of the crash.

The NTSB has been notified of the location of the missing Porterville Helicopter and that was confirmed to be where it has crashed with 4 souls on boards. There were no survivors.

Ed. – “We are so Sorry for the loss of these lives and to their Families, Friends and Colleagues.”

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REMEMBERING 4 HEROES IN BLUE | Gone But Never Forgotten

Lakewood, Washington | On Sunday, November 29, 2009, four Lakewood Police Officers were enjoying a nice cup of coffee, using their laptops and preparing for their shift to begin – when the unthinkable happened.  A lone gunman walked into the former Forza Coffee Company in  Parkland and opened fire then fled the scene. All four Officers were murdered.

A two-day manhunt took place searching for the male suspect spanning over several cities in Washington State.  The murder suspect who arrived in Seattle would later be shot and killed by a Seattle Police Officer after orders for him to stop were ignored.

lakewood 4 01

The incident would come one month after Seattle Police Officer Timothy Brenton was ambushed while he and a new Officer sat in their patrol car, putting many and those who support them on edge.

The story of the Lakewood Four was plastered all over the news, papers, online and all over Social Media.  Watching in horror of something like this happening affected all of us.  A memorial quickly grew remembering the slain Officers.  To this day, 9th year anniversary – we still will not forget nor can we ever.

This is article is dedicated to their memory and all of the Fallen Officers in the History of Law Enforcement.

Please take a moment and remember these great Heroes In Blue, for their Bravery and Courage to Serve, Dedication and Service to their communities and their Legacy they left behind.

lakewood 4 0

Tomorrow, we ask that you please remember the 4 Officers and their brothers and sisters that continue to Service all over Washington State, their brothers and sisters in Law Enforcement all over the United States and around the Globe and to the Officers’ families, friends, colleagues and those who were touched by this senseless tragedy.

“May you all know that we are SO sorry for their lives being taken away all too soon.  GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN. We will remember their Lives and everything they stood for.” –  LR Swenson

lakewood 4

When you see a Police Officer, please let them know how much you appreciate them.  Though we know they don’t serve to be recognized but because they feel they are making an impact in this world and giving thanks to them is the least we can do in recognizing their Courage, Bravery, Dedication and Service.

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L-O-D-D DEATHS: CHP Loses 2 Officers Responding to MVA Crash


Fresno, CA | Two CHP Officers enroute to a pre-dawn MVA were killed while responding to the accident scene, when they swerved from hitting one of the involved drivers.

The RP stated the accident was in the NB lanes.  The Officers had to travel SB to get to the other side of the Highway.  They may have realized that the accident scene was on the SB side.  

It is suspected that the male driver in the truck had fallen asleep at the wheel which caused it to hit the center divider spinning around facing NB in the SB lanes with his lights off.

This quickly became a multiple car pileup, causing dangers for responding Officers and for injured drivers.

It is being said that when CHP Officers Brian Law and Juan Gonzalez approached the scene, they saw a man standing in the middle of the Highway.  Swerving to miss him caused them to lose control of their patrol car hitting the barrier then a pylon sign.

Both Officers were killed.

Officer Brian Law transferred to Fresno one year ago from starting his career in Oakland, so he could be closer to his wife and three kids.  

Officer Juan Gonzalez had transferred from CHP San Jose in 2010.  He is survived by his mother, sister and girlfriend.

CHP Officers Juan Gonzalez, Brian Law

Officer Juan Gonzalez [L] and Officer Brian Law [R] – Courtesy CHP Photo

WE WILL NEVER FORGET: A Tribute to Our Fallen Heroes.  We will always remember your Legacy, Dedication and Love for the Job, as well as your Tireless Efforts to Protect and Serve.

We are so sorry for your Loss and send our sincere sympathies to the Officers’ Families, CHP Fellow Officers, Friends and, to the Community they Served.”  -NWFB

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L-O-D-D Firefighter Michael Broz

Age: 58 
Rank: Firefighter 
Classification: Volunteer 
Incident Date: Mar 10, 2013 16:30
Date of Death: Mar 10, 2013 
Cause of Death: Vehicle Collision – Includes Aircraft 
Nature of Death: Trauma 
Activity Type: Driving/Riding Personal Vehicle 
Emergency Duty: Yes
Duty Type: Responding 
Fixed Property Use:  

Memorial Fund Information

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Cummings Chapel, PO Box 351, Ridgeville, SC 29472; and/or, Dorchester County Fire Rescue, 109 Dutch Krakeel RD, St. George, SC 29437.

Firefighter Broz passed away from injuries sustained when his personally owned vehicle left the roadway and struck a tree while he was responding to an outdoor fire in the Francis Beidler Forest. The cause of the accident remains under investigation. Broz was reported to have been wearing seat restraints at the time of the accident. Incident Location: Vicinity of Francis Beidler Forest (Horseford RD – USNG: 17S NS 5759 6118)

Dorchester County Fire Rescue
109 Dutch Krakeel RD,
USNG: 17S NS 41586 71623
St. George, South Carolina 29477

Chief: Tres’ Atkinson

We are greatly sorry for your loss and offer our sympathies to Firefighter Broz’s family, Fire family and friends. – The NW Fire Blog family

Reposted 3/16/13 1810 Hours