Tacoma, Washington | Structure Fire | 1

PIERCE COUNTY, Wash. – An eyewitness account of a multi-story house fire is burning in the 3700 block of S Yakima, near SE 38th Street in Tacoma, Washington on

Thank you to  our NWFB follower, John Lyman for bringing this fire to light.

Fire has been knocked down and firefighters are currently working on hot spots.

Several fire resources remain on-scene as they extinguish hot spots inside the structure.  There is an unknown cause but appears the fire has severely damaged the rear of the house.

Multiple holes by fire crews have been punctured in the roof ventilating fire and heavy smoke.

Photo Credit | Tacoma Fire Department

No injuries reported to civilians or to firefighters have been reported.

Photo Credit | Tacoma Fire Department

There has been no preliminary cause released via the Tacoma Fire Department.

Also, no information if the occupants were home at the time or  if they were alerted by a smoke alarm.

Stay tuned for more details to this fire incident.

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Washington Wildfire | Little Camas Fire | 4 | Last Update

UPDATE 4 – 7/14/2018 – 0730 hours – Last & Final Update

July 11:  Firefighters focused on mopping up the fire’s edge, removing excess equipment and supplies, starting the demobing process. 1 Helicopter was available if water drops were needed. Weather conditions were becoming more poor as the temps heated up to a near 90*F and RH nearing 20%.  Road and trail closures still in effect. This is the last day NWIMT7 will manage the fire. A Type 3 until will be led by IC Charlies Burns which will continue to mop up and patrol the fire beginning on Friday, July 13, 2018.

July 10:  Firefighters secured fire containment lines.  They were tasked with mopping up on the interior of the fire with hand tools and water, as well as to scout for any rolling debris.  Fire was at 74% containment and 317 acres (306 acres on DNR  land and 11 acres on USFS lands). 364 personnel were assigned.  Level 1 evacuations were lifted but road and trail closures were still in effect.  Some of the fire personnel were released from this fire to assist on the Ryegrass Coulee Fire in Vantage.  No significant fire behavior or growth.  Some portions of this incident will start demobilizing.

UPDATE 3 – 0900 hours – July 9, 2018

Cooler weather has dropped over the fire line helping minimize fire behavior and slowing down the rate of spread on this wildfire near the town of Cashmere in Eastern Washington State.

Photo Credit | WA DNR

There has been 338 acres scorched and crews have reached a successful status of 5% containment, but they are continuing aggressively to obtain all fire objectives.

There are still 270 fire personnel with another 175 en route to help increase containment before the forecasted high winds on Monday, July 9, 2018 to be present.

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NEW | Washington Wildfire | Webber Canyon Fire | 2


UPDATE 2 – 1930 hours PDT

Fire was contained at 1448 hours, stopping forward progression of the wildfire.

There were 750 acres reported destroyed in total.

UPDATE 1 – 0645 Hours PDT

Fire is reported at 200 acres and growing.

BLM E-665 dispatched at 0207 hours PDT to Webber Canyon in Benton County, Washington.

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NEW | Washington Wildfire | Webber Canyon Fire | 1

BENTON COUNTY, Wash. – UPDATE 1 – 0645 hours PDT

Fire resources were dispatched on Friday early morning around 0207 to Webber Canyon in Benton County, Washington.  Resources include  BLM-11, BLM-13, E-6695, BLM E-6696.

Fire is reported at 200 acres and growing.

We will provide an update when more information has been received.

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Washington State Wildfire | Lower Waitsburg Road | Walla Walla County

WALLA WALLA, Wash. – A wheat fire broke out today on Lower Waitsburg Road in Walla Walla County, Washington.


Fire assets from Walla Walla County Fire District #8 initially responded but the incident was quickly escalated to a 3-alarm fire.

Photo Credit | Bob Clendaniel,

Additional resources from Walla Walla County Fire Districts 2, 4, 7 and Cities of Walla Walla and College Place were also deployed on the fire line.


The fire was quickly brought under control and put out.  Firefighters were successful in limiting the damage to 100 acres being destroyed.

Due to the dry conditions and heavy fire fuels – this could have been way worse but it was stopped just in time.

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Commercial Fire | Phoenix, Arizona | 2

PHOENIX, Ariz. – UPDATE 2 – 2100 PDT

A Super Safeway store was the big trending story yesterday after it caught on fire.  Firefighters from multiple fire departments arrived on-scene to see the fully engulfed commercial structure ablaze that would eventually be elevated to a 3-alarm blaze.

Tactics were taken to immediately go into a defensive operation.  It was too unsafe to enter the building. There were several reports in media and on Social Media saying at first there was no one inside and another saying that all persons had safely evacuated the building.

Around 0840 hours this morning (Thursday, July 12, 2018), photographs on Social Media would show that the store was fully left open and exposed with its roof completely caved in, shelving toppled, steel rebar and girders showing the intensity of the blaze and how it can completely destroy anything in its path.

Photo Credit | Phoenix Fire PIO

Reports of a big storm with lightning rolled over the area, right before smoke billowed out of the building. One Social Media user reported that Police had shutdown several roadways, while emergency personnel responded to a gas leak a day or two ago.

There is no exact cause listed but reports of a big downpour of rain fell over the area with some speculating that the heavy rain may have caused the roof to be too heavy and suffered some damage to an electrical box.  We will have to wait to see what the result of the fire investigation report states.

A Disaster Recovery and Restoration team was on site today around 1650 hours, assessing the damage of the building.  It appears that everything interior appeared to be destroyed with the outer walls including the front facade of the structure still standing.

Safeway said that will be relocating employees from this store to other locations.  It is unknown if they plan to rebuild this store.

No injuries were reported.


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Washington State Wildfire | Enyeart Fire

SIMCO MOUNTAIN, Wash. – A vehicle fire was reported to be burning on Horseshoe Bend Road on Simcoe Mountain on Thursday, July 12, 2018.

The fire has been named the ENYEART FIRE.


Fire was reported to be burning on Horseshoe Bend Road and Simcoe Mountain Road.


Fire assets were dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center at 1550 hours that included SE-700, SE-721 and SE-BARE (IC).


Fire was quickly contained at 1707 hours and under control at 1729 hours.  About 1.8 acres of grass and brush were scorched.


#EnyeartFire #SimcoeMtnFire #KlickitatCoFire #WAwildfires2018


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Washington Wildfire | Washington Flats

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Wash. – UPDATE 7/12/2018 @ 1845 hours PDT


A wildfire broke out on House Road, about five miles north of Grand Coulee in Douglas County, Washington on Wednesday, July 11, 2018, named the WASHINGTON FLATS.


Fire assets were dispatched around 1431 hours PDT sending the AHTANUM 20, BLM-12, CREW-43, CREW-6201 and SE-140 to the fire line.

The IC (Tim Purphree) arrived on-scene at 1755 hours.

Photo Credit | WA DNR


JULY 12, 2018 – Thursday

1046 | Fire had burned 385 acres in Douglas County.  Cause unknown and under investigation.

JULY 11, 2018 – Wednesday

1827 | The fire burned 200 acres.  An interagency response with included multiple numbers of engines, an Ahtanum 20-person crew, four fireboss airplanes and two helicopters.

1946 | Fire had burned 350 acres.  Douglas County Fire District #3, BLM Oregon and DNR crews were making good progress.  Smoke had dissipated.  There are 93 personnel, 2 crews and 13 engines.  7% contained.   Fire behavior was moderate with some running in places.

1950 | Fire boss airplanes were released with the two helicopters still actively providing support. DNR fire crews were scheduled to work into the night until the next morning.  Mop-up operations in effect.

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Washington Wildfire | Trinidad Fire | 2

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Wash. – Update 2 – 2030 hours PDT


We are calling this wildfire the TRINIDAD FIRE because that’s what on the WildCAD that they are using. This fire is also know as the SR 28 FIRE (Grant County Sheriff Office) and SR 28 CRESCENT BAR FIRE (WSP).

Photo Credit | Washington State Patrol PIO Brian Moore

The fire is located on SR 28 at mile marker 19 in Douglas County, Washington State.


The fire is being reported as a 50-acre of grass and brush.  It is currently under control.  No word on the containment status.


The fire incident is considered open and active.

We will provide an update as soon as information is available.


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NEW | Washington Wildfire Has Three Incident Names | 1

QUINCY, Wash. – Update 1- 2015 hours PDT


A wildfire with three names is just as confusing as to the location and the fire resources it has called upon to respond to contain it.

Douglas County Resources

Fire units CREW-6201, CREW-6695, BLM E-6696, BLM H-1MR were just dispatched through the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center to SR 28 and milemarker 19 (T20 R22 S10) at 1811 hours PDT.

Grant County Resources

Grant County Sheriff’s Office Deputies immediately implemented a Level 3 evacuation order of those on Mansfield Road with those on Crescent Bar Road were told to shelter-in-place.

This wildfire is being called by three different wildfire incident names.

–> SR28 FIRE by the Grant County Sheriff’s office

–> SR28 CRESCENT BAR FIRE by Washington State Patrol

–> TRINIDAD FIRE by the Central Washington Interagency Communications Center


The Washington State Patrol states the cause was due to a vehicle losing a tire.

ALERT –> Traffic Alerts

SR28: At Crescent Bar is now open.

ALERT –> Evacuations

Photo Courtesy | Grant County Sheriff’s Office

All evacuations on the Grant County side have been lifted.  Police state evacuations have been reduced to Level 1 and request that all persons stay off of this roadway.

As a reminder, always yield to Fire apparatus,  as firefighters will still be working in the area and because it is the #MoveOver law.

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