WA Wildfire | Green Valley Rd Fire


APRIL 18, 2021 | 2125 PT


A brush fire broke out around 1630 hours in the 35200 block of SE Green Valley Road in Auburn (King County), Washington on Sunday, April 18, 2021.

Units from various Zone 1 and 3 regions responded quickly to the area with brush trucks, engines, tenders and assistance from WA DNR with a rotor. Additionally, a dozer was working to secure line around the head of the fire.

Fire was reportedly in the valley below the Reindeer Ridge Tree Farm, where firefighters found it difficult to access the fire due to sheer cliff drop offs and heavy blackberry bushes. It was said that the fire was running uphill towards several structures but the rotor was able to stop the forward progression.

Per Mountainview F&R Facebook page stated at 1938 hours PT: “Burning on the north hill, midway on Green Valley road. No structures involved and no injuries reported. DNR rotor is working the area.”

At one point, you could hear via scanner feed that the fire was advancing on the Incident Command Post (ICP) and crews were tasked with stopping the forward progression. Crews in the Foxtrot Division (East of Delta Division (head of fire))) worked to try to get ahead of the fire.

There were no reports of injuries to civilians or firefighters. There are no evacuation orders in effect.

A King County Fire Investigator was on-scene but no preliminary report of what caused the fire was known at the time of this post.

About 10 acres was reported as burned per the WA DNR Fire cad system. No word on the containment status.

Lead Agency:

Mountainivew FD

Mutual Aid Units:

Woodinville Fire & Rescue, Eastside Fire & Rescue, Duvall Fire District 45, WA DNR_Fire, Zone 3 Fire Explorers, Puget Sound Fire, Valley RFA, Valley Firefighters, Eatonville and King County Medics.

Credit: Woodinville Fire & Rescue


Delta, Echo, Foxtrot, Zulu.


Zone 1 and 3 resources include: Brush trucks (WFR B131), engines, tenders, rotor.

Water Supply:

Lake Sawyer for DNR rotor. Hydrant at top of a home’s driveway.

Fire Weather Reports:

2122 PT | 64*F. Clear skies. Winds 5 mph. 31% RH.

1959 PT | 70*F. Sunny skies. Winds 8mph. 29% RH

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NW Wildfires | April 16, 2021

Locally, it has been a very busy Friday for those in Washington State. Here is a recap for today’s wildfire (and smoke) Sit Reps for Washington State only.

Nationally speaking, there have been 145 fires that required initial light attack activity across our nation. Of those two were considered as new incidents and six of them being large not contained wildfires.

The National Preparedness Level is at a Level 2.


Smoke Check. Toroda Creek. 1813 dispatched. E691, HI40, SO60, SO7203, SO7208 en-route. WA DNR – NEC. FALSE ALARM. On Improved property. No DNR jurisdiction.


424th Street Fire. 1732 dispatched. e2203, Estes. Brown (IC). 0.1 acre. DNR, FD on-scene.

Falls Fire. 1419 dispatched. 0.25 acre. Brush, slash, logs. Tangen at 1515 (IC). Contained 1615. Turned over to landowner.

1000 S Spur Fire. 0.1 acre. Logs. 0738 hours dispatched. Contained and controlled 845 PT. Fire is out.


Camper Fire. 0.1 acre. Timber, litter. Hynning (IC). Out 1030 hours. WA – PCS. Turned over to landowner.


Baker Fire. 1300 dispatched. 3 acres. Short grass. C201 (IC). BC21, C201, HI26, HI7107, HI7110, HI7112. Resources on-scene. WA DNR – NEC.


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Nash Fire. 1649 dispatched. Nash Road. 0.1 acre. Grass, brush, slash. Contained 1753. Controlled 1803. WA DNR – CWC.

Timber Fire. 1522 dispatched. Timber Drive. 0.3 acre. Grass, timber, duff. Eric Peters (IC). Contained/Controlled 1625. Out 1805. WA DNR – CWC.


Oyler Fire. 585 Crew, E2406, Riepe, Stemkoski. DNR on-scene. Limited info. WA DNR – PCS.

Kiona Fire. Chief Kiona. 1420 dispatched. 0.25 acre. Grass, brush, timber litter, duff. Stewart (IC). 1712 contained. 1837 controlled. WA – PCS. In Patrol status.


Hawk Creek Fire. 1409 dispatched. Hawk Creek. 20 acres. AR32, AR62, AR7412, E31, E561, E Zone10. Daryl Schie (IC). 100% lined. WA DNR – NEC.

Willow. Smoke check. 1157 dispatched. Willow Grouse Lane. Lincoln County. Limited information.


Kamilche Point Fire. Shelton. 3-4 acres. Caldwell, H342WN, Langaker (IC). On-scene. Dispatched 1550 hours. WA DNR – SPS.


Stagecoach Fire. 1519 Dispatched. .25 acre. Grass, timber litter, understory. BC92, Captain 692, SO26 (IC). Fire under control. WA DNR – NEC.


Wynooche Road Fire. 1412 dispatched. Wynooche Road. 4 acres. Heavy timber. Kinkade (IC). Open incident.

S-1000 Fire. Sekiu. 1215 dispatched. 0.1 acre. Slash. Hamrick (IC). All resources released.


Lillijard Fire. Lillijard Road. 1332 dispatched. AR28 (IC). Limited information. WA DNR – NEC.


362nd Street Fire. Off of Jensen Road. Eatonville. 8 acres. Roach (IC), H345WN, Pedersen, L Simmons. Dispatched 1542 hours. Not fully contained. Ongoing incident. Pierce County Fire District and Graham Fire and Rescue. WA DNR – SPS.

Credit: Graham Fire & Rescue


Leete Fire. 0.1 acre. Turned over to landowner. WA – PCS. Limited info.


Milepost 35 Fire. Hwy 530, Darrington. 1540 dispatched. 1.5 acres. Shrub, grass. Schmitz at 1711 (IC). Patrol status 1740 hours. WA DNR – NDC.


Forest Haven Fire. 1741 dispatched. Williams Valley. AR29 (IC). Resources in the area. WA DNR – NEC.

Hardesty Road Fire. 1434 dispatched. Hardesty Road. 0.2 acres. AR29 (IC). Limited information.

Hussle Road Fire. 1406 dispatched. North Hussle Road. 2 acres. AR65 (IC). AR27, AR65, C301. Resources on-scene.


Fairview Fire. 1800 dispatched. Fairview. Stevens County. NC40, NC64. WA DNR – NEC. Resources on-scene.

Ford Incident. Smoke check. 1710 dispatched. H341, SPA1261, SPA1262, SPA61, SPA95. Dennison (IC). Resources on-scene. WA DNR NEC.

Rock Cut Road Incident. Smoke Check. Rock Cut Road. 1656 dispatched. NC25. WA DNR – NEC.

Brown Driveway Fire. Browns Lake. 1226 dispatched. .1 acre. Grass, timber understory. NC40 (IC). WA DNR – NEC.

Lower Matthews Fire. 1109 dispatched. Joe Sherwood Loop Road. Unknown acres. Grass fire fuel. Contained 1235. WA DNR – NEC. In patrol status.


Small debris burning is banned for some areas in Eastern Washington, which went into effect today.

A fire burns with text overlay that reads: Burn restrictions in parts of eastern washington.
Credit: WA DNR

WA DNR has also issued temporary burn restrictions on DNR-protected lands in the Northeast, Northwest and Pacific Cascade regions due to strong winds and dry weather. Visit http://burnportal.dnr.wa.gov

A graphic depicting region-specific burn restrictions. For more information, visit burn portal dot D N R dot W A dot G O V.
Credit: WA DNR

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