Stevens Fire District #1 welcomes its newest employee aboard. Greg Nowak started on August 1, 2013 as the District’s seventh full-time firefighter. Greg has been a volunteer for the District for the past 4 ½ years. Greg ranked number 1 on the District’s 2-year hiring list. Greg’s wife, Rhonda, remains a volunteer with the Fire District.

The District’s Fire Commissioners approved the hiring at its July 1 meeting. Prior to the hiring, the six full time firefighters covered shifts Monday through Saturday, 6am-6pm. This put the crews on a tight schedule with no real time off (they had to find coverage for earned vacation and personal time).

Over the past year, the District had to hire part-time help. This part-time help cost the District additional money and also used three volunteers–taking away from the already dwindling pool of dedicated firefighters.

Over the past year, the District has had firefighters off of work for an extended time for family illness and death emergencies and two extended injuries.

The Fire Commissioners declared a hiring emergency to help with long-term planning and allow the staff to take vacations and also schedule additional training. Chief Bucy was asked to find the funds not only for the rest of 2013, but for the years beyond.

On July 1, the Chief presented a plan that accommodated the additional firefighter without going outside of the District’s planned expenses.

Source: Stevens Fire District #1



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