March 20, 2022 – 2000 hours PT

Due to the high number of wildfires burning in Texas, we are working to combine all of them in a single post. If the incident starts to grow a certain determined large number of acres, we will post them separately.


How to Report Property Damage from Wildfires. Check out this Official Press Release from TDEM. Website: https://www.tdem.texas.gov/press-release/03-20-2022



McMullen County, TX

The Three Sections Fire started on Sunday, March 20th from an unknown cause. It is currently 300 acres in size and has a 60% containment status.


The EASTLAND FIRE COMPLEX now has a total of seven fires from the initial four it started with only days ago. Sunday has been a very day of fire activity with one fire starting after another. Fire behavior has been very active due to low RH and high winds, sparking and carrying fires across the plains.

The total estimated acreage destroyed is about 54,015 acres with a 30% containment status.

RIP to Eastland County Sgt. Barbara majors Fenley who was killed during the fire on the night of March 17th, she sacrificed her life in the line of duty while trying to evacuate people from the area. While driving in the area, heavy smoke overwhelmed her vehicle and clear visibility, causing her marked vehicle to leave the roadway.

The Disaster Assessment and Recovery (DAR) agents have continued to respond to the needs of those impacted by this incident.

They are partnering with the Texas Department of Emergency Management (TDEM), TAMUVET1, TAHC, and the TSCRA to provide livestock relief by way of fee, water, hay, shelter, and medical attention. They are also accepting donations of feed, hay, and fencing supplies. Monetary donations to https://tx.ag/EastlandFireAgRelief

– TX A&M AgriLife Extension (@txextension)


FM 2731 and CR 230 between Hwy 183 and TX Hwy 206

Credit: Flower Mound FD

== Evacuations in Effect for FM 2731 and CR 230 =

= Evacuations in Effect for Hwy 6, North of Cisco, TX =

The Blowing Basin Fire now has an estimated 258 acres and firefighters have reached a 50% containment status. Fire resources from the Flower Mound FD were first due and responded on March 20th around 1406 hours PT to the new fire along IH-20 between Eastland and Cisco.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


Eastland County, TX

Credit: TX A&M FS

This fire incident ignited before 1600 CDT in Eastland County, TX. Around 1713 hours CDT, this incident was reassigned to the EASTLAND COMPLEX. It is approximately 179 acres and has a 0% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


The Kidd Fire is currently 42,333 acres and has a 40% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


The Mangum Fire is about 11 acres and has an 85% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


About 4,031 acres have been consumed, but crews have reached a 75% containment status which is great news.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


The Walling Fire was a fire burning and covered on its own back on March 17th when it ignited but was quickly included in the EASTLAND COMPLEX. The Southern Area Grey IMT Type 3 is on scene and currently managing this incident.

At this time, the fire has burned 383 acres and has a 100% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


About 7,268 acres have been destroyed since it began. Fire resources have reached a 55% containment status.

(Eastland Complex Fires)


Archer County, TX

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

The Wells 2 Fire is located in Archer County which started on Sunday, March 20th. TX A&M Forest Service resources were requested as mutual aid. Currently, the fire has burned 500 acres and there is a 50% containment status. SEATs have been working this fire with multiple retardant drops. The rate of spread has been reduced to a fire behavior of moderate and though, they are making amends to stop the fire, it has not stopped the forward progression.


Erath County, TX

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

A brief summary of the fire activity is listed here and you can find a more in-depth update in a separate post on this incident.

The Big L Fire is located in Erath and Hood Counties. Aviation assets are still working the scene to try to stop the forward progression of the fire.

The fire has destroyed 6,000 acres and has a 5% containment status.

A Temporary Flight Restriction or TFR is in effect over this fire line. Please keep Drones out of the Fire Zone!

Credit: TX A&M FS


Marion County, TX

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

The Marion 1009 Fire incident has requested the mutual aid assistance of the TX A&M Fire Service which is burning in Marion County. Fire is about 256 acres with a 100% containment status.


Live Oak County, TX

The Sunday Late Fire started on Sunday, March 20th. It is about 400 acres with a 95% containment status. Forward progression has been stopped in its tracks.


Brown County

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

The Ramsey Fire local resources have requested TX A&M Forest Service to respond to this fire located in Brown County which is seeing 800 acres destroyed and a 0% containment status.


Montague County, TX

Courtesy: TX A&M FS

A new fire is burning in Montague County which ignited on Sunday, March 20th. The fire has an estimated 640 acres with a 0% containment status. All evacuation orders have been lifted. Power outages have been reported for those in the Nocona Hills/Oak Shores area and is said not to be back on for several hours. Incident Cooperators included Nocona Hills VFD, Nocona Rural VFD, Saint Jo VFD.

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