TX Wildfires | Update 2 | Monday


March 21, 2022 – 1900 hours PT

All Texan wildfires have been grouped together due to the high number of wildfires breaking out all over the State into a single post. This may be a big post as the fires continue to break out. Hold on to your hats, y’all.


Important Messaging

How to Report Property Damage from Wildfires. Check out this Official Press Release from TDEM. Website: https://www.tdem.texas.gov/press-release/03-20-2022

Found Pets and Adopt-A-Pet — City of Eastland Animal Shelter. Facebook: @eastland.shelter (https://www.facebook.com/eastland.shelter/) Phone: 254-629-1700, option 2 to make an appointment.

Damage Surveys — State of Texas via the TX Division of Emergency Management. The tool is called the TDEM iSTAT. Website: https://damage.tdem.texas.gov/?fbclid=IwAR3k5HNqnizzMSat9UnikQUas_KdHm0gLyIoOI7NGeCuHegR-g4dME4ftfc



Wells 2 Fire — The Wells 2 Fire is located off of FM440, just east of Holliday in Archer County which started on Sunday, March 20th around 1400 hours CDT. TX A&M Forest Service resources were requested for assistance. The fire has now been fully contained after burning 1,027 acres.


Oak Mott Fire — The Oak Mott Fire has burned about 4,031 acres and has a 75% containment status.

Ramsey Fire — The Ramsey Fire started on Sunday, March 20th around 1300 hours CDT, just west of the town of Blanket due to power lines arcing from high winds. Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS) was requested for assistance at which time the fire had consumed 800 acres with a 0% containment status. Fire behavior was very active as it moved through thick brush and rough terrain. Today on Monday, March 21, 2022, the fire has burned almost more than 1.5 times it was yesterday, with a total amount of 1,800 acres. The containment status is now at 60%. They are in Unified Command with local fire agencies. Voluntary evacuations took place in the town of May. No reports of structures damaged or lost at this time.


Big L Fire — The Big L Fire has now reached 10,366 acres scorched and has a 50% containment status.


Eastland Complex — 54,463 total acres, 60% contained. Has seven separate wildfires include which are being managed under this complex incident: Kidd, Blowing Basin, Cedar Mtn, Oak Mott, Wheat Field, Mangum, and Walling Fires. Fire behavior remains as moderate with group torching, wind-driven crown runs, and short-range spotting. Transitioned over to a Type 3 IMT on March 20th. Crews are working on constructing containment line and actively engage in patrol and mop-up operations.

Eastland Complex Fire crews making some great progress. — Credit: TFS

Blowing Basin Fire — Currently, the fire has burned 258 acres and has a 60% containment status. This incident is located on FM 2731 and CR 230 between Hwy 183 and Hwy 206 in Cross Plains, TX.

Cedar Mtn Fire — The Cedar Mtn Fire is now at 179 acres with a 40% containment status. This fire incident ignited before 1600 CDT in Eastland County, TX. Fire behavior was active on Sunday but rain fell over the fire line helping with suppression and containment efforts. One structure has been reported lost. It is located in Cisco and Eastland Counties.

Kidd Fire — The Kidd Fire is located in Carbon and Gorman. Fire has burned 42,333 acres and has a 40% containment status. There has been a report of 142 structures lost.

Mangum Fire — 11 acres. 95% containment. The fire is almost fully contained which is great news for fire personnel. This fire is burning near the Kidd Fire as a separate start. It showed a lot of active fire behavior on Sunday but has cooled down to a moderate status enabling firefighters to get a handle on suppression efforts.

Oak Mott Fire — The fire has burned 4,031 acres and is now 80% contained. This fire is located southeast of Rising Star, TX. Six structures have been lost.

Walling Fire — The Walling Fire has consumed 383 acres and is located west of Nimrod, TX. It is currently 100% contained.

Wheat Field Fire — 7,268 acres and 55% contained. This incident is located northwest of Rising Star, TX. 7 structures have been lost. Some rain fell over the fire line helping suppress some fire activity.


Domingo Fire — Fire Officials report this fire is currently under control and 100% contained. About 26.6 acres were consumed.


Loma East Fire — This fire is located west of Alice off of Country Road, north of Hwy 44. It has burned 461 acres of grass and brush and has reached an 80% containment status. Forward progression has been stopped. The TFS IC Jon Holter is in Unified Command with local Fire Departments.

Loma Fire’s perimeter. — Credit: TFS

White Tree Fire — The White Tree Fire has been fully contained and 40 acres have been burned. This is still an active fire incident.


Marion 1009 Fire


Three Sections Fire

The Three Sections Fire started on Sunday, March 20th from an unknown cause. It is currently 300 acres in size and has a 60% containment status.


Rifle Club Fire — This fire has now been almost fully contained at 95% with 106 acres consumed.


Crews Gap Fire — Fire Officials are reporting this wildfire is almost fully contained and resources have reached a 90% containment status. 8,100 acres have been destroyed. This wildfire is located along the Runnels and Coleman County line, which started on March 14, 2022, around 1500 CDT. There are currently 34 total personnel actively engaged on this incident.


Torres Fire — The Torres Fire does not currently have a full number of acres burned but is considered as an active fire with a 0% containment status.


Credit: ADRN

Austin Disaster Relief Network

Some don’t need capes as these amazing people are showing in this photo.

The Austin Disaster Relief Network donated over 100 hygiene kits and other supplies at the Myrtle Wilks Community Center in Cisco on March 19th.

Website: ADRN.com

Donation Site: https://adrn.org/eastlandfire/

(c) 2022 NW Fire Blog

(c) 2022 NW Fire Blog

TX Wildfires | Update 1 | Sunday


March 20, 2022 – 2000 hours PT

Due to the high number of wildfires burning in Texas, we are working to combine all of them in a single post. If the incident starts to grow a certain determined large number of acres, we will post them separately.


How to Report Property Damage from Wildfires. Check out this Official Press Release from TDEM. Website: https://www.tdem.texas.gov/press-release/03-20-2022



McMullen County, TX

The Three Sections Fire started on Sunday, March 20th from an unknown cause. It is currently 300 acres in size and has a 60% containment status.


The EASTLAND FIRE COMPLEX now has a total of seven fires from the initial four it started with only days ago. Sunday has been a very day of fire activity with one fire starting after another. Fire behavior has been very active due to low RH and high winds, sparking and carrying fires across the plains.

The total estimated acreage destroyed is about 54,015 acres with a 30% containment status.

RIP to Eastland County Sgt. Barbara majors Fenley who was killed during the fire on the night of March 17th, she sacrificed her life in the line of duty while trying to evacuate people from the area. While driving in the area, heavy smoke overwhelmed her vehicle and clear visibility, causing her marked vehicle to leave the roadway.

The Disaster Assessment and Recovery (DAR) agents have continued to respond to the needs of those impacted by this incident.

They are partnering with the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM), TAMUVET1, TAHC, and the TSCRA to provide livestock relief by way of fee, water, hay, shelter, and medical attention. They are also accepting donations of feed, hay, and fencing supplies. Monetary donations to https://tx.ag/EastlandFireAgRelief

– TX A&M AgriLife Extension (@txextension)


FM 2731 and CR 230 between Hwy 183 and TX Hwy 206

Credit: Flower Mound FD

== Evacuations in Effect for FM 2731 and CR 230 =

= Evacuations in Effect for Hwy 6, North of Cisco, TX =

The Blowing Basin Fire now has an estimated 258 acres and firefighters have reached a 50% containment status. Fire resources from the Flower Mound FD were first due and responded on March 20th around 1406 hours PT to the new fire along IH-20 between Eastland and Cisco.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


Eastland County, TX

Credit: TX A&M FS

This fire incident ignited before 1600 CDT in Eastland County, TX. Around 1713 hours CDT, this incident was reassigned to the EASTLAND COMPLEX. It is approximately 179 acres and has a 0% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


The Kidd Fire is currently 42,333 acres and has a 40% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


The Mangum Fire is about 11 acres and has an 85% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


About 4,031 acres have been consumed, but crews have reached a 75% containment status which is great news.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


The Walling Fire was a fire burning and covered on its own back on March 17th when it ignited but was quickly included in the EASTLAND COMPLEX. The Southern Area Grey IMT Type 3 is on scene and currently managing this incident.

At this time, the fire has burned 383 acres and has a 100% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


About 7,268 acres have been destroyed since it began. Fire resources have reached a 55% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


Archer County, TX

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

The Wells 2 Fire is located in Archer County which started on Sunday, March 20th. TX A&M Forest Service resources were requested as mutual aid. Currently, the fire has burned 500 acres and there is a 50% containment status. SEATs have been working this fire with multiple retardant drops. The rate of spread has been reduced to a fire behavior of moderate and though, they are making amends to stop the fire, it has not stopped the forward progression.


Erath County, TX

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

A brief summary of the fire activity is listed here and you can find a more in-depth update in a separate post on this incident.

The Big L Fire is located in Erath and Hood Counties. Aviation assets are still working the scene to try to stop the forward progression of the fire.

The fire has destroyed 6,000 acres and has a 5% containment status.

A Temporary Flight Restriction or TFR is in effect over this fire line. Please keep Drones out of the Fire Zone!

Credit: TX A&M FS


Marion County, TX

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

The Marion 1009 Fire incident has requested the mutual aid assistance of the TX A&M Fire Service which is burning in Marion County. Fire is about 256 acres with a 100% containment status.


Live Oak County, TX

The Sunday Late Fire started on Sunday, March 20th. It is about 400 acres with a 95% containment status. Forward progression has been stopped in its tracks.


Brown County

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

The Ramsey Fire local resources have requested TX A&M Forest Service to respond to this fire located in Brown County which is seeing 800 acres destroyed and a 0% containment status.


Montague County, TX

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

A new fire is burning in Montague County which ignited on Sunday, March 20th. The fire has an estimated 640 acres with a 0% containment status. All evacuation orders have been lifted. Power outages have been reported for those in the Nocona Hills/Oak Shores area and is said not to be back on for several hours. Incident Cooperators included Nocona Hills VFD, Nocona Rural VFD, Saint Jo VFD.

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Missouri Touched by Saturday Fires

Published Saturday, 3/12/2022, 2330 PT

The State of Missouri was touched by several wildfires this afternoon, which include the following fires all dispatched through the Missouri Iowa Coordination Center.


1 mile north of Pondfork (Ozark County). Fire Type: Wildfire. Fire Unit: Ava. Dispatched at 1739 hours. Contained to one acre at 1806 hours. Dispatch Center: Missouri Iowa Coordination Center. Incident Number: MTF-115 P9 PG9Q (0905)


15 miles southwest of Potosi (Washington County). Fire Type: RX Fire. 288 acres scheduled to be burned. Resources dispatched: 1728 hours. Incident #MTF-114.


12 miles south of Rolla (Phelps County). Fire Type: RX Fire. 335 acres are scheduled to burn completely today. Dispatched: 1724 hours. Incident #MTF-113.


12.5 miles east of Salem (Dent County). Fire Type: RX Fire. 397 acres planned to be burned. Dispatched: 1708 hours.

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NW Fire News From the Fireground

Published 12/11/2021 (Saturday) 1115 PT

WASHINGTON, OREGON — Happy Saturday, everyone. This is fire news from around the northwest and what’s happening in each of your communities. Stay safe and thank you for reading our post. We appreciate you!


Credit | BFD

Structure Fire | On the morning of December 9th, there was a large resource response dispatched to a fire in a condo building in the Eastgate area. Firefighters say it was a challenging fire due to extreme heat and low visibility fire conditions. They were able to successfully bring the fire under control in less than 35 minutes. The American Red Cross helped an unknown number of displaced residents. All of the occupants had evacuated from the building safely. No word on the cause of the fire, as it was still under investigation at the time of this post.


New EMTs | Four new EJFR graduates from the Jefferson County 2021-2 EMT school. The Fire Department states students will spend nearly 200 hours of training before taking their written and practical exams before starting on their journey of becoming career firefighters.


Credit | EPFR

Coats to Local Kids | Firefighters take part in annual local community events that benefit kids and people, alike. Currently, EPFR firefighters have launched their Coats-4-Kids Drive, which began on December 7th with firefighters fitting coats at both Emerald Hills Elementary and Crestwood Elementary schools. By December 16th, firefighters will have outfitted about 200 kids with warm coats in about 10 schools throughout the District. You can help with Operation Warmy by donating, so First Responders can buy more warm coats for kids, by visiting their site at https://bit.ly/3pEkjEW.


Santa’s Route | Santa has added an additional stop on his route in the agency’s service district, Eatonville on December 14, 2021 from 1700 hours to 2100 hours PT. Santa will be escorted by SPFR firefighters throughout the area. The map below with the route marked in RED shows his path through the City.

Credit | SPFR


Credit | TFD

Training Buildings | TFD Firefighters are using the old Fawcett Elementary to conduct fire and rescue training. The training involves building searches, activating fire alarms, and mock fire call responses. The existing Fawcett building will be demolished next year, with the construction of the new school slated from 2022 to 2023. Fawcett staff and students will use the former McKinley campus for the next two school years, during the construction of their new school.


Credit | TVFR

New Additions | TVFR added eight new members to the agency who will begin their journey through the Medic program this month. This will be Paramedic Recruit Academy 21-01.


Credit | Valley Professional FF IAFF 1352

Toys For Kids Program | The Valley Professional Fire Fighters, IAFF Local 1352 need your help! Firefighters are investing in their community’s local children who need your help this Holiday Season. Firefighters support approximately 1,000 local children in their community and they are asking for donations, so they can provide gifts to them. These gifts will benefit the families in the Algona, Auburn and Pacific areas.

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Fairbanks FD Sees Big Business Fire

FAIRBANKS, ALASKA (USA) — Firefighters from the City of Fairbanks FD and mutual fire agencies were dispatched on the afternoon of Friday, December 8, 2021, to a large working commercial fire at the derelict and abandoned building formerly the home of the Coin King Laundromat.

Credit | Toledo FD (OH) FF/Medic Joe Buehrer (visiting from out of town)

The building had been boarded up but several transient people were occupying the building.

The fire was located in the 500 block of Gaffney Road.

At some point during the fire, two occupants were able to self-evacuate from the structure, while another was assisted outside of a window by a Medic One crew.

Eight companies were faced with deteroiating fire conditions as they breached the front entrance and find the fire conditions growing progressively worse. They were faced with transitioning into defensive fire operations temporarily then switching back over to an offensive fire operation.

Credit | Red Cross of Alaska

Firefighters saved the exposure building, a Soup Kitchen next door.

A primary search was conducted by firefighters and deemed the building to have an all-clear, with no additional civilians being found inside the structure.

Firefighter REHAB rehydration services were provided volunteers with the American Red Cross of Alaska, where they provided hot beverages and snacks to First Responders on-scene, a much-needed resource for any Fire Department.

A Fire Marshal was on the scene yesterday but no final word has been released as to the cause of the fire.

No injuries to civilians or firefighters were reported.

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