NEW | Santa Fe Fire | Los Angeles Co, CA

A second wildfire broke out in Los Angeles County, California on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, from an unknown cause.

The incident was located in the 15500 block of East Arrow Highway near the Santa Fe Dam and south of the 210 Freeway. The first arriving unit indicate the fire size was approximately one acre just after 1500 hours PT. Fire fuels were said to be medium to heavy brush with light winds. A 1st alarm brush response was en route to the fire line.

Credit | irwindale PD

Just before 1600 hours, the fire had burned about 10 acres and evacuations for a nearby homeless encampment was initiated. A second alarm brush response requested by the IC.

About 15 minutes later, fire crews were beginning to get a handle on the brush fire by reaching a 5% containment status and the fire holding at 12 acres. However, there still was a potential increase of up to 50 acres.

After 1700 hours, Firefighters were able to place a containment line around almost the whole size of the fire perimeter.

Credit | Edison

Nearing 1800 hours, the fire had scorched 33 acres and reached a 35% containment status and the forward progression of the fire had been stopped.

Just after 2000 hours, fire crews were still on-scene mopping up. The Irwindale Police Officers and officials were released from the incident.

Incident Cooperators included Irwindale Police Department, Los County Fire Department.

No injuries of civilians or firefighters were reported.


In researching the #SantaFeIC hashtag and #Irwindale, it appears this Santa Fe Fire is not the first nor will it be the last fire to hit this area. Here is a timeline of those fire incidents.

3/23/2021 | 1st Alarm Brush fire. Near Riverbed of the 210 freeway at 606 freeway. 1 acre.

7/05/2018 | 2nd Alarm Brush Fire. Santa Fe Dam Rec area. 40 acres, moving north in medium brush. Exposures to Miller brewing. Structure protection of Miller Coors beer and the MTA Gold Line was activated during the incident. Fire was contained to undeveloped areas and fire crews saved many structures. No damage or destruction of any other buildings were reported. No evacuations were in effect during the incident.

Incident cooperators included CHP Baldwin Par, Parks LASD Officers, LA County FD.

Credit | Irwindale PD

8/07/2014 | Brush Fire. Santa Fe Dam. .5 acres.

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Wildfire number two was burning off of Munjar Road and Meridian Road, northwest of the Chico airport in Butte County, California, that ignited on Saturday, May 8, 2021, just just after 1400 hours PT.

Credit: CAL FIRE – Butte County

Here is a timeline of this incident:

1409 | 30-plus acres. 15 additional engines requested. Structures under direct threat. Sheriff begin to evacuate those on Munjar and Meridian Roads.

1410 | Butte County Sheriff evacuates immediately those on east of and on Coyote Song Road. Other evacuations lifted for Munjar Road, west of Coyote Song Road.

1413 | Copter 205 arrives on-scene. Evacuations begin for Denver Lane, Gunnison Way and Trinidad Drive.

Credit: PG &E

1435 | Copter 205 has a mechanical issue. IC requests replacement copter. Fire is starting to run into a creek with two active flanks. An additional request for two more dozers.

1436 | Smoke plum is visible on radar just north of Chico. Smoke blows south and likely is staying close to the ground.

1452 | Police out on Denver Lane, report fire near a residential structure. In process of evacuating 30 dogs from a dog training facility. Fire burns 70 acres.

Credit: CAL FIRE – Butte County

1502 | One of the flanks is starting to break through containment lines. IC looking to expand evacuations.

1510 | BCSO expands their evacuation orders to include on Munjar Road and all roads off of Munjar Road.

1527 | Very windy conditions. 200 acres destroyed.

1532 | Good progress made. 350 acres.

1556 | Forward progression stopped. Held at 350 acres.

1651 | 1 outbuilding is damaged. No homes were damaged or lost. Holding to 350 acres. 40% containment.

Credit: CAL FIRE – Butte County

Lead Agency: CAL FIRE – Butte County.

Incident Cooperators: Butte County Sheriff Office, CHP (Chico), Hamilton City FD, Chico FD, PGE and Butte County FD Volunteers.

Resources: AA501, Copter 205 (out on a mechanical issue), Tankers 132, 137 (Coulson), 102, Erickson Aero LAT MD87

Credit: CAL FIRE – Butte County

Cause: Unknown. Under investigation.

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South Seattle Fire Prompts Full Response

MAY 5, 2021 2055 PT

A duplex fire prompted Fire units to be dispatched through the Fire Alarm Center to a structure fire in the in the block of 19th Ave S and S Stevens Street, in Seattle, Washington.

The incident was named the STEVENS COMMAND.

Seattle Fire units dispatched were A14 AIR26 B2 B5 DEP1 E10 E13 E30 E5 E6 L1 L3 M10 M44 MAR5 R1 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10 at 2001 hours PT.

This was originally listed as an interior fire contained to the Charlie/Bravo corner that extended into the attic. The Charlie Division was established and members were cautioned to check in with the Division before going in due to arching and downed power lines.

Fire was brought under control at 2012, about 11 minutes into the call. It was said to be burning in the overhead. On the Charlie side, there was no heat detected and at this moment considered to have the fire under control but a short report from the exterior showed light smoke coming from the Alpha side.

RIT was established at 2016 hours PT.

After overhaul was in operations, there was indication of extension above the kitchen. Active visible fire was see in the Bravo/Charlie side up to the attic. Two engine companies took up lines to the area and immediately put water on the fire.

A Decon line was established (2024 hours).

Utilities were secured: Gas for both structures (2026 hours) and power (2034).

Roof operations had a plan to cut into the roof above the kitchen but decided not to. (2028). Water on the fire (2030) and then a tap fire (2031).

Exactly at 30 minutes, fire crews egressed quickly to make sure this did not extend further or cause it to put other exposures at risk. Nice work, Seattle Fire!

Two adults and two dogs were displaced by the fire and are being assisted by the Red Cross.

No reports of injuries to the occupants or crews were reported.

Fire Marshal 5 (FIU) was called to the scene. No word on the cause or content damage is known at the time of this post.

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Seattle Fire Responds to First Hill Fire

FIRST HILL | APRIL 16, 2021 2210 PT

Seattle Units B2, E10, E25, L1, A25, Air240-260, B5, DEP1, E34, E5, E6, L3, M10, M44, MAR5, R1, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF10, Air260 were dispatched to the 1100 block of Boren Avenue at 2149 hours PT for a commercial structure fire.

Units would immediately arrive to a one-story commercial building, which appears to the be occupied by South Shore Rehab and Lundgren Monuments.

Water supply quickly established and put on the fire, knocking it down with minutes of first arriving. The full response was reduced to those that first arrived on-scene, which included B2, E10, E25 and L1. All other units were released from the incident.

When firefighters knocked down the interior fire, they found a second floor inside the one-story building. A primary search of both floors proved there were no victims or any other things found.

MAR5 was requested to respond to the scene to investigate. There is no preliminary cause or known losses to contents and property at the time of this post.

There are known reports of injuries to civilians or firefighters.

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NW Wildfires | April 16, 2021

Locally, it has been a very busy Friday for those in Washington State. Here is a recap for today’s wildfire (and smoke) Sit Reps for Washington State only.

Nationally speaking, there have been 145 fires that required initial light attack activity across our nation. Of those two were considered as new incidents and six of them being large not contained wildfires.

The National Preparedness Level is at a Level 2.


Smoke Check. Toroda Creek. 1813 dispatched. E691, HI40, SO60, SO7203, SO7208 en-route. WA DNR – NEC. FALSE ALARM. On Improved property. No DNR jurisdiction.


424th Street Fire. 1732 dispatched. e2203, Estes. Brown (IC). 0.1 acre. DNR, FD on-scene.

Falls Fire. 1419 dispatched. 0.25 acre. Brush, slash, logs. Tangen at 1515 (IC). Contained 1615. Turned over to landowner.

1000 S Spur Fire. 0.1 acre. Logs. 0738 hours dispatched. Contained and controlled 845 PT. Fire is out.


Camper Fire. 0.1 acre. Timber, litter. Hynning (IC). Out 1030 hours. WA – PCS. Turned over to landowner.


Baker Fire. 1300 dispatched. 3 acres. Short grass. C201 (IC). BC21, C201, HI26, HI7107, HI7110, HI7112. Resources on-scene. WA DNR – NEC.


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Nash Fire. 1649 dispatched. Nash Road. 0.1 acre. Grass, brush, slash. Contained 1753. Controlled 1803. WA DNR – CWC.

Timber Fire. 1522 dispatched. Timber Drive. 0.3 acre. Grass, timber, duff. Eric Peters (IC). Contained/Controlled 1625. Out 1805. WA DNR – CWC.


Oyler Fire. 585 Crew, E2406, Riepe, Stemkoski. DNR on-scene. Limited info. WA DNR – PCS.

Kiona Fire. Chief Kiona. 1420 dispatched. 0.25 acre. Grass, brush, timber litter, duff. Stewart (IC). 1712 contained. 1837 controlled. WA – PCS. In Patrol status.


Hawk Creek Fire. 1409 dispatched. Hawk Creek. 20 acres. AR32, AR62, AR7412, E31, E561, E Zone10. Daryl Schie (IC). 100% lined. WA DNR – NEC.

Willow. Smoke check. 1157 dispatched. Willow Grouse Lane. Lincoln County. Limited information.


Kamilche Point Fire. Shelton. 3-4 acres. Caldwell, H342WN, Langaker (IC). On-scene. Dispatched 1550 hours. WA DNR – SPS.


Stagecoach Fire. 1519 Dispatched. .25 acre. Grass, timber litter, understory. BC92, Captain 692, SO26 (IC). Fire under control. WA DNR – NEC.


Wynooche Road Fire. 1412 dispatched. Wynooche Road. 4 acres. Heavy timber. Kinkade (IC). Open incident.

S-1000 Fire. Sekiu. 1215 dispatched. 0.1 acre. Slash. Hamrick (IC). All resources released.


Lillijard Fire. Lillijard Road. 1332 dispatched. AR28 (IC). Limited information. WA DNR – NEC.


362nd Street Fire. Off of Jensen Road. Eatonville. 8 acres. Roach (IC), H345WN, Pedersen, L Simmons. Dispatched 1542 hours. Not fully contained. Ongoing incident. Pierce County Fire District and Graham Fire and Rescue. WA DNR – SPS.

Credit: Graham Fire & Rescue


Leete Fire. 0.1 acre. Turned over to landowner. WA – PCS. Limited info.


Milepost 35 Fire. Hwy 530, Darrington. 1540 dispatched. 1.5 acres. Shrub, grass. Schmitz at 1711 (IC). Patrol status 1740 hours. WA DNR – NDC.


Forest Haven Fire. 1741 dispatched. Williams Valley. AR29 (IC). Resources in the area. WA DNR – NEC.

Hardesty Road Fire. 1434 dispatched. Hardesty Road. 0.2 acres. AR29 (IC). Limited information.

Hussle Road Fire. 1406 dispatched. North Hussle Road. 2 acres. AR65 (IC). AR27, AR65, C301. Resources on-scene.


Fairview Fire. 1800 dispatched. Fairview. Stevens County. NC40, NC64. WA DNR – NEC. Resources on-scene.

Ford Incident. Smoke check. 1710 dispatched. H341, SPA1261, SPA1262, SPA61, SPA95. Dennison (IC). Resources on-scene. WA DNR NEC.

Rock Cut Road Incident. Smoke Check. Rock Cut Road. 1656 dispatched. NC25. WA DNR – NEC.

Brown Driveway Fire. Browns Lake. 1226 dispatched. .1 acre. Grass, timber understory. NC40 (IC). WA DNR – NEC.

Lower Matthews Fire. 1109 dispatched. Joe Sherwood Loop Road. Unknown acres. Grass fire fuel. Contained 1235. WA DNR – NEC. In patrol status.


Small debris burning is banned for some areas in Eastern Washington, which went into effect today.

A fire burns with text overlay that reads: Burn restrictions in parts of eastern washington.
Credit: WA DNR

WA DNR has also issued temporary burn restrictions on DNR-protected lands in the Northeast, Northwest and Pacific Cascade regions due to strong winds and dry weather. Visit

A graphic depicting region-specific burn restrictions. For more information, visit burn portal dot D N R dot W A dot G O V.
Credit: WA DNR

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Snohomish County firefighters responded to a 2-alarm residential fire in the 49000 block of SR 2 in Gold Bar, Washington State. The fire occurred on Saturday, April 3, 2021 around 2153 hours PT.

Units dispatched were T53, KCT195, 1G9, 1K1, A51, A54, AIR54, B31, B53, E31, E51, E53, E54, M32, T51, TN54, KCTN166, E33, KCE195.

All occupants were said to have escaped the structure. However, firefighters were being challenged with no water supply and utilities had not been secured at one point during the incident.

About 30 minutes after the water supply issues, fire crews were able to find success in knocking down the fire

One person was said to have suffered burns but it is unknown the severity of their injuries.

SR-2 in Gold Bar was blocked due to the fire incident. Officials were asking that drivers use another route to bypass the area for their safety and due to emergency vehicles in the area.

No preliminary cause of the fire was released.

A damage assessment to the property and contents was also unknown and too early to determine.

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Seattle Fire Fight Multiple Saturday Fires


3200 block of SW Avalon Way (West Seattle)2-Alarm

Firefighters were dispatched to a Fire in Building call in the 3200 block of Southwest Avalon Way in West Seattle, Washington State on Saturday, April 3, 2021 around 1824 hours PT. The building is a mixed use business with retail space on floor one and apartments on floors two through six.

The original units dispatched to the fire were B7, E32, E3, L11 at 1824 hour PT.

Credit: SFD

It was quickly upgraded to a full response with additional fire assets and equipment A14 AIR10 B5 DEP1 E11 E13 E37 L13 M32 M44 MAR5 R1 REHAB1 SAFT2 STAF10. (1st alarm)

At a later time, Command called for a 2nd alarm. The Fire Alarm Center or FAC dispatched E29, E5, Air240-260, B2, E10, E2, E26, E30, L1, L3 and the SFD PIO.

L9 and L10 were added to this incident prior to 2000 hours T.

Fire has been contained to the top floor but major water damage is evident on the top floors.

The cause and extent of damage is under investigation at this time.

It is unknown if there were any injuries to civilians or firefighters at the time of this post.

300 block of Bellevue Avenue East 1st Alarm/Full-Response

Firefighters were busy chasing another fire in building call at 0421 hours PT. This was in the Capitol Hill neighborhood prompting A25, B4, E16, E22,E31, E36, E8, L13, L6, L9, M17, MAR5, B6, SAFT2, Air240, Air240-260 to be dispatched.

This was an unoccupied building that was set for demolition.

The cause was listed as “undetermined” by Marshal 5 (SFD Fire Investigator). There was no determined amount of loss given that the building was set to be destroyed.

2000 block of 23rd Avenue South (South Seattle)2-Alarm

At 0303 hours, Firefighters were dispatched to the 2000 block of 23rd Avenue South in Seattle on Saturday. This was a mid-rise U-shaped building under construction in the Mount Baker neighborhood. The fire had appeared to begun on the first floor and spread to the upper floors.

First arriving units were greeted by heavy flames and smoke.

Credit: SFD

Units dispatched were B5, E30, E6, L3 then determined it to be a working fire, initiating a full response.

The full response included A5, Air10, B2, Dep1, E10, E13, E6, L1, M1, M44, MAR5, R1, REHAB1, SAFT2, STAF10.

Additional resources deployed were Air 240-260, B4, E2, E25, E28, E34, L10, L4, PIO.

Seattle FD’s Marshal 5 determined this was an arson caused fire. The Seattle Police Department Arson unit is currently looking for any tips from the public. You may contact them at

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OKC Firefighters Fight 4th Alarm Blaze

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 – 6pm PDT

Firefighters are battling a 4th alarm fire in the 800 block of NW 4th Street in downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma that ignited today from an unknown ignition source.

Fire Station 1 that is about one block from this incident location had firefighters walk outside and see smoke. After responding, they could see heavy smoke and flames. The incident was quickly escalated eventually to a 4th alarm.

Photo Credit: OCFD

Firefighters rescued a female who was inside the rear of the building and trying to escape through a window with bars on it. After she was extricated from the building, fire swept over the area. She is said to possible have possible smoke inhalation and no burns was transported to a nearby hospital.

Photo Credit: OCFD

A partial collapse on side alpha occurred at 1755 PDT and Command immediately ordered a PAR from all units on the fire ground. All units reported PAR or also known as Personnel Accountability Report.

On the interior of the unit, it is said that this large building has a heavy fire load and being used as a storage facility with furniture, vehicles and other flammable materials. Most of the building is being reported as a heavy loss

ALPHA side of the Fire building poor fire conditions prompted firefighters to exit out of the building around 1829 hours PDT.

Concerns of the Charlie-Delta side of the building were of note, as well as exposures Charlie and Delta.

CHARLIE exposure was listed as a separated building in an alleyway. Walls in the Charlie side of the fire building were said to have its walls at 67*F degrees with smoke showing on the interior. Winds would change course causing more smoke to be visible on the exterior.

DELTA exposure had embers impacting the building. Around 1824 hours this evening, fire was reported through the room.

The City’s water department asked if the pressure to nearby communities could be returned back to normal operations. If they needed additional pressure, Command would need to get permission from the Fire Marshal. All water pressure was restored and no additional pressure was needed. Some of the water supply was diverted to one of the exposure buildings.

Firefighters will remain on-scene for an undetermined duration of time. Due to this being a large incident, it will take awhile for members to get the fire under control, out, overhauled, investigated and most likely, under fire watch.

Current weather conditions at 1829 hours PDT, are 54*F degrees, mostly clear with a 0% precip and relative humidity of 65%. Winds are at 7 mph.

Stay tuned for more updates as information is received or something significantly changes.


The Fire building is said to be located at 820 NW 4th Street, which is considered as an office building approximately 2,000 square feet that was built in 1926. It is a two-story, C-class-rated building that was previously listed as for sale but has since been taken off the market.

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4-Alarm Destroys a Piece of Pittsburgh


A 4-alarm fire was sounded for a four-story commercial structure fire in the intersection of South 11th Street and East Carson in Pittsburgh’s Southside on Monday, February 8, 2021, today.

Photo Credit | Pgh Public Safety

The fourth alarm struck at 1228 hours PT due to heavy fire showing through the roof of the four-story building.

People began reporting poor visibility due to intense black smoke pouring from the building, making it difficult to see in front of them and hard to breathe.

Some were seen walking in and around this toxic smoke on the fire ground.

Photo Credit | City of Pittsburgh

During the incident, it was reported on Scanner Feed that there was a Mayday even though fire Officials would later say there were no injuries to Fire personnel operating.

The upper and middle sections appeared in images to have collapsed, leaving most of the historic buildings ravaged by the fire.

The incident took 3.5 hours to bring the fire under control at 1301 hours PT.

All-in-all, there were about 75 firefighters engaged on the fire ground. They would remain on-scene until the building was demolished and the scene deemed safe.

Both 10th and 12 Streets will be closed overnight.

The Allegheny County Disaster Team is currently on-scene providing support and assistance to an unknown number of impacted residents.


The fire building was built in the 1870s of brick, which partially collapsed and deemed to have a poor structural integrity by the Department of Permits, Licenses, and Inspections with the City of Pittsburgh.

This was said to be the South Side Welcome Building, a very old and iconic historical building in the Pittsburgh area.

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Final Update |NM Wildfire | Spring Fire


UPDATE 3 (FINAL) | 2/6/2021 1845 PT

A wildfire was sparked on Friday night around 2030 hours MST on February 5, 2021, from a human-caused ignition near a structure that would spread into the Lincoln National Forest and near Spring Canyon in Raton, New Mexico.

Photo Credit | NM Fire Info

On Day 1, the fire had burned five acres on Friday, February 5th. Today, being Day 2 – the fire has been mostly contained and hot spots are being extinguished.

Water tenders and dozers continue to overhaul the area within the fire perimeter. Line around the fire has been fully established and continues to hold.

On Sunday, fire crews will continue with mop-up operations and secure the perimeter.

One building was burned.

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