BONITA FIRE – 17 miles NE of Canjilon


Bonita Fire

Community Meeting will be held on Monday, June 19, 2017, @ 1800 hours at the Vallecitos Volunteer Fire Station.

The Bonita Fire started on June 3, 2017, ignited by lightning has destroyed 5,400 acres of timber, brush and short grass.  There is active fire behavior with short-range spotting, short crown runs and flanking.  About 200 personnel are assigned to this incident along with 5 crews, 10 engines and 2 helicopters.

The fire has been contained at 25% containment. Fire suppression and containment costs have reached $1.2 Million.^

Fire Fact 

There has been over 1,367 acres in the Santa Fe National Forest and a total of $1.4 Million cost-to-date suppression costs in a 4-day period!

CAJETE FIRE – 8 miles NE of Jemez Springs

The Cajete Fire started from an unattended camp fire on the Santa Fe National Forest .  The fire is active with flanking, torching and spotting.

There has been 1,400 acres of medium logging slash consumed but fire crews have reached a 55% containment status.

There are 323 personnel with 8 crews, 9 engines and 4 helicopters.

Structures are being threatened. ^

Fire Fact

The Cajete Fire prompted Fire Officials to implement a Stage 1 Fire Restrictions on the Santa Fe National Forest due to record numbers of abandoned campfires and the unprecedent number of wildfires.

ENCINO FIRE – Intersection of King Blvd and Encino Road, S of De Norte Gun Club


A wildfire reported in the Northwestern Rio Rancho and Southern Sandoval County was said to be have started by an unknown cause on Sunday, June 18, 2017.

Resources included 7 heavy air tankers, 1 VLAT from New Mexico’s State Forestry Division along with the Sandoval FD, Rio Rancho FD and Bernalillo Sheriff’s Office (helicopter crew) were attached to this incident.

The fire has burned 2,100 acres and has a 0% containment status.  Structures are currently not under threat.  It is said to be burning in a rural portion of the area.

The cause is unknown at this time but is under investigation.^

Fire Fact

More and more abandoned campfires are being found as the leading cause of wildfires in New Mexico as fire conditions are becoming more-than-perfect for a future Firestorm.

MONUMENT FIRE – 8 miles SW of Weed and 4 miles NE of Timberon

Low-moderate intensity fire behavior

Monument Fire

Lightning struck the area causing the Monument Fire to ignite on the Sacramento  District that was detected on June 2, 2017, around 1741 hours PDT.

The fire is also burning along the Sacramento Mountains ridge line.

The fire has burned 115 acres but the fire has been contained to 20%.   Smoke is visible at night from Sacramento, Weed and Timberon and settling into drainage.  Firefighters have successfully contained the wildfire to 20%.  They will continue to focus on strengthening containment lines as well as securing interior fuels.

There are 34 firefighters, alongside of 5 Forest Service engines, 1 BLM engine and 1 bulldozer.^

Fire Fact

It has been since the 1950’s when the Circle Cross Fire burned in this area on the Sacramento Range District.

ROUND FIRE – 23 miles NW of Mimbres

smoke over fire (2) 6/17

The fire was ignited by lightning on the Gila National Forest in the Aldo Leopola Wilderness and 16 miles West of Winston on June 6, 2017, @ 1600 hours.

The fire has consumed up to 4,304 acres of timber and short grass.  There are 103 personnel assigned to this fire.

Currently, fire behavior is low to moderate with flanking, torching, backing and creeping. ^


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#MonumenetFire in NM | Newly Reported!


The lightning caused wildfire was detected on June 2, 2017, at 1741 hours on the Sacramento Ranger District of the Lincoln National Forest and located about 12 miles SW of Weed, New Mexico.  It is located in the vicinity of Monument Canyon and Sacramento Mountains.

Fire engines and resources arrived on scene at 1930 hours.  They have successfully contained the fire to a half-acre.

Fire behavior is creeping with up to 2-feet flame lengths.


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WILDFIRE: #MonumentFire Reignites as Weather Becomes More Erratic

Quincy, Washington

Around 1130 hours this morning, sources were reporting the original incident #MonumentFire [name has been used by many fire agencies, Law Enforcement and Media sources], that it had been completely contained and evacuation orders were lifted.

As of 1615 hours, we were beginning to hear firefighters on the fireground reporting hight temps of 103F, low humidity of 12% and winds picking up.  Usually, when we hear this – it makes cringe knowing what all three can do to an already damaged fire scorched are.  [As of 1830 hours, the temps in Quincy are being reported as 98F but we all know temps can see higher with gear/equipment & standing directly under the sun].

Unfortunately, that all too familiar image of fire burning again has come back to visit.  It has reignited and large amounts of Firefighters are yet, facing the dangers.

We posted a question on the State’s Department of Emergency Management Camp Murray Washington] for an update on the new info that had come to light, as no new details found on Grant County Sheriff’s Office or any of the other media sources.

It appears that several Law Enforcement Agencies like the WSP including EOC WA EMD, some Fire Departments and others have been using the same hashtag as us #MonumentFire while some are using #MonumentHillFire.  The morale of this post is that there is simply no new information but just for entertainment purposes, here is our response.  [This is intended not to offend anyone.  We are here to provide you all with true, up-to-date and accurate information just like anyone else.]

This is the response we received:

Washington Emergency Management Division We have no new updates from Grant County Sheriff’s Office – Tom Jones, Sheriff.

As an FYI.

We don’t monitor our Facebook Account 24-7. Most up-to-date information on Washington Wildfires can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #wawildfire

If you don’t have a Twitter Account, you can go to the website and insert #wawildfire into the search box and it will search across the area for you and a Twitter Account will not be necessary.

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Hate to say it but they are following our @nwfireblog account. Maybe it’s an auto reply? Interesting response…. [We still Love our peeps at the State EOC and appreciate all of the long hours they are putting into these very active Fire incidents!]

Anyway, this is what we have been able to gather so far:

  • Higher temps
  • Low humdity
  • Winds picking
  • Fire rekindling

Some of the visual highlights being seen on the fireground.

#FireImages Credit:  Tender40Boss, Jake Weigley/Orting Valley Fire & Rescue [Published with permission]

orting2              orting1

Check out the view what firefighters are now facing.

The Puget Sound Strike Team posted this great video about 1720 hours ago of an Air Tanker dropping over the ridge.  Spectacular footage pf a tanker working to secure and protect a farm.  [Check out their Facebook Page for the video clip –>]

As more information is received, we’ll post more details.  For now, this is all we have but want to end with one of our most favorite quotes:

“Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”

– Mattie Stepanek

[Editor’s Note:  “Thank You to all of our friends and followers whom are Firefighters,  in EMS, Law Enforcement, 1st Responders, Medical, Emergency Managment, Support personnel, Shelter Volunteers and everyone [sorry if we fogot anyone. It’s unintentional.]

“Your tireless efforts, compassion, dedication, endless hours of Saving/Protecting Lives & Property do not go unnoticed at the Washington Fires [#SleepyHollow, #Road6Fire and now #MonumentFire].

Though we are not there with you physically, we are there with you emotionally.  For those who cannot or will not say Thank You, we would stand on one of the hillsides and shout out our gratitude [okay, maybe not], but we really do appreciate what you are doing for the great people of Washington State and for those around the Country. We are truly proud of you all.  Keep up the great work!-Lisa]

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