4-Alarm Destroys a Piece of Pittsburgh


A 4-alarm fire was sounded for a four-story commercial structure fire in the intersection of South 11th Street and East Carson in Pittsburgh’s Southside on Monday, February 8, 2021, today.

Photo Credit | Pgh Public Safety

The fourth alarm struck at 1228 hours PT due to heavy fire showing through the roof of the four-story building.

People began reporting poor visibility due to intense black smoke pouring from the building, making it difficult to see in front of them and hard to breathe.

Some were seen walking in and around this toxic smoke on the fire ground.

Photo Credit | City of Pittsburgh

During the incident, it was reported on Scanner Feed that there was a Mayday even though fire Officials would later say there were no injuries to Fire personnel operating.

The upper and middle sections appeared in images to have collapsed, leaving most of the historic buildings ravaged by the fire.

The incident took 3.5 hours to bring the fire under control at 1301 hours PT.

All-in-all, there were about 75 firefighters engaged on the fire ground. They would remain on-scene until the building was demolished and the scene deemed safe.

Both 10th and 12 Streets will be closed overnight.

The Allegheny County Disaster Team is currently on-scene providing support and assistance to an unknown number of impacted residents.


The fire building was built in the 1870s of brick, which partially collapsed and deemed to have a poor structural integrity by the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections with the City of Pittsburgh.

This was said to be the South Side Welcome Building, a very old and iconic historical building in the Pittsburgh area.

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Final Update |NM Wildfire | Spring Fire


UPDATE 3 (FINAL) | 2/6/2021 1845 PT

A wildfire was sparked on Friday night around 2030 hours MST on February 5, 2021, from a human-caused ignition near a structure that would spread into the Lincoln National Forest and near Spring Canyon in Raton, New Mexico.

Photo Credit | NM Fire Info

On Day 1, the fire had burned five acres on Friday, February 5th. Today, being Day 2 – the fire has been mostly contained and hot spots are being extinguished.

Water tenders and dozers continue to overhaul the area within the fire perimeter. Line around the fire has been fully established and continues to hold.

On Sunday, fire crews will continue with mop-up operations and secure the perimeter.

One building was burned.

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NM Wildfire | Spring Fire | 2


UPDATE 2 | 2/6/2021 1130 PT

A wildfire was sparked on Friday night around 2030 hours MST on February 5, 2021, from a human-caused ignition near a structure that would spread into the Lincoln National Forest and near Spring Canyon in Raton, New Mexico.

The fire initially burned about five acres of ponderosa pine and grasses on Day one, but has now burned up to 17 acres. The containment status at the time of this post is unknown.

Resources include two-Type 6 engines, numerous Volunteer Fire Districts and an unknown number of personnel responding to the scene.

Current weather report is that the temps have dropped to 19*F degrees, with winds at 10 mph and humidity at 45-percent. Skies are clear and sunny. The weather has been forecasted to be 24*F as the high and 15*f as the low for the day. Temps will start warming up to a cool 32*F and higher on Sunday through Wednesday.

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New NM Wildfire | Spring Fire | 1


UPDATE 1 | 2/5/2021 2215 PT

A new wildfire has been detected in the Lincoln National Forest in Spring Canyon on private land and on Federal lands, that had ignited on February 5, 2021.

The fire has burned approximately five acres of ponderosa pine and grasses. The containment status is unknown at the time of this post.

Resources include two-Type 6 engines, numerous Volunteer Fire Districts and an unknown number of personnel responding to the scene.

The fire was said to have started near a structure near the town of Sacramento which quickly spread to the adjacent Lincoln National Forest. It is located in or near Spring Canyon.

Winds have been reported at 12-30 mph and are causing the fire to be wind-driven. Temps are in the mid 30’s and humidity is around 30-percent. It is expected to remain as such throughout the night.

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Firefighters Fight Fires Simultaneously

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON | January 24, 2021 0016 hours PT


Firefighters were dispatched to the first “Fire in Building” call on Saturday, January 23, 2021, at 2026 hours PT to the 700 block of NE 42nd Street in Seattle.

This is another vacant building inside the City, that appears to be in great disrepair. Firefighters had difficulty accessing different areas during interior fire operations. Dispatch stated there was a report of a dweller being on the main floor but after a primary and secondary search, there was nothing found in the entire building.

Credit | MSLS

According to Zillow records, this building has been on the market for 151 days with 429 views. It is currently in pre-foreclosure since 2020, and to be auctioned off. It is valued at an estimated value of over 1.8 Million Dollars.

Fire units and assets were dispatched at 2222 hours PT includes A5 AIR10 B2 B6 DEP1 E16 E17 E22 E31 E38 L10 L8 L9 M17 M44 MAR5 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 E5 E21 E10.

The fire was knocked down at 2243 hours PT. The Discovery of a large hole on the main floor was reported by interior operations and Command broadcasted the message for all those on the fire ground to be cautious while operating.

Division 2 was established for those working on the second floor of the residence. The fire appeared to be extended to the roof’s eaves but firefighters were able to quickly put it out at 2327 hours PT.

At 2255 hours, crews were forced to dig out hotspots on the second floor in the ceiling.

Firefighters were still picking up hose lines at 0012 on Sunday morning.

As Seattle Fire crews were working this fire, another “Fire in Building” call came in at 2305 hours PT.


While some units were returning back in service, a few others were re-dispatched to this incident and original resources continued operating.

This second fire incident is located in the 13700 block of Aurora Avenue North.

Units dispatched to this second fire were A25, AIR 240-260, B4, B5, E18, E20, E25, E39, E9, L5, L6, M31, R1. E30, Safety 2, Deputy 1, Staff 10, A14, M44 and L10.

First-due units arrived at 2316 hours PT and reported visible flames from the rear of the 30 x 50 wood-frame structure. A hose line was immediately laid. With what Seattle Fire does best on their egress tactics, the fire crews successfully produced a tap fire at 2328 hours PT.

A primary and secondary search of the whole building produced no results.

According to Realtor.com, this is listed as a 0.3-acre lot with a single-family residence that was built in 1947. It is currently off the market and valued between $975,000 (Redfin) and $1 Million-plus (Zillow). The business this is showing occupying this property is the All Season Window Tint (Facebook, Web), a well-loved and iconic Seattle business.

The cause of both fires are unknown and are being investigated by the Seattle FIU team of Investigators.

Both fires about 6.1 miles by car from each other and taking approximately less than 10 minutes of reaching each destination of one another.

No injuries to firefighters or civilians reported.

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Sno Co Firefighters Respond to Home Fire


Snohomish County Firefighters are currently en route to a residential structure fire in the 5400 block of 101st Place NW in Marysville, Washington State. It is said that the fan in the home’s bathroom caught fire.

Units dispatched are A62, B61, E61, E63, E68, L62, M61.

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County Firefighters Knock Down Big Fire


Sarasota County Firefighters were dispatched just after 1800 EST (1500 PST) to a commercial structure fire in the area of 19th Street and North East Avenue.

Credit: SCG Emergency Svcs

Upon first due arriving companies, flames and heavy smoke were visible from the large commercial building that would turn into a 2nd-alarm response. Explosions were reported during the initial fire attack as well.

The fire was knocked down around 1930 hours EST from the exterior. Interior operations would continue with flow of foam to snuff out any chance of a rekindle.

The red iron steel beam was said to be holding in place in the center of structure but a bow was present on the Bravo side. Exposures were protected.

Around 1937 hours EST, Command advised all members on the fire ground, that they were going to continue operations with two-hand lines from the exterior and not from the interior. The IC strongly encouraged them to get their air bottles filled as well.

Crews will be on-scene for a long duration of time.

A State FIU Investigator was en route to the scene with an unknown ETA.

No known reports to citizens or firefighters being injured at the time of this post. The cause will be determined by the Investigator.

This is a developing story.

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Willie Fire Burns USFS Land in Missouri

When we hear about wildfires, sometimes we think about windy California or dry Arizona where it is a common sight year-round. However, the State of Missouri was touched by the WILLIE FIRE, that was reported near the Glad Top Trail on the ACW Ranger District in the Mark Twain National Forest (USFS).

The incident took place on Thursday afternoon on December 10, 2020.

PC: Mark Twain NF Stock Photo

The cause of the fire is unknown but was reported to be located about four miles northwest of Logrun, Missouri on the Mark Twain National Forest.

Firefighters have successfully contained the fire and have held it at 2,538 acres (Source: USFS).

Rain fell over the fire area and helped extinguish any unforseen hot spots or unburn interior fuels.

No homes were damaged or destroyed and no firefighters or civilians were reported as being injured.


The Mark Twain National Forest is home to about 1.5 acres that spreads over 29 counties inside of the State of Missouri. It welcomes visitors to access the 750 miles of trails for hiking, horseback riding, mountain biking and motorized usuage.

Learn more about this vast and popular venue by visiting their website on Facebook at @MarkTwainNationalForest or on their Twitter page @marktwain_nf .

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BFD FF Calls a May Day

BALTIMORE, Maryland | Baltimore Firefighters were dispatched to a working dwelling fire in the 2700 block of Hollins Ferry Road 21230 in Lakeland area.

Upon arrival from first-due units, fire was said to be from the rear of a two-story, single family home.

The fire broke out on Thanksgiving, November 26th around 1842 hours EST.

Extreme flames were captured extending from one floor to the next.

Additional companies were requested.

Credit | @CitizenAppBALT

At 1845 hours ET, Command called for a second-alarm and reporting fire was now throughout the home.

Five minutes later, a Mayday was declared due to a firefighter becoming trapped inside the home. They were extricated and said to be treated by BCFD EMS. His or her condition is currently unknown.

Fire units were still working to get a knockdown on the fire that was said to be mostly in the Charlie/Bravo of the structure. At 1911 hours, the fire had burned through the roof’s eaves.

This is a developing story.

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Wildfire Starts in California

CHATSWORTH, Calif. | A brush fire broke out in the 21900 block of Bella Vista Place on Thanksgiving Day, November 26th.

The fire is approximately 1/4 acre in Ybarra Canyon near the Browns Canyon Motorway at the end of the dumping ground.

The incident is named the YBARRA FIRE.

Winds have been reportedly reached 15 miles-per-hour.

Units responded were Copters 15, 16 and QB1 and 2 due to water supply issues and access for ground resources.

At last of reporting, Engine 75 had water on the fire with Engine 75 and additional resources headed up the Browns Canyon advising they could handle. Others were canceled.

Though we are unsure what caused this brush fire, here is a reminder for those on how to be Fire Smart., courtesy of the National Weather Service Los Angeles.


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