Great Scale Fires Burning in the Northwest

Many fires are burning all over the Northwest but seven are on the richter scale of consuming over thousands of acres of ground and still growing by the minute.  Here are some of the biggest we are keeping our eye on.

Colockum Tarps – Wenatchee, Washington – 59,316 acres.

Mountain – San Bernandino, CA – 27,531 acres.

MileMarker 28 – Goldendale, Washington – 22,469 acres.

Douglas Complex – Oregon – 21,400 acres.

Aspen Fire – California – 14,147 acres.

Lodgepole – Idaho – 13,700 acres.

Gold Pan Complex – Montana – 13,212 acres.

Remember, to keep “all” of our brothers and sisters and cooperators in your thoughts and prayers as they work to tirelessly to put out the fire, put their lives on the line and help protect life and property.  It is extremely job, as you know.

Thanks to those who may be wildland firefighters reading our posts, we greatly thank you for what you do.  You all are so amazing.

For all those who may not be fighting wildland fires at this time, we thank you for taking care the rest of us here in the City, County, State, rural areas and every place in between – you are all so appreciated!

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“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” – Maya Angelou

Firefighters keep hanging in there.  We know how difficult your job is and we want you to know we support you in all capacities.  Please reach out to your brother or sister if you need assistance or anything.  We are here for you.  – Ed.