Wishing for great opportunities for you in the New Year….

1)  Please if you must drink, please have a designated driver or call for a ride.  Your life is very important to us and those loved one who care so much about you.  + Besides, using good judgment is very admirable. +

2)  Wishing for new opportunities to come your way.   It’s always great to see those reaching for their full potential and never letting dreams drift from your horizon.  + You got this! +

3)  Hoping for New Resolutions to continue, whatever they may be.  We know we have lots of them to keep this year, but we all can do it together if we support one another.  + We so got this. +

4)  We wish you many days of success in whatever you do, whether on or off the fire ground, on the front lines, protecting the public or rushing in to save a life.  + We are your biggest cheerleaders standing on the sidelines. +

5)  It’s been a tough 2013, but WE WILL NEVER FORGET has been the biggest Tribute to those whom have been lost.  We wish those whom have been touched by their Loss, Legacies left behind and their memories to carry on their mission in Life; to reach out to others and comfort them.   + Your bond will never be broken. +

6)  Safety is constantly on our minds.  We will be posting more training opportunities and look for ways we can share your stories on Safety, Tactics and Techniques.  + You all matter to us. +

We like to wrap up 2013, by saying Thanks so much for being our Fans and Followers on our fire blog, Twitter and Facebook pages! You have made this a great success!

Wherever you are this evening in this world, we wish you a Great and Happy 2014.  *Cheers!*

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