Drones in Fire Zones: Once Again Interfering with Fire Ops

San Diego, California – San Diego Fire Officials are once again battling with Drone operators interfering with operations, as a tweet was sent out targeting the one to stop Drone flight operations on the K Sandwich fire located at 7400 Linda Vista.

“All drones need to cease flying around area of 7400 Linda Vista. You are interfering with fire operations.” – @SDFD

The fire dispatched as a Commercial structure fire involving the K Sandwiches.  Around 2150 PDT it was reported that firefighters were in a defensive fire attack.

Then about 2215 PDT, the message was tweeted across Twitter to Drone operators to cease all operations as they were interfering with their operations.  This is not the first time this has occurred in California firefighting history, nor will it be the last.

There were reports of multiple Drones chasing down fire suppression aircraft forcing them to land until the airspace was cleared.  This was in a wildland fire environment.

Tonight, San Diego Fire Officials are dealing with it in a non-wildland fire environment.  Soon and hopefully, firefighters will have the opportunity to shoot them down if they are interfering with their fire operations and not be penalized.  We hope that the Fire and Drone communities can come together to create “rules” of engagement and understand Firefighters have one purpose with several key objectives:  “Rescue any person inside the structure/give aid and put out the fire before it spreads to an exposure or creates any further damage.”

They are really great at their jobs, as you know, but having something flying around can cause a serious distraction and may be this is not the reason why they are unwelcome in the fire scene.  Any and all requests by the Fire Department to cease operations during a fire incident should be respected and completed upon demand.

We know most Drone Operators are respectful where they fly and know the do’s and don’ts of flying.  We appreciate those pilots – alot and thank you.

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