“We will open the book.  Its pages are blank.  We are going to put words on them ourselves.  The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year’s Day.”  ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce

The NW Fire Blog would like to personally thank you all for reading our posts, sharing your stories, giving us great feedback with your comments, following our fire blog and most of all, helping us stay successful for another year!  We couldn’t make this your EMS publication without YOU and Thank You so much.

Since our creation on January 1, 2012, we currently have over 45,874 hits on our blog with over 1,000 Facebook fans and an amazing quite a few followers here on our Fire Blog, FaceBook [The NW Fire Blog] and Twitter [@nwfireblog] pages.  Thank You and please help us spread the word!

Speaking of Birthdays. Today, many of Fire Departments are celebrating them.  We’d like to do a Shout Out to all of you and list the milestone birthdays.  May All Your Wishes Come True in the New Year and be You All Be Safe in all your endeavors both on and off the Fire Ground, in the Field, on the Front Lines, Keeping the Peace or whereever Your Travels May Bring You.

Here’s to a Huge Happy Birthday Shout Out!

Fowler FD, 106.
Corbet Oak Valley VFD, 20.
Westville FD SC, 40.
Metsopotamia VFD, 37.
Fifty-Seven Fools, 36.
Mitchell FD, 72.
West Liberty FD, 79.
North-Patchogue FD, 84.
Raymertum FD Roberts, 66.
Raceland FD, 94.
Minetto FD, 76.
HSFD Firfighters, 24.
Sharp Bottom PD, 34.
Mounds VFD, 68.
Hollywood Park FD, 59.
Mad Medic, 33.
Inkstar Firefighters, 24.
Wakefield VFD, 106.
Elkin Rescue Squad, 73.
Shelburne FD, 74.
Greensboro Mon Twp VFD, 86.
Booth VFD, 64.
South Kitsap Firefighters, 31.
Stockdale VFD, 67.
Marion Rescue Squad, 46.
Lakeview VFD, 45.
Melba Firefighters, 51.
Lake City FD, 99.
Cal Fire Santa Clara, 34.
Harold VFD, 51.
Divsoria Volunteers, 52.
Mathoura Rural Brigade, 24.
Royalton Fire – Rescue, 107.
Dixie Firefighters, 51.
Boyard VFD, 62 years.
Thad Stevens VFD, 85.
Lake Delta VFD, 28.

Hope you all enjoy your day, eat lots of cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday y’all!

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